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Sig Sauer P320 [Review]: The US Army Chose It…Should You?

– The SIG Sauer P320 coming up. Hey guys, I’m Johnny
with, your definitive source for gun reviews, gear guides, and all things that go bang. Today we’re looking at the SIG Sauer P320. I’m gonna tell you my experience. We’ll do the features and
get it out to the range. But if there’s anything that I missed, jump down to the comment
section and let us know. Also, I’m gonna put a
ton of links down there in the description as well as a link over to our full article on this gun. Now if you’re already on our site, you already know the drill,
up above, down below, a lot of stuff for you check out. But finally at the end of this video I’ve got a question for each of you. In productions since 2014
at the SIG US headquarters in New Hampshire, the P320 is
really a series of pistols. You can get variations in 9mm, 357 SIG, 40 S&W and also 45 ACP if you’re geriatric. There’s also four different frame sizes and some other options including the M17 that the military has adopted but essentially it’s a modular
system with a polymer frame and they’re all striker fired. Now the model that I have for you is the Nitron finished full size 320 chambered and what else? Yep, 9mm. But this is doggone cool, when SIG says that
their system is modular, it really is. You can change out the grip module, you can also pull out the
entire fire control group and you can change barrels but also, and this one’s neat, if you really want to change your caliber, you can also do an easy conversion. Now size-wise the P320
is 2.5 avocados long and is roughly comparable to the Glock 19. The slide on the full size is
a little bigger then the 19 but the other models really are similar. Now most of y’all know
what the 19 feels like and the 320 is certainly in the ballpark. Alright, lets talk about features. The controls are minimal. On the side is the SIG takedown lever and an ambidextrous slide
lock and a mag release. Now all of these features
can be flipped around for all of you lefties. This one does not have an external safety but some of the models do. The sights are the SIG light night sights. They glow and the sight picture is a standard three dot system. Now two things for me stand out. First are those big slide
serrations, front and rear. They’re deep and easy to index. But also the grips. The SIG grips have really
grown on me over the years. They really do feel great and
a lot of folks do like ’em. What mine came with was
two 17 round magazines and regular paperwork. The price right now is about 580 including those night sights. I think that’s a lot of
value for this pistol. Especially for a pistol
that’s ready to go on day one. You don’t have to do anything to the grips and you don’t have to
change out the night sights. So for me again that’s a lot of value. Now the trigger I’m gonna call okay. There’s a little bit of
take up at the beginning and the brake I’m going
to call slightly crunchy. But overall it’s got a pretty good reset so I’m going to call
this trigger again okay. It’s nothing really to get excited about. It’s alright. I think the P320 is a solid
option for an all around pistol. It’s got a huge capacity for home defense, it’s fun at the range, and a lot of folks carry
these as an EDC gun. But I do recommend, if you’re gonna conceal the 320, consider one of the smaller frames. Okay, let’s get out to the range. I’ve had two of these
now for several months and I’ve had absolutely zero problems. They eat whatever I feed them. Zero misfires, zero misfeeds, and after maybe about 700
rounds, I’ve had no problems. Operating the 320 is smooth. The slide has a nice action. Index in the controls is fine by me. Now y’all know me, I like
big guns and I cannot lie. And this one is a big gun. It feels great in my hands. It’s also one that I end up burning ammo magazine after magazine
when I’m at the range simply because it’s fun. Accuracy-wise it was solid for me. No problems pinging
torso steel at 25 yards. I’ve seen a lot of guys on
YouTube stretch the 320 way out and the gun’s gonna do exactly
what you tell it to do. Now this is no big surprise because SIG won the big military contract a few years back so there’s been a ton of R&D on this gun. It really was an exhaustive test. So in short, at the range, you can expect accuracy and reliability. And for me that was my experience. Now if you’re new to guns, maintaining the 320 really is easy. The takedown lever allows
for field stripping without a tool. And with the slide lock back, simply turn the takedown lever 180 degrees and the slide comes right off just like you’re Jason Bourne. From there, the guide rod
assembly and the barrel come out and you’re ready now for easy cleaning. Re-assembly is just as easy, now my takedown lever is really tight, but the gun is new so I expect that it’s gonna loosen up
with a little bit of age. Now here’s what I like, the SIG grip is among
the best in the business and the ergonomics really are fantastic. Right out of the box the gun really does feel good in my hands. I’ve said that three times. I really do like the
way this firearm feels. I also like the stock night sights. There’s no need to do any upgrades. And the full sized rail on mine has fit everything that I’ve tried on it. Finally, overall I just like the 320 as an all around multi-purpose gun. Yeah it really is cool, I’m in. But there’s three drawbacks
that I want you to consider. First, here’s the big one. Back in 2017, a bunch
of media guys discovered with the early production models that they would fire if they were dropped at a specific angle. SIG Sauer has responded. They did a full upgrade and the newer production
models have been fixed. That issue does seem
to have been resolved. Now second, the magazines,
when they’re brand new, they can feel really tight, especially when they’re
loaded all the way down with 17 rounds. Now I’ve not had mine long enough for them to really loosen up. We’ll see down the road if mine
do get a little bit looser. Now finally, a few folks
don’t like the high bore axis. Personally I think that the grip angle and the weight of this slide does mitigate some of that snap, so for me that was not really a problem. Just something for you to think about. Now overall I think this one’s fun. I got two of these pistols
on a smoking good deal. So what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna leave one bone stock and the other one I’m
going to be setting up as a suppressed range gun. Up first I’m adding a Faxon
Firearms threaded barrel. I got the rainbow color
because I am fabulous. And I’m also adding an Apex
forward set trigger kit and the flat advanced trigger. Now I’ve tried Apex before at media events but this is the first Apex trigger that I’ve really got to
spend some serious time with. Now the install, I’ll
call it moderately easy and sweet fancy Moses
this trigger is fantastic. It’s much crisper on the brake. And the barrel is ready to go as soon as my suppressor
stamp clears the ATF. Hide your dogs. Now to check these out
and some more upgrades, jump over to our upgrade
article on the P320. And that brings me to
my question of the day. What do you think? I’ve done now two
upgrades to my range gun. What do you think I should do next? I’d love to hear from you. Really would like to hear your opinions. Sound off down below. Now that’s it for the SIG Sauer P320. I really do like it and I do recommend it. On behalf of the entire
Pew Pew Tactical team. I’m Johnny, we’ll see you soon. (mellow music)

