100 thoughts on “Shotgun vs Lavalier Microphone: The Best Microphone for Videos

  1. Thank you for this video, it was really helpful! I've been trying to find out which microphone to get and now I know. I'll be subscribing to your channel 🙂

  2. Justin, thanks, we a lot of interviews, mostly on site at events, lunch speakers, college athletes after games, have a lot of confidence in hand held mics, IRigg, just got a Samson Q8 with an IRigg Pre. Struggle when go into sit down settings and need 2 mics. We tried one lav and one hand held, the latter dominated. The other challenge is covering press conferences when dont have access to mult box. See you have a Samaranic mixer, we are trying that for press conferences. Have not been able to get lab or hand held mics to work with that. Best Ken

  3. Justin, this is our post game players video using Saramonic mixer and Galaxy 8+. https://youtu.be/OmkJpbA9Gos
    Any suggestions appreciated. Ken

  4. Very helpful and straight forward advice! Also, it is rare that a person acknowledges thumbs down, and asks for constructive feedback. I can't recall ever hearing that, but what an awesome gesture of humility! Thumbs up, and keep up the good work!

  5. I'm a new subscriber and I just have to say that after watching lots of different creator and technology helping guys you are by far the best! Your videos are clear and just beautiful and seamlessly executed! Awesome job as a mother of 3 who's doing homework for an upcoming chanel launch I don't have time to spend and your tips will save me so much time. I really appreciate it! Thank you 🙂

  6. Simple question here. I have just started up my new youtube reaction channel. I am deep in microphone reviews as I am about to get the audio sorted out. I use an iphone I have on a tripod. I am about 4-7 feet away from the phone. I am in an enclosed room/studio and it is very quiet. Simply go with a shotgun mic I can mount/attach to my phone set up? Or go wireless or wired lav. THANKS

  7. I use one for each purpose, i use a Blue Snowball as my voice over mic when I’m doing games and i use a lavaliere when I’m walking around in places cause there is less background noise and white noise

  8. What is the point of suppressing background noise … and then , setting background " music " track , which is even more annoying ??!! Almost every uTuber does that . If not for the music noise , would`ve been nice video .

  9. What can you plug those into if your camera doesn't have a mic jack? I'm guessing an external audio recorder? If so which do you recommend?

  10. I just got the pixel 2 XL and the adapter that comes with it for my Mike it makes my gimbal stick too heavy do you know of a lapel mic that has USB type-c on it that will plug straight in so my gimbal stick is not so heavy

  11. Justin Thanks for this video, I have BOYA mic its really good one but I have a question, what do you use to reduce the noice when do are doing the self-tapes, I mean do you use any additional programs of editing. Thank you and if you have a tutorial it would be even better.

  12. Very useful video explaining what mic to use when very clearly. Highly beneficial for beginners in video and sound recording…

  13. I want to make videos based on documentaries and interview people. Which one is best. I liked wireless but after watching your video I'm gonna go for boya lapel mic. One more thing, can i have professional video with huawei mate 10 lite

  14. If I'm recording video on an iPhone 8 Plus, how would I go about recording the audio from two lavaliers to go along with the video taken on the iPhone?

  15. Do you have a solution for using an external mic like the Boya and being able to monitor with headphones? It seems that most splitters are for dual headphones or two mics but not both at the same time. Thanks for your videos.

  16. Great video man. Thanks. I followed your advice and just got one from Amazon. I’ll let you know how it’ll work for me 👍

  17. I have the Rode smart lav. I would like to buy the rode extension cable and buy the Boya lav as a second lav mic, split them into the same camera device. I see you made a TRRS splitter recommendation but do you think the splitter can handle two completely different lavs? Will I be disappointed with the audio if I have two different lavs on the same interview? What is your recommendation for a 2 lav setup when I only own the rode smart lav. Tired of buying stuff I don’t need.

  18. I have the Moya lapel mic you suggested, it sounds like a person-in-a-box. What is the next better version of the lapel mic you'd recommend ?

  19. I've started watching your videos, and I'm feeling really confident I could do this myself. Before, I was so worried about where to start. What a great find! Thanks so much Justin!

  20. Hello Justin, thank you for sharing.

    But one thing did not become clear to me.

    You recomended a shotgun micro to record the environment.

    But the environment is not just in the pointed direction. Its around the micro.

    So i thougth, a lavalier would be the best to record the environment.

    What do you think?

  21. I bought a lavalier mic.. It record good when it is placed close to mouth. But the result is very poor when I attach the mic to. My collar.

  22. I mount microphones in accordions usinng Switchcraft panel jacks. I have good results using a single cartridge mounted on the treble reed blocks. Would a pair of Boya lavalier mikes be a good choice where one is installed on the bass section and the other on the treble reed blocks? I control the parameters using a powered mixer. Would it be better if I used a stereo panel jack to wire each in mono, use a stereo instrument cable with y-connector on the mixer end so I could adjust each on its own channel at the mixer end? There are 4 treble harmonica-like reed blocks and three bass reed blocks in my accordions. Thanks!


  24. As ussual your getting me up to speed., fast. I woke up with this question and now I can get work done instead of thinking about it. See, you are ,also a , time , saver, THANK YOU !
    Why do I always want to go , swimming , after each of your videos ? ? ?

  25. i would like to do a cooking channel, wich mic do you recommend me since I wont be close of the camera, I am on the budget. thanks you

  26. Thank you so much!! I've been recording VR gameplay but have had so much trouble finding the right mic. I just ordered the wireless RodeLink mic. 😄

  27. Lavalier is more for personal use for your content, interviews, news but if you're filming movie and you're really in to video production shotgun is the best choice.

  28. Love the comparison. I have a question. Is there a difference between recording with a lavelier mic and plugging it into an iPhone vs. plugging it into the computer to record voice over?

  29. The issue I always have with shotguns is the hissing noise. I 've had the $250 Rode shotgun, and a cheap $30 shotgun. Both with hissing.

  30. Hi. Just wondering. Are you missing a shirt button or did you button incorrectly. I desperately need to know the answer. It's driving me nuts. I don't know why

  31. Is "talent" a synonyme for "interviewee" ? I've heard it now many video's here on youtube about people wearing lavalier microphones but can't find it on Wikipedia as that synonyme.

  32. Yayyyy thank you for making this video!! It helped me alot in choosing a microphone for creating videos!!

  33. Thanks for this video. I'm trying to up the quality of my graphic design videos and audio is surprisingly fiddly to get right!!

  34. What particular splitter should I get if I'm wanting to use two microphones? The audio splitters I'm seeing has a split of mic and headphones which means only one mic, correct? Can you send me a link to the correct splitter I should use? Great video and audio by the way.

  35. Great video!!! When you use the boya lav mic should you keep it on off/smartphone so you don't waste battery after you're done using it?

  36. So if imma use it for footage and environmental scene, shotgun with windsock or the lavalier with cover is better?

  37. You make some excellent points! I'm starting to get into interviewing and I really needed to know what would work best for me. Looks like I'm going to get both types of microphones — and now I know what situations to use them in. Thank you!

  38. Hey,
    Which one works better for a beginner asmr? The shotgun like the rode videomicro compact or a lavelier? I want a mic that connects directly to my smartphone.. any suggestions?

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