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Sig Sauer P320 pistol: Test

The SIG Sauer P320 striker-fired
semi-automatic pistol is the direct development of the Sig 250 and is the
ultimate Sig Sauer pistol evolution that the company once started with the then
highly innovative SIG 220. Unprecedented modularity enables
shooters and operators to customize the pistol to meet their exact needs and in
SIG Sauer’s own words it delivers elite performance for every
application purpose. Unique design gives the operator the freedom to change sizes
and customize fit quickly and easily. Using modular parts, such as a barrel,
slide, frame and magazines it is possible to configure the P320 from a full size
to a carry, a compact and even a subcompact, using one single core
removable fire control housing. The P320 is a double action only, striker-fired
operating system with low profile that is available in 45 Auto, 40 Smith &
Wesson, .357 SIG and 9mm chamberings, with a barrel from 91 to 119 mm. The magazine of the Full-size
9mm holds 17 rounds. Last but not least the P320 has been adopted as the new service pistol by the US Army. The XM17 program soon it will also be
available in Europe as a sports and competition pistol. The P320 X5 and P320 RX with red dot sights. The P320 is an excellent pistol, it has a very cool
reset, the recoil is pretty mild, not punitive at all, muzzle flip is very
controllable, magazine change is sure. Target acquisition is very very very
good, as I said the recoil is very mild and it is possible to have excellent
grouping even with very fast shooting, maybe the US Army did not make a mistake
shooting this gun!

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