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Shotguns now more reliable! – Rainbow Six Siege

What’s up guys, Rogue-9 here! There have been a bunch of rumours flying
around that shotguns in Rainbow Six Siege feel more powerful or more
reliable in gunfights recently. Are these impressions that players are getting
based on anything that has changed in the game? If there is anything making the guns more
powerful, what could it be? Time for a little bit of detective work! Follow me! So let’s start out by brainstorming a little:
What could be the possible causes for shotguns performing better as of late. There was no news of changes in any of the
patch notes for Ember Rise (or any season before, for that matter) so it is unlikely
that there was any change to the damage stats or the damage drop-off curves. Unlikely doesn’t mean impossibly though. Besides more damage per pellet at various
distances, another factor could be that the spread has tightened up and now delivers more
pellets on target at greater distances. And when exploring spread, we should of course
look at both the hip fire spreads and the aim down sight spreads for each gun, since
they are different of course. In case you didn’t know: yes aiming down
the sights tightens up the shotgun spread in Rainbow Six Siege. Why is this thing? Your guess is as good as mine because of course
in real life, raising the gun to your shoulder will in fact NOT magically change
the trajectory of the gun’s pellets. If there is anything different with the shotguns,
it has to be either the damage or the spread as far as I’m concerned, so let’s look
at these topics one at a time. And before we get into those details, if there
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editing game, download Filmora9 for free using the link in the description below. Shotgun damage is a complex
subject in Rainbow Six Siege. Damage ranges from 27 hit points for each
of the 8 pellets up to 70 HP which makes this weapon class immensely powerful overall but
also means that there is a huge difference between the weakest and strongest representatives. Single shot damage starts at the low end from
120 (for the Bailiff) and 216 for the ACS12 and goes all the way to 560 hit points for the ITA12S. In theory, there are five shotguns in the
game that put out enough pain in a single shot to take down up to four opponents, as
long as they are standing close enough together and you are lucky enough to get 2 of your pellets to hit the upper body or head of each one of them. Achieving this in any given match is just
about as unlikely as falling from 10,160m altitude without a parachute and surviving. It’s not impossible but rather unlikely. The crazy close range power of the shotguns
is balanced out with steep and sometimes rather complex damage drop-off curves that can start
as early as two meters distance. Pretty much every individual shotgun has its
own curve, there is no standardisation and the curves can even include plateaus at certain ranges. So how do we now make sure that there have not been any changes that have flown under the radar? The easiest check is to look at the in-game
damage stats and none of those have been updated. Manually testing the damage that individual
pellets do at various ranges is super tedious but I went ahead and spent quite a chunk of
time looking into this. I have to admit, spending hours upon hours
on gathering data to see if something has changed, only to find out that no, everything
is still the same, is a little bit of a let-down but a result is still a result. I can confirm: No change to the
damage stats of the shotguns! Ok, if they are not more powerful, then surely
there has to be some kind of change to the spread and how do we confirm that? Well, one way is to look at the hip fire indicators. Easy process: just take screenshots with each
gun and then use a graphics program to count the circumference of the circles, in pixels. Once again, there has been no change in the
most recent patch but maybe the hip fire cones are no longer accurate. This can be tested by hip firing at a wall
over and over until the impacts form a perfect circle that shows us the circumference. Once again, no obvious change: the impact
circles for each gun still perfectly correspond to the hip fire markings and
they are definitely unchanged. The last possibility I see is that maybe the
Aim Down Sight spreads have changed. Again, the method of testing is to shoot at
a perpendicular wall until the impacts from a nice circle and then compare the diameter
to the old date I have from tests in the past. Yes, once again this is super tedious but
I guess someone has to do it, right? Nevertheless, I’ll give you three guesses
what the results were… yep, the least satisfying outcome of all: nothing has changed. Urgh… so if it’s not the damage or the
damage drop-off or the hip fire spread or the ADS spread, does that mean that all of
these anecdotal reports flying around claiming that shotguns have become more
powerful in gunfights are wrong? Well, there is one last possibility. With all the subtle, behind the scenes changes
going on in Siege recently, changing how the animations work maybe, just maybe, there was
some kind of shift in how the randomisation engine works and each individual shot now
has more pellets that land towards the centre of the cone compared to before. In theory the max spread could still be the
same but if the randomisation within the spread circle is now more reliable, it could allow
you to land more pellets in target over greater distances than before. The change would be subtle but maybe just
enough to give people the feeling that shotguns are now more reliable. To confirm this I compared the patterns of individual shots side by side and lo and behold, EURIKA!! If we compare the shot patterns pre- and post-patch,
it becomes evident that there really does seem to be a difference in the random patterning
and that since the launch of Ember Rise, more pellets will tend to land closer to the centre
of the max spread diameter than they did before. Of course, I can already hear some of you
typing in the comments section that this is not actually proof at all. The shotgun patterning is meant to be random
after all and so it could be possible that it is just a lucky coincidence that the patterns
in the new season are just that little bit better than they used to be. It would be amazing if I could go back onto
the old Phantom Sight build to run let’s say 100 or 1000 more trials to see if the
patterning improvement occurs in a statistically significant percentage of these trials but, now that the new season is out, I can no longer do that. So after all of the testing and analysis I
put in, I decided to do something I probably should have started out with: I reached out
to the devs to see if they have any info on what could have changed with the shotguns and huzzah, my conclusion actually turned out to be correct. One of the little behind the scenes updates
to the game has changed the patterning of shotguns and even though none of the hard
parameters, such as damage or max spread, have been changed you may find that going
forward, shotguns will feel just that little bit more reliable because more of the pellets
will land nearer to your point of aim. Phew and there we go. Testing shotguns is always a minor nightmare
since their random nature makes it just so much more tedious to get to the bottom of
various facets of their complex nature. If you appreciate the efforts I put in to
get to the bottom of this matter, then do feel free to leave me a thumbs up and with
that as always, I hope you enjoyed the video and I will see you in the next episode!

