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Hello everyone, we meet again for a new video on NPNG I’m still with my friend Adil, last time I narrowly won after a fantastic comeback and an overtime on aim_map. Today it’s aim pistols. How do you feel Adil? (ScreaM) Well Richard I’ll have no pity (shox) Alright Okaaay! He doesn’t talk much, very well! So now let’s go on the server, and let’s see! Once again we have a gift for you at the end of the video I won’t tell you more but this one is really worth it We’ll see that later (shox) Have fun (ScreaM) Let’s go
(shox) that’s the most important (ScreaM) You too bro
(shox) Thanks (shox) my pleasure
(ScreaM) Where are you? (shox) I’m hiding! (ScreaM) OH YOU PLAY WITH A GLOCK?
(shox) Well yes! (shox) I’m terro so I have a glock! (ScreaM) You can pick up guns, are you stupid or what? (shox) I’m being fair, I play with a glock. What else do you want me to use? For me, the glock is enough to win, look, hop! easy, 2/0 ! (ScreaM) That’s not what you said during warmup! (shox) Warmup is warmup, no? What’s going on? Not feeling good? You’re not feeling good! 3/0 (ScreaM) ok ok (shox) aaahhh my little Adil! Watch out! oh! You have 1 hp! You’re not good! You’re not good! (ScreaM) It’s impossible (shox) it’s 4/0 Not the same as in warmup right? Here! (ScreaM) I’m lagging a bit (shox) oh yes yes yes! It lags, yes! Wanna play on the aim? Wait, I’m coming (ScreaM) You’re the one to play on the aim here (shox) Hiii! Hello! (ScreaM) Hey! Let’s go! (shox) Is it good? (ScreaM) We’re getting into the game here (shox) Are we? Finally? (ScreaM) You are actually on fire! (shox) Well you’re not into it! (ScreaM) It’s a T map, I thought it was CT sided. (shox) Try not to lose 16/1 please (ScreaM) Try not to win 16/1! kthxbye! (shox) Finally… What’s your name? uh? What’s your name? (ScreaM) uh? Adil? (shox) And you’re gonna die! Adil? You’re not good here! How many hp??? (ScreaM) I won’t tell you! (shox) 37 hp, ok (ScreaM) You can see it? (shox) I see everything! So, where are you? Small dance step on the right Going back to the left We arrive on the right and here it’s a rocket (ScreaM) That was not really a rocket (shox) 1 hp! 1 (ScreaM) no! (shox) yesyes I saw it! I saw it! (ScreaM) What do you think? Okay cya! 5/5 (shox) Don’t think you’ll get out of it like that. (ScreaM) the small croutching move! Typical Richard Papillon! (shox) ah it’s sneaky! That was really sneaky! Are you ready? I’m coming to the right in 1, 2, 3… To the left now! Watch out! (ScreaM) I don’t fire more than one bullet (shox) but now it’s 6/6 and you’re CT You won’t get a single round on T side. Try not to… Look I play on the aim… (ScreaM) Stop talking (shox) Why are you hiding? Why are you looking for the head? ADIL? You’re obliged to push in fact… (ScreaM) Listen my friend (shox) Yes? ok … (ScreaM) So! Let’s switch sides? (shox) Yeh Not gonna lie, T side was… (ScreaM) It was 5/0 or 6/0 so 9/6 ? (shox) Yes Wait remember the overtime on aim map? (ScreaM) We’re not on aim map. Let’s go! (shox) I have to score 10 rounds? Too easy. Come on! (ScreaM) I push, to the right, to the left and I kill you! See how powerful the glock is? Let’s goooooo! (shox) Wait wait wait! Don’t get too hyped it’s only 10/7! and I won’t let it go! (ScreaM) Are you sure? Cause it looks like I’m reking you, you’re not good! (ScreaM) You’re not good Richard, you’re not good!
(shox) I’m good, I’m good! (shox) Heeeeeeeeere! (ScreaM) oh! 7hp! (shox) Oh yeh! Oh yeh! 7hp yes! but 7hp is enough to kill you! Wait that was a lucky shot right? (ScreaM) There’s no luck with me! You can keep your distances, play like you want! Tell me if you want me to push cause long distance will be hard for you! (shox) Ok come, I’m waiting for you F*ck you’re lucky (ScreaM) He’s not good here, he has 1hp Let’s go, let’s push Here and there (shox) I’m not good! *crying* I’m not good! I’m not good! (ScreaM) He’s not good, he’s not good! (shox) NOOOO! I was hidden!
(ScreaM) Let’s goooooo! (ScreaM) How much is it ? Tell me the scores! (shox) It’s 4… 4/13 So 13… 13/9 ok! Let’s go, that’s when I start headshoting! (ScreaM) When exactly? Tell me please! I reach 15 and you comeback? Ok let’s go Just like overpass! uuuhhh aim map! (shox) overpass? ok deal! (ScreaM) overpass? What is overpass? (shox) DIE ! (ScreaM) You’re not good! (shox) *crying* eh you’re annoying! You’re annoying! (ScreaM) And you were the one saying it’s a CT sided map! You didn’t score a single round! Even like this, EVEN LIKE THIS! How many? I won, it’s over! (shox) Yes ! (ScreaM) Ok, let’s change maps guys? Let’s still check, well played! (shox) Well played to you! (ScreaM) And here guys! 16/9 on the second map, aim pistols I rekt Richard! Do you have something to say buddy? (shox) Honestly you have to admit it when your opponent is better And he was better than me And you know what? I’m quite happy you’re my teammate! (ScreaM) Ok guys! To celebrate this, I give away my jersey! (shox) and his jersey is to win on Twitter Everything is written in the description of the video just below If you want to see the following of this BO3, cause now it’s 1/1, it’ll be on awp_india, so subscribe follow us on Twitter @NoPainNoGameYT and see you next time! (ScreaM) Let’s go my friend!
(shox) Let’s go! (ScreaM) Here guy, it’s done, 16/9! on the second map, pistols Do you… Do you have something to say Richard? Nah I can’t! It’s ok I’ll do it again! (shox) Ready or not? (ScreaM) I’m ready my friend! (shox) So we’ll see that! See you soon and don’t hesitate to subscribe, follow the channel and everything, and ciao I don’t know what I did! I don’t know, I don’t know!


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