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Sienna Miller Finally Discusses the ‘American Sniper’ Baby

– Can we talk about the
American Sniper,” the baby– – The baby. It needs it’s own
credit, really. Or just, yeah,
Or it’s spin-off, maybe. A spin-off would be great.
– That’d be great to do a movie. The baby. Just a spin-off
with that baby. So you’re holding a baby…
– Yeah. – That clearly is–
– It’s not a baby. – Not a baby.
– Not a baby. – It’s a baby that doesn’t
even remotely look like a baby. – It looked like something
from “Alien.” It was, like…
– Yeah, look. – Well, you can’t really see. – It was just, like,
it’s so not a baby. Didn’t y’all know
that that didn’t look like– – I mean, look at–
watch him wiggle the arm to try and make it look
like a live baby. He does a wiggle
with the arm. – Look, you’re judging him
right there. You’re saying,
“Why are you–” – Look. We had a funny day that– It was such a funny day. He was, like, “Dude,
you gotta move the baby.” Like, it’s not–
it was an animatron– it was actually
really well made. It was an animatronic, and there
was a guy with a remote that could move it, but maybe
it just didn’t work on that day. – No, it didn’t look like
it was moving at all. I think my animatron
for Steve’s yard is better than that baby. – It’s not. – I love that he’s trying
to move it. – And look at me,
“I hate you.”

34 thoughts on “Sienna Miller Finally Discusses the ‘American Sniper’ Baby

  1. The first time I watched that movie I was like, "fuck yeah! America!". But now that I've watched it about 5 times I have realized it sucks something awful.

    leaf a like for ellen…

  3. Too Funny!! I remember that scene. I thought the baby was not right, but I was caught in the dialog of the scene I just over looked it. Some times you just have to improvise.

  4. Shes HOTTER in real life than in the movies, and her accent and hair are better than her American character counterpart!

  5. Does anybody realise that when he was on the war field or whatever and she called they said it was a baby boy so why does he come home and it actually a girl

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