100 thoughts on “Sig Sauer P320 [Review]: The US Army Chose It…Should You?

  1. BTW SIG Sauer has a customer offer where you can get 2 21rd 9mm mags & a $50 SIG store deal. I like the "Bravo" 320/M17 with safety 9x19mm. I hope to get this black M17 in a few months.

  2. I have the compact and subcompact. Excellent pistols and modularity is incredible. One thing to do is upgrade to the Apex flat face trigger and its excellent. The carry grip module is the best.

  3. The tigger is "okay". The break is "crunchy". I totally disagree with this assertion. I was amazed with this trigger when I shot it.

  4. New gun owner here and I shopped around and found the p320. Tested it out and loved it so much I bought it. Now doing some research on my choice, and I’m glad to see I didn’t go wrong. Just feels good to shoot

  5. The P320 is outstanding! I have been running them for a couple years anow and they have served me perfectly. I have the P320 full size TacOps 9mm, Sub-Compact 9mm, X-Carry and M17. These are the only handguns that I do no mods to and are good to go for me right out of the box.

  6. I am unfortunate enough to own a S&W Sigma in 40SW. I bought it when you just could NOT get 9mm (thanks Obama). The trigger was HORRIBLE. I installed an Apex trigger kit and it is now OK. Not great, but shootable. Apex makes good trigger kits IMO.

  7. The Army uses a modified P320 not the civilian one that you can smack it by the trigger and it goes off………

  8. I have a p320 x5 coyote 320 rx great guns. Best triggers of all striker fired pistols "imo"They are the go to now.

  9. I've has one for a few years now and love it. Trigger is great and the potential to change frame sizes for different applications is great. My only complaint is I wish it was slightly thinner.

  10. The Army chose the crappy platform because there’s the right way and then there’s the Army way. Just like the M4 “Improvement” program, was basically just bubba in his shed engineering.

