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Shotgun Software Tip 16: Hotkeys Playback in RV

Hi everyone, it’s Ken LaRue from the Shotgun team, and here’s our tip for the day in our “30 Tips in 30 Days”. This tip is going to focus on RV, and I’m going to discuss the different hotkeys you have for playing back, and navigating to different frames within your sequence and your media. So I’ve got RV already launched, and you can see by looking at the timeline, I’ve got several different clips that are available to me inside the sequence. Below the timeline, we have our different playback controls. If we want to play forward, we click the forward play button, right, if we want to play backwards, we click the play backwards button, pretty straightforward, you click it again to stop. We also have the ability to navigate frame by frame by clicking on these little buttons right here, to the left of the playback controls, and then we also have the ability to jump to marked areas, such as the first frame of each clip using these different buttons right here, to the right of the playback button, and before we start playing back the sources and the clips here, I also should point out that you have the option right here in the lower right corner to determine your playback mode, whether it’s going to be playback once, whether it’s going to be loop or whether it’s going to be Pingpong. These options are also available from your control menu, where you can play and stop but also set the playback preference of PingPong, Play Once, Step Forward, Step Backwards and Reverse. So, these are all available here, but I wanna to use hotkeys to do this, so that’s what the point of this video is. Now as far as playback, there’s two sets of hot keys that do exactly the same thing, and I think they’re both there, so dependent on how you like to work on your keyboard, that you have the option to do either one. First I’m gonna talk about is the “Spacebar”, the “,” and the “.” key. First I’ll hit the “Home” key to go back to my first frame, then I’ll hit the “Spacebar”, this starts the playback, hit the “Spacebar” again, it stops the playback, pretty straightforward, right? If I hit the “Spacebar” once again, now it’s playing back and it’s playing forward. If I hit the “,” key, I start the playback going backwards. If I hit “.” key while it’s playing back, it starts to play forward again. So I can use the “Spacebar” to start and stop my playback, and use the “,” key and the “.” key to control the direction of the playback. Now typically, I’m using my left hand for that, but if I’m going to use my right hand, I might wanna use the “Up” and “Down” Arrow keys, ’cause they do the same thing. I’ll hit the “Down Arrow” key which starts the playback, and then I’ll hit the “Up Arrow” key which switches the playback to start playing back backwards. Hit the “Up Arrow” key again, I start playing like frames and my clips forward again. I hit the “Down Arrow” key, I stop the playback. So, as I said, those two combinations of hotkeys do exactly the same thing, but they’re located in two different places, and you can use either one that makes you feel more comfortable or use them both. You can also use your “Left” and “Right” Arrow keys to navigate frame to frame, so I’m clicking on my “Right Arrow” key, and I’m moving forward frame by frame. If I click my “Left Arrow” key, I start going backwards frame by frame. Now if you’re using a three-button mouse with a wheel, you can also use that wheel to scrub through your frames. So, I’ve got my mouse right here and I’ll start rolling the wheel, and depending if I go “Backwards” or “Forwards” with that “Wheel”, I’m going to scrub frame by frame one at a time with my Wheel. Now if we add some modifier keys such as the “Control” key on Windows or Linux, or the “Command” key on the Mac, I’m going to jump every 5 frames as I scrub the Wheel. So, that’s holding “Command” on Mac, “Control” Windows or Linux, and using your wheel on your mouse to jump and scrub every 5 frames. Now if I add “Ctrl and Alt” on Windows and Linux or “Option and Command” on the Mac, I jump every 100 frames as I scrub my Wheel, and obviously you can just click and drag and scrub your frames down below in the timeline area, or even just inside the viewport, you can go and do that. I’ll hit the “Home” key, which takes me to the very first frame, and you can also hit the “End” key to take you to the last frame. I’ll hit the “Home” key again to go to the first frame to show you my next hotkey. If I want to jump to a specific frame, I hold “Shift” and hit the “G” key, now you’ll see it reads “Go To Frame”, if I enter “12” and hit the “Return” or the “Enter” key, I will jump to the 12th frame. You can enter any amount of frames that you want, and you will jump to that frame in your sequence or within your clip. So that “Shift G”, enter your frame you want to jump to, hit “Enter” or “Return”. The last little navigation hotkey I want to talk about in this video tip, is the ability to jump to the first frame of each clip that is in my sequence. I could do that by holding the “Alt” key on Windows and Linux, or the “Option” key on the Mac and using my “Right Arrow” key, I can now start jumping to the first frame of each clip that is in my sequence. Holding the “Option” or “Alt” on Windows and Linux, I’ll use my “Left Arrow” key, and I can jump to the first frame of the previous clip. So those are our playback options and hotkeys that we have available inside of RV. And that’s our tip for today in our “30 Tips in 30 Days”.

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