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Dude I’m telling you there’s no way you’re
going to be able to find a dog that doesn’t shit I don’t know man, I feel like there’s definitely
one out there Or I could just train it You can’t train a dog not to shit Um, yes I ca- you know what I don’t appreciate
this lack of support I’m getting from my “friends” right now That’s because you’re being ridiculous No I’m not alright, that’s the only not cool
thing that dogs do, sorry I’m a perfectionist Alright well let me know when you find this
magical shitless dog, oh and by the way, shotgun Play me for it Uhhh no? I called it I said play me for it Dude he called it just get in the back Brian! You stay out of this, this is between
me and Christian! Uh no, no it’s not, I called it so get in
the back Rock paper scissors. You and me.Right now Ok you know what fine let’s just do this Right fist What? Right. Fist. Now. Ok come on Fuck! Damn it! I win ok it’s over- 2 out of 3 Jimmy he won just get in the back Brian! I said stay the FUCK out of this!

100 thoughts on “Shotgun

  1. Funniest one out of all them, always come back to this one, anyone else binging in 2018 cus he hasn’t posted in 2 months

  2. I thought Jimmy was going to bet him that he could find a shitless dog and if he did he got shotgun. Than it would cut to Jimmy sitting shotgun with Christian in disbelief sitting in the backseat.

  3. Is something wrong with me? Honestly, everyone seems to be having a blast while I don't see what's so funny. I'm not even joking I think I missed the point or something.

  4. Damn bro, I miss your videos. You used to always cheer me up, now you're pretty much gone. It SUCKS. You and Christian need to come back to youtube more often just to make me feel better, please?

  5. Jimmy, Christian disrespectin you not wantin to play ya bro
    You threw it down on his Shotgun' .Thats an auto challenge if he knows the rules..Coulda gone bad tho ,, coulda been guns drawn at Noon instead if he didnt drop his game…….(giggles)

  6. U won’t believe me but I swear I watched every single video on ur channel in 1 day. Ur humor is amazing, keep up the good work brother 🤜🤛

  7. He was planning on sitting in the back the whole time. That entire thing was just to fuck with them…and by God I respect that

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