  11. I love Sig and the P320 is a fine pistol but it is NOT my favorite.
    I fire my HK and my Walther and when I go back to the P320 Im just not as impressed as I thought I was.
    I just picked up a Canik Combat Elite and its like the baby brother to my HK.

  12. I like that it has a beaver tail, which is kind of a must-have for me because I'm a grizzly bear of a man standing at 6'6" and have huge hands and would very much like to avoid slide-bite.

  13. No variant in 10mm? Almost seems like they deliberately chose not to have one, since they have variants in .357 SIG and .40 S&W. Maybe they'll have one in the future.

  14. …….why the hate on .45 ACP? Lol. I guess the Marines, are geriatric, considering they’ve re-adopted the 1911. Hater!😶

  15. Bumbed out, I bought the p320 compact about a year ago. First time at the range no problems second time nothing but problems! It wont feed right after 4th or 5th round every clip. Sent the gun in to Sig, great customer service. Hopefully they fix it. I was using premium ammo to

  16. I just got the m17 version. Wish I could find a magwell for it but besides that perfect out of box. Great video

  17. Shot the P320 recently. Really liked it. Super accurate. At 25 yards it was a clip full of vital shots even with my inexperienced friend

  18. 6 months ago I got a p320c, two months ago I got the p320 x5 stainless with the romeo 1, next is the xcompact or p365. I’ve had pretty much every striker out there and I shoot the p320s the best.

  19. I've been bitten by the Sig train. Got a p365 and now all the sudden it's 5 am and I'm watching videos on the 320🤣

  20. Hi I just bought my first home and looking for my first firearm for home defense what's the best sig Sauer for me to test out ?

  21. I was very content to live out the rest of my days with the Gen 5 Glocks… then I went and tried a 320… they are just so much easier to hit with.

  22. I’ve had a full 320 for a couple years now. It’s so much fun to shoot! I run that cheap dirty ammo with no issues. And just like you, my dude, it’s fabulous 😂

  23. Are you planning on making a video of the upgraded 320? I’m planning on getting one here soon and would love to see more on it.

  24. You lost me with the rainbow barrel. I’m sorry bro but that says homo to me. I’m not into the gay world so I will find another video.

  25. I just got a p320 x compact and love it. I'd carry it but still waiting for my holster from trex arms.

    I think after this purchase, I drank enough Sig kool aid to take me away from the Glock gang.

  26. Great gun, just bought a .40 Carry upper for USPSA shooting and love the modularity of sliding 9mm upper off and sliding .40 upper onto the same lower:)

  27. I just read that Sig settled with a Virginia police officer whose P320 discharged without the trigger being pulled and they settled with a Connecticut police officer wh had the same result. Both were seriously injured.

  28. Soldiers including myself are on the fence about it now due to malfunctions. Ejecting live rounds, accidental discharge, frequent stoppages just to name a few. Army should’ve went with Glock to be honest.

  29. thanks, brother you just made up my mind, I am getting one as soon as possible. one of my friends suggested changing the sticker to a stainless steel , your thoughts please

  30. “45 ACP if you’re geriatric”
    Where .45 ACP shines is with standard 230 grain ball ammo. If you’re stockpiling large quantities typically you can’t afford to do so in hyper ammo. I agree modern bullets and powders level the playing field. However, not if you compare performance of fmj/ball.

  31. What you should do next is put that rainbow barrel in your ass. But since you’re “fabulous” you probably already have.

  32. from canada…bought a p320 in january and have put around 1200 rounds through it..ammo from different manufactuerers and grains happy to say zero malfunctions

  33. The Sig Sauer 320 is a great pistol. I’ve fired many types of pistols and models and used up thousands of rounds. I like the 320 so much I bought another one and have been known to carry two. They shoot accurately with several types of ammo with no problems. I cut down the polymer grips for custom fit. Changed the trigger to Gray Guns Straight, personal preference. The stock trigger is really a good smooth trigger. I bought the Tac Ops full size and love the 21 round mags. Buy the X5 grip,with the flared mag well and weight in the grip, you will like the balance.

  34. I just gave my P320 to a friend of mine, I couldn't stand this gun the bore axis is too high feels like a big fat pig in my hand, the trigger was terrible, I just purchased a CZ P-10 c much better gun.

