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Sig P365 Review – Favorite Concealed Handgun?

Hey everyone Phil Strader here at Shot Show
2019 and I’m with with Gununiversity and I am looking at the 365 manual safety now you have
probably heard about the P365 it’s taken the gun world by storm and it is an amazing carry
package and now we have an added level of safety and security with a manual safety this
was one of the most requested things for this pistol and we have an abby manual safety now
the trick here was to make a manual safety that was useable but not so big that it got
in the way and that’s what we did here each side of the maual safety has a small ledge
on it so it keeps a really thin profile it’s very simular to the other controls which you
can easily manipulate it with your hands no matter how size how small your hand is small
large doesn’t matter easy to manipulate of course it has all the things you love about
the 365 the x-ray three sights it comes standard with the 2 10 round magazines one flush and
one extended and of course the same p365 reliablity and safety and the price hasn’t changed it’s
still your still looking to pay about $499 in stores and it will be shipping in the next
month or so look for the P365 manual safety you can find more about this gun at

2 thoughts on “Sig P365 Review – Favorite Concealed Handgun?

  1. I'm interested only in a gun that works as well as the Glock forty-three. If they now have it to that point I'll be seeing video's that shows it working.

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