100 thoughts on “Shotguns now more reliable! – Rainbow Six Siege

  1. Doesnt this mean destruction is lowered? Because of this wouldnt the holes that a shotgun makes be slightly smaller? If this is true then maybe shotguns should get an extra mag

  2. Well when they made shotgun holes in walls more reliable in ember rise of course the pellets would land closer together at other times to. It really wasn't rocket science but good video regardless

  3. I only go shotguns for close range maps like when the bombs are in orgeon in laundry i rush in with my pal i choose lion shotgun and he goes finka shotgun then we rush in from construction

  4. all that work went into that video and the only question I have is how tf did that Blitz in the end not Trigger the EDD???

  5. This has to do with change breaking walls to more reliable in the notes correct? I remember reading that in the notes , referring to more reliably breaking the studs ,not just a hole . When i read that , i figured it was a change to the walls not the gun

  6. Maybe you should record some footage with this patch changes so that you have something to compare it against on the next patch

  7. Dude, that Filmora9 editor is a piece of GARBAGE, I wouldn't recommend anyone downloading it. (It is paid and it's expensive if you don't want a giant ass water mark over any editing you do)

  8. To me, shotguns have always been far more useful and viable than you've given them credit for. Not without their downsides, but still viable in many situations and maps. Now, they're more reliable – I can tell you that as someone who DOES in fact use shotguns often, and I can confirm that the spread seems more consistent for all of them now. In the past, every now and then when you fire there was a small chance that all of the pellets just ninja-dodged your target somehow. Maybe a latency, idk, but it's better now and it feels great.

  9. I have to say, new to the channel just subbed so i don't have a solid opinion on your content but,of the couple of vids ive seen, i love how the music ive heard reminds me so much of payday 2. As much as i love siege the music at the end of the videos make me wanna play the big score again.

  10. Good, I hate using the FMG on Nøkk but I feel the Six12SD is just unreliable at best, hope I find it more consistent now. I mean I’d still like Ubisoft to cave in and give Nøkk some kind of MP5 but I’m aware of how unlikely that is.

  11. Actually it makes sense that hip fire and aimed shooting with shotguns would impact accuracy hip fire offers far less recoil control and causes the pellets or slug to be less accurate than at the shoulder which offers better recoil control with less penalty to the the projectiles

  12. ADS being tighter for shotguns makes as much sense as it does for rifles. You've got a better hold on the gun and can actually see where you're aiming. Sure, the spread shouldn't change, just where it hits should, but it's a trade off instead of having realistic shotguns in the game.

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    GeForce GTX 1070 with 8 gig of vram
    i7 7700k @ 4.2ghz
    Shotcut at least even doe it crashes like Filmora, it will put me right back where I was, Filmora has made me backtrack so much already.

  15. 99.9 percent of the time I get one tapped by a shotgun into down state 20+ meters away I didn't think they needed a buff😅

  16. Me and my friend have been using nothing but shotguns in unranked and it’s easily some of the most fun I’ve had in siege in years, it’s not the most viable but those rounds when you run in throw 3 candelas and just shotgun ppl standing still are what I live for now

  17. I use shotgun on Mute and do fairly well in getting kills with it, but for some reason no matter the shotgun I use I can never hit drones first shot

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