  35. DONT BUY! The Sig 320 is by far the worst pistol I’ve ever shot in my life. Literally, my dads hi-point our shot it. Sig is a disrespectful company. Inaccurate as all get out. That combat hold crap is terrible at a distance. Shoots 4 inches low. I called Sig to complain and ask for maybe different sights or for them to take a look at it. I was told no and no. The rep told me that “Sir your rifle is for precision, your sidearm is to get close”. That they purposely make their pistols that way. I told him I wasn’t going to Iraq and I’m shocked they don’t care about their customers. NEVER WILL I BUY SHIT SAUER AGAIN

  36. I could not finish watching this so called review. If I wanted comedy videos I would go to a comedy channel!!!!

  37. This was my favorite shooting handgun. I've had 3 Walther PPQs and never really shot a Sig but once I did I realize why everyone always talks praise. It was like everygun is the same and then you have the Sig. I sold my PPQ and ordered the P320RXF

  38. The takedown lever is tight because of an O-ring in the lever. It never loosens up naturally and will actually tighten up to the point that it will not turn without tools if any oil gets on it. The key to keeping the lever easy to turn is to keep the O-ring bone dry. Also, after tens of tens of thousands of rounds through my first P320 (like it so much I have two the P320 and the M17) be prepared to replace the O-ring since it will eventually wear out as any mechanical part is prone to do; I have done so twice on this one. Just as your experience has shown, I have never had any malfunction of any kind and it eats what ever ammo I feed it. I carry it in the compact with red dot conversion but bought it in the nitron full size for the range. Converting it is as easy as field stripping it.

  39. are you stupid? This is not size comparable to the g19 lol. Glock 19 is a compact and this is a full size dude. Compare it more to a g17/22 or something

  40. What should you do next? Take out those Apex triggers and, for about the same price, buy the new flat Sig trigger. The one that came in my X-Carry and all the X-series pistols. It will change your world the way the Apex triggers did over stock.

    If you have a Sub Compact get the X-Compact grip module. I did. And the new X trigger. It’s a whole new gun. Viva modularity!

    Now, I’m not sure how the “drop problem” is in any way applicable anymore. My first three P-320’s all needed the trigger/slide work upgrade and the results were kind of “meh” from a trigger stand point but the guns were fine. Then I put the Apex triggers in and the guns felt great, the action was noticeably tightened up and the guns all shot better. The X trigger does that AGAIN and gives you the 90° break I much prefer.

    The only thing I’m kind of curious about now is: how would my Full Size feel with the new metal infused grip module? It’s a sweet shooter already and…

    So, what to do with these two curved and one flat Apex triggers. Pawn shop, I guess.

  41. If you can eliminate all other variables except caliber, bullet weight, and velocity, the .45 ACP is the more powerful cartridge. Not sure why you have to be geriatric to want what's more effective…

  42. For the price I'm getting a bit more than interested. I'm just not sure I should move into the striker fired arena again now that I've worked so hard honing my skills with my Sig hammer fired pistol. Not big on the idea of flip flopping.. but dammit I hear nothing but good shit and even like the looks… hmmmm

  43. It seems like I bought a brand new non working paperweight, p320c .40 Cal. Failure to load, failure to chamber,; Good thing trigger is smooth, and has a good grip. Customer service 0 points. Multiple emails and calls. No help. Nice video .

  44. Here's an upgrade recommendation. For me, the full size P250/320s are just too freaking thic! I two P250s. One is a compact slide on a shaved down full size frame, 1911 commander style. This gives me a shorter barrel and I can run 17 and 21 round mags without an adapter. Props for this mod go to [email protected] did this mod first!

  45. Oh yeah, BTW…I call identity politics! 🤪 Labeled "geriatric" just cuz .45 is my EDC caliber!?!??? I live/work in MT, bear country, so it's .45 or 10 mike-mike for my primary EDC!

  46. Just shot a Glock yesterday at the range. Felt really good in the hands but was not a fan of the trigger. Very different, I am looking to purchase my first pistol. I think this or something else similar. Please give me some suggestions, thank you.

  47. My buddy wants to get a p320 I don’t really care for it too much I have a couple sigs I have a P226 and a P229 is the 320 way more superior then those two or is it a preference at that point

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