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SIG Sauer P320 X-Five: with the match pistol in 9 mm on the shooting range

What I have in my hands is the P320
X-Five, this is the sporting version of the P320, it has a lot of feature to enhance
the experience of the shooter in a sporting environment IPSC matches and
stuff like that. It has a long slide thanks to the match barrel which is 5
inches long that is 127 millimetres, it has a skeletonized slide so that the
weight of the slide is less and it also increases the.. not increases it
balances better the whole weight on the hand so that the experience of the
shooter is a one of perfection! The gun is also prepared to be used with optical
devices It is possible to mount a Red dot outside
from the SIG Sauer, it has a jet funnel that allows the magazine to be easily
inserted in a speed reload; the magazine itself is a high-capacity magazine
capable of 21 rounds. It is chambered in 9 millimeter, the
trigger of the of the gun is a straight matched trigger, it has a very short
reset but we’re going to talk about this in a little while a while we try it out. So the reset of the gun is just
amazing, it is an actual match gun because the you have to get a little bit
used to the straight trigger but the resets and the the it
breaks like glass it’s it’s just really really really good, you can actually feel
the release it’s it’s you can feel when it’s starting to break and you can get
amazing groups if you really want but at the same time the short reset allows to
have very good groups when shooting in Aps size. The handling is good, the
balance is good, the long sight radius seems to be done for target shooting, the
way that the magazine go drops and allows you to get inside the funnel is
like a race gun, you really can do changes in lightning fast fashion.. it’s
like having the perfect cycle and the 20 rounds capacity of the
magazine they last forever!

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