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SIG 550-1 Sniper: Answering a Question Nobody Asked

Hi guys, thanks for tuning in to another video on Forgotten
I’m Ian McCollum and I’m here today in Kreuzlingen Switzerland at the Kessler Auction House taking a look at a magnificently accurate Swiss rifle, specifically a SIG 550-1 Sniper. This was actually not developed for the Swiss military unlike the SIG 550 itself. This was developed, specifically, for the Swiss police forces, which requested it. However, it’s kind of gone on to not be a particularly successful firearm in any other realm and not very many of these have ever been sold. So, mechanically, this is a standard SIG 550 Manufactured to extremely high quality as one would expect from SIG in Switzerland. It is set up with a 25.6 inch barrel 3/4 of an inch in diameter. So a very heavy profile barrel a much longer barrel than standard to get the most velocity out of the 5.56 cartridge Which it is chambered for. These are normally seen with ten round or maybe five round magazines but they do fit all standard SIG 550 magazines. They have mounted a special proprietary scope mount on here with a couple different options in scopes. There was a 10x Hensoldt, I believe, and then this is actually a 1 1/2 to 6 power Hensoldt scope Very nice optics. This one has tritium for use at night They fitted a special buttstock on here which is adjustable in about 37 different ways and a very nice trigger on it.
And, oh, and a very nice bipod on it! Everything about this rifle is very nice as again one might predict. When these came into the United States in 1989 only a very small number of them came in before the US banned the importation of assault weapons and this qualified The ones that came into the US were priced at something like $10,000 in 1989. So they were extremely expensive rifles and they’re not really that much cheaper for any other markets so as it turns out the only people who have ever really bought these were the Swiss police and apparently the Jordanian Royal Guard. They just didn’t really take off otherwise. Now, let me show you, however What they did to it and in particular We’re gonna take a look inside the trigger so you can see how they changed the trigger mechanism to make it nicer. Here we have the markings on the side. SG 550-1 Sniper. Says so, right there on the gun The fire control system is just semi-auto. There’s no need to have selective fire in a rifle like this. On the buttstock assembly you can adjust the length of pull with this screw wheel You’re probably not gonna see much changing here because these are very finely threaded so you have to crank this quite a ways to see much change.
That of course makes it a little more precisely adjustable. You can actually adjust the height of The cheek rest here with this thumb wheel so you can tilt that up and down Again, it’s very finely threaded, so it takes a while for me to move this before you see a change, but there we go. It’s getting a little higher there You can adjust the position and the angle of the palm rest here and of course being a SIG 550, despite all of these adjustable elements it is still a folding stock. So, it packages up like this to be a little more compact for transportation. So the scope mount here is of course numbered to the gun and has a spring-loaded mounting that holds it in place up on these proprietary mounts on the receiver and it can then be adjusted forward or back for eye relief or Actually, interestingly, it can be adjusted side-to-side. So if you have a cheek weld such that you prefer to have the scope just slightly off from the centerline of the barrel you can do that as well. There is no front sight provided and the dovetail is blocked by this little guy right there because, of course, there’s also no rear iron sight and a rifle like this is kind of pointless with iron sights, so. The bipod on these is a pretty slick bipod. It’s heavy, but it does work very nicely Can fold either to the front… like so, or to the rear or of course, being set up, a little bit of pivot a little bit of swivel Spring-loaded here. You have the feet adjustable for length.
So you can stretch those out to about double their resting their fully recessed positions And then each of the feet has this rotating rubber; fairly large rubber foot pad, So, these will just automatically conform to whatever surface of the ground you put them on and that actually makes for a very stable mount on the rifle. On the outside, the trigger looks different because of the addition of this the very wide trigger shoe but it does also look different on the inside and it’s largely a combination of the trigger pull, the improved trigger mechanism and Just the stand that the general quality of the construction and the assembly that makes these a good, legitimate, 1 MOA gun in the field Up on top here, I have a regular semi-auto STG 90 lower receiver and fire control group and on the bottom here is our 550-1 Sniper. and there’s really only one substantial change that was made and that is the actual trigger spring the trigger return spring. So, on the standard rifle, there’s a coil spring wrapped around the trigger access pin. On the Sniper model they have gotten rid of that and they instead have a coil spring that runs down into the grip You can see it right there. Connected to the back of the trigger. So that is a spring that’s going to be pulled in tension and in a regular 550 you have a torsional spring doing this work. This increases the take-up weight of the trigger substantially. Which is done for a purpose, that makes it more drop safe. However, when you want a very nice, very light, and crisp trigger pull that torsional spring is going to be just way too heavy. You don’t want to try and cut it down Instead, they just went to a totally different system. Now I’ll tell you what, the trigger on this is really really nice. As it turns out, most of the time, when someone wants a sniper rifle, whether they are police or military, they usually want a heavier cartridge– a heavier caliber than 5.56×45 millimeter So this rifle, in its price point was competing with things like HK’s PSG1 Which offers pretty much all the same benefits. Pretty much about the same weight but firing a much heavier cartridge. And so, the 550-1 Sniper was never able to develop a very serious commercial market. So, as a result, they’re quite rare, and it’s very cool to take a look at this one today. Hopefully you guys enjoyed the video as well. If you’re interested in buying this yourself, and you are legally in a position to do so in Europe well, check out the Kessler Auction House. They regularly have very cool things like this. Thanks for watching.

