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ShotKam Tutorial – Handgun Model: How to Get Started (Step 1)

Hi everyone this is Emily from the ShotKam team. In this video we’ll go over the parts of the ShotKam, teach you how
to mount it to the rail, and go through the different settings. Let’s get started.
Your ShotKam comes with a built in memory card, an internal rechargeable
battery, a rail mount, and all the required spare parts for mounting the
camera to different recoil slots. This one mount can be adapted to fit all
rails. Now, at the side of your camera you will see a rubber cap that protects the
USB port and makes the camera weatherproof. Remove the rubber cap to charge the
camera or to connect it to your computer. The power button is next to the two LEDs
and will be how you control which mode the camera is in. You will see a little
black ledge above the LEDs which is there to prevent the power button from
being pushed when you set your gun on its side. Now how to mount the ShotKam.
Begin by ensuring that your gun is empty. The mounting bracket will allow you to
mount the camera to any Picatinny, Weaver, or a Glock rail. Using the provided allen
key, loosen the screws on the side three-quarters of the way, then the
bracket can be removed. You will see all the screw hole options on the bracket
for the different rails. The Glock screw works for most recoil slots but you can
change the screw location to ensure a perfect fit for your rail. The bracket
can be mounted either forwards or backwards. Once you’re happy with the
screw location, loosely mount the bracket to the ShotKam ledge, then on to the
rail of your gun. Tighten the screws until there is a firm mount but avoid
over-tightening as this can compress the frame of your
gun. After adding any accessory to a handgun, you should always check that the
slide moves all the way forward correctly. If needed,
loosen the rail mount screws slightly. Now let’s go over the settings. To charge
your camera, plug the USB cable from the side of the ShotKam into a computer or
wall adapter. The LED will flash red when charging, then stay solid red when fully
charged. It takes about two hours. When ready to shoot, press the power button on
with a gentle click of the button. You will see a momentary yellow light as it
warms up, then a solid green light when it’s ready. The solid green light means
that it’s recording video but it only saves the video if there’s a recoil. The
blue light will come on after the recoil to indicate that a shot
has been saved. If there is no activity for 30 seconds, then the camera will go
back into Sleep Mode to conserve battery. You will notice a slow flashing green
light when in Sleep Mode. Either press the power button, or gently
bump the gun to awaken the ShotKam. If needed, hold the power button down for
five seconds to perform a hard reset. Note that this will not erase any of
your videos, it’s just like restarting your computer. Now how to use the
built-in Wi-Fi. Start with the camera off, then hold the power button down for
three seconds. Once you release the power button, you will see a second flashing
yellow light. A few seconds later, one will turn green. The camera is now in
Wi-Fi Mode, and you can find the ShotKam network in your mobile device’s settings
page. The Wi-Fi will allow you to connect your smartphone, iPad, or tablet directly
to the ShotKam from any location. You don’t need any other source of Wi-Fi,
Bluetooth, data, or hot spot- just the ShotKam, because the Wi-Fi antenna is built
inside. The Wi-Fi enables you to select your settings. For example, your “Gun Type”
or “Target Type” or the length and speed of your recordings. It allows you to
align your reticle, which is the crosshair or red dot seen in your videos, and
download your shots while at the range. All these options can be done through
our ShotKam app which is available in the Google Play for Android or App
Store for Apple. For more information, please watch our App Tutorial Video.
So you may be asking how does a ShotKam work? Well, it works with what’s
called an accelerometer, which registers forces to tell it when to record. When
shooting with your handgun for example, you’ll close the side, and that force
will start a video recording. The camera will start recording video but only save
the video if it feels the force of a recoil. If there’s no recoil- for example,
because you’re reloading your magazine, then the ShotKam will dismiss the video
and go into Sleep Mode. Now if multiple shots are taken within six seconds of
each other, then the camera will save them all on the same video. Once there
are no more recoils, the camera will end the recording and save that shot to the
memory card. Every video will be time and date stamped, then slowed in to one-third
speed. You can adjust this playback speed within the app, if you would like faster
or slower, but note that once a video is saved it, cannot be changed unless using
a separate video editor. When you’re ready to shoot, simply turn the camera on
at the beginning of the day, then allow it to work intelligently in the
background. Turn it off at the end of the day, and your videos will be saved on the
memory card. We hope that this tutorial was helpful, and if you have any
questions please send us a message on the contact us, page send us an email, or
give us a call thanks for watching, and have a great day.

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