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ShotKam Tutorial – Handgun Model: How to Use the Mobile App (Step 2)

Hi this is Emily from the ShotKam team, and
in this video we will show you how to use the ShotKamPro app, which is available for
both Android and iOS. Let’s get started. The ShotKam Pro app allows you to align the
reticle, change your settings, and view your shots while at the range all from your mobile
device. It can be used on any smartphone, iPad, or
tablet. To download the app visit the Google play
for Android or the App Store for iOS, and make sure to search for ShotKamPro, all one
word. Once the app has been installed we’re ready
to get started. Begin by ensuring that your gun is empty. With the ShotKam off, turn on the built in
WiFi by holding down the power button for three seconds then releasing it. You will see both LED lights come on Yellow,
then one will turn Green. Remember, you can connect to the camera’s
WiFi from anywhere; you don’t need any other source of WiFi, internet, or data, just the
ShotKam. Now place your gun on a table and stabilize
it using either a towel or range bag. Align your gun sights to a target that is
approximately the same distance away as your typical shooting distance. For example, if you typically shoot at a target
that is 20 feet away, then align the reticle to a target that is at that same distance. Next, open the Settings icon on your device,
tap on WiFi, then select the “ShotKam” network. It may say “Connected, no internet”, and that’s
normal. Once your mobile device has been connected
to the WiFi, open the ShotKamPro app. Now you’re ready to align your reticle and
change your settings. To align the reticle, which is either a red
dot or a cross hair, tap on the cross hair icon. Hold down the green arrows until the reticle
is centered on the target. Then press “Save”. After a few seconds, the video will adjust
so that the reticle is now centered in the video frame. To change the settings, tap on the gear icon. From here you can select the appropriate gun
type, target type, etc. We suggest that you leave all other settings
as normal. To view a shot, begin by recording a short
video. Tap on the red record icon to start a recording,
then again to stop the recording. Next, press the Play icon. Select the dated folder, then download the
desired shot. Once the video has been downloaded, press
play to view it. Note that you can either download to “watch
now” or “watch now and save to device”. By selecting the “save to device” option,
that shot will be downloaded into your device’s Photos app or Gallery. Once there, you can review it without being
connected to the ShotKam’s WiFi and easily share it to social media. With just a few taps, you can use your mobile
device to make all the changes you need so you’re ready to go shooting. If you have any questions please send us a
message on the contact us page, send us an email, or give us a call. Thanks for watching and have a great day.

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