100 thoughts on “SIG 550-1 Sniper: Answering a Question Nobody Asked

  1. On a vacation trip to Indonesia, I saw a military naval police with a SIG 550-1 sniper and his partner with the SIG SSG 2000

  2. Waw, I had to make a 3d model of this thing using only reference pictures, and after few months I've done with it you're making a video. Daaaym.

  3. I remember a sig like that in the early 2000s . 556 series. Is that hole in the buttstock l.o.p adjustment wheel a set screw to lock the adjustment in place? That should have almost zero recoil in comparison to 7.62×51/ 308win with how hefty it is. I bet that would make an AMAZING varmint gun . running heavy bullets or very long bullets (usually heavy) , it would zap coydogs and coyotes at quite long ranges.

  4. Shooting buddy of mine has an AR with a 24" barrel, he was getting something like 3600fps at the muzzle with 55gr armscor. Accidentally punched through some pistol-rated AR500 dueling tree plates at 100m, nearly got DQ'd and forced to buy the plates. It was supposed to be a rifle-rated dueling tree there, and he could prove that the ammo was plain fmj. Bet that sig is getting about 3400fps with 77gr matchkings.

  5. If I'm not mistaken, that is the only firearm officially marks as "SNIPER" from the factory… or pretty close to it! I like it, want it! Although for the money I much rather a Hk PSG-1

  6. When you have a proven influence on auction hammer prices and start being invited by auction houses to have a look at their inventory for the pleasure of your audience. Win-Win-Win situation here.

  7. Thank you gun Jesus for blessing yet another year with wonderful videos about guns. I can't wait to see what content you will put out next and wish you good fortune going into 2020.

  8. With it being a purpose built sniper rifle with quite a longer barrel they must have some special bullets to use in it and they might be more powerful

  9. I was just down the rabbit hole on old Forgotten Weapons videos, and came across a comment you responded to on the "Bigot" regarding use against underwater or nearby shore combatants, kind of like a pre-SEALS Mk. 1 Underwater Defense Gun. Did you ever find any additional info on it's potential use in this capacity? Just thought that was a cool idea if it actually worked. Also, ever run across one of those underwater guns? Would love an in-depth look at one.

  10. Very rare and very expensive in canada. Lucky enough to try it, a random owner in my gun range was kind enough to offer to let me try. Super super light trigger.

  11. Just for info: I am not familiar with the US secondary weapon market but these aren't that rare in western Europe (although finding an unfired one will be a challenge) and, for exemple, if you type Sig 550-1 Sniper on (the italian equivalent of gunbroker) right now there are 3 of them for sale (plus probably a few more at gun stores). The current price point for one in excellent conditions WITH original scope and case is around 4000-4500€ which means it is a fully equiped (Hensolt scope, bipod, mount, ect) rifle for a bit less than 5000$, not cheap but a far cry from the price when it was originally exported to the US.

  12. Are we ever going to see a GM6 Lynx video? It’s a relatively new gun I know, but it’s really cool and not well known

  13. Around the time of Port Arthur massacre the Tassie police were equipped with regular SG 550 (assuming that they had the semi version). The SG 550 was already so accurate for the role. Back then there was no militarised tactical teams but it was a shock to see the footage of the regular blue uniformed men with the green SG 550s and looked cool, contrasting the gunman who had an AR and an AK if I recall correctly.

  14. I am watching this while my three month old son is sleeping next to me on the bed. Your voice helps him calm down. Thank you!

  15. It's interesting to be in Switzerland during a general mobilisation. Everyone turns out armed with their assault rifles and kit appears from hidden bunkers in the motorway road and rail tunnels. This was in the late 70s and 80s so I have no idea if it still happens to the same degree. Interesting rifle.

  16. Clive Owen's character used one of these on Matt Damon's character in Jason Bourne.  I think they added a bs suppressor and had it fire in 3rnd burst(fake)

  17. To be honest I'd still prefer having iron sights on a sniper rifle, even if very basic. If you are in the field and your scope is smashed, what choice do you have?

  18. I feel like this exists purely because someone in charge of procurement In the Swiss police wondered what a SIG PSG-1 would look like.

  19. Counter Strike 1.6! Love it. The Sig 550’s are so sexy. Another solid vid. However, we still need a AKS-74u review. Thanks Ian.

  20. Thank you so much for covering this weapon! The Stgw.90 (SIG-550) is my favorite rifle of all time! I hope you can cover the original Swiss army version soon!

  21. Title: "Answering a question nobody asked."

    20 seconds in: "This was built specifically for the Swiss police forces, which requested it."

  22. How come you spent new year's eve in Switzerland? For next time – please check out the Wyssen-Defence Kit to transform the K31 into a proper sniper rifle. And while you're at consider to give the Hubertec muzzle brake a shot, too.

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