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Shotgun Slugs made out of LOCK parts

all right top later folks Jeff anoche
here a Boris from Israel sent us some bagels and lox we ate the bagels get the
LOX these are actual lock sets as you would
find in your door he didn’t send us any keys so we had no choice but to plug him
into some 12-gauge rounds and we’re going to fire these locks downrange and
see if we can unlock the secret Oh give him a try hello everyone this is jeff of
taofledermaus today’s improvised shotgun around was sent to us all the way from
Israel by Boris these are metallic lock cores possibly made out of stainless
steel or some other alloy but they are a little small in diameter so I had to add
o-ring Zahn some of them to make them fit into the shot cup tightly others I
wrapped with paper a yellow paper and you’ll be able to see that in the video
Boris was also kind enough to send us a 3d printed rendition of the towel
Fledermaus logo that was cool of him thank you
he also sent along this tell house lollipop which was made by Tsar the guy
that made the candy slugs a while back and then finally he 3d printed these
gummy bears which oddly will fit into a 12-gauge shell but I’m not sure if he’d
want us to do that Boris explains a lot more about these
lock cores on this video here and he has a channel called the tiny locked lab I
hope you’ll check him out shooting at the f-111 panel fire my lesson no ready yeah there we go
yeah the first shot missed absolutely everything even our backstop the second
shot did clip the f-111 fairing the lock core had a lot of energy it
just wasn’t very accurate unfortunately we found the f-111 panel and a little
bit of a tear in it but no real insight let me see this little bump here on the
side that shows that the tumbler no pun intended
tumbled in here and hit sideways keyhole pun totally intended we get a close-up
of that is pretty mag mag hold up though jeez it’s a beefy little sauna like that
one also went a little bit right yep the lock core in this shot does kind of
a backflip does a little more than a 360 before striking the very upper right
area of our target which are big bottles of bubble solution when I hit the P over
on a P so everything’s been right yeah yeah humid for the O in this here yield
signed and I think II hold perfectly sideways over here it’s because I can’t
shoot ya as I’ve been told by well I think they’re made out of steel and
they’re attracted to the magnetic oh it’s true field of the earth that’s true
in the earth is spinning this way so by the time we shoot in and looked flat
that’s the problem there it’s flat so the Coriolis effect is that we’re trying
to send areolas up back here okay Oh 10 yards away let’s see you can
hit that blue X oh we’re color boiling and we autistic okay fire okay fire and finally we have one that’s flying
straight through the air 12 more or less straight through the air it’s not
tumbling and as you can see on the back of it there’s a little piece of wadding
probably acting like a stabilizer to help keep it flying straight kind of act
like uh you know fletchings on an arrow fire before the tape falls off ready yep
left on this one thank you hit the tape he’s aiming at the blue X somewhere in
EDX I hope so yep in this shot we see that yellow
paper wrapped around the locked court just turned into confetti and the lock
core again is tumbling through the air in this shot we can probably contribute
the inaccuracies and inconsistencies with these slugs just due to their small
diameter trying to keep them straight down the bore centered in the bore and
because they’re kind of a long projectile we often see that with
similar rounds by the way this is a curse off Kershaw shuffle – everybody
always wants to know I don’t know anything about knives other than that my
Swiss Army knife thing is oh there we go it’s probably all wrapped up in Kevlar yeah it’s got some vest still stuck to
it oh and what do that brought some tape with it took some tape along with it look at the some water you shoved up in
there yeah the fabrics all jammed up in there
I don’t think they’re going to be under able to unlock this one it looks like a
little suppressor for a rifle well at very close range there okay I know if we
tried to shoot it 30 yards we would have been missing all day and anybody who
says that this is a good round for home defense is high on quaaludes because
that is not not accurate at all you’d shoot for the bad guy at your front room
and hit the it’s a good guy at a bathroom hit your wife’s good lamp yeah
which is across the room in the opposite direction yeah oh well we tried
it was fun trying what the heck is that magic magic it’ll come on okay okay
whole bunch of handkerchiefs colored hair just going to roll another I like it I like it

100 thoughts on “Shotgun Slugs made out of LOCK parts

  1. tiny lock lab?… sounds like he is trying to gain some publicity by copying Bosnian bill on the lock lab channel!!!!

  2. Priceless… I can tell you've shot a lot of interesting things out of shotguns when you say the keychains will fit. I cracked up

  3. Oh I forgot to mention, after I liked this video, could you please not refer to things and actions as "Autistic" ?
    Thanks! You're the best!
    -parent of autistic child.

  4. Sperm Round: Domed head with hollow back (or pellet design) with fixed cable wound up inside. Will the "tail" unwind and act as a stabilizer? How long should the tail be? Will the tail act as a flail and whip the target? Will the whole thing fail miserably? Only Taoflederfolks can tell.

  5. I would have liked to see shot out of a rifled choke. Spine stabilisation might have helped maintaining accuracy.

  6. One of these days you must show us the inside of that shot gun barrel. I'd be interested to see what kind of damage all these years of abuse might have done. Those under diameter cylinders rattling down the pipe must have made some marks.

  7. Man I wish had Jeff and Gregg as friends imagine it would be really fun drinking beer with them and listen to them telling shooting stories

  8. Kershaw knifes are really great for their quite low prices. Best performance per money pocketknifes i'm aware of.

  9. Hey toufladermouse! I have a recommendation. can you try and spray Mercury out of a squirt bottle? I've never seen it attempted.

    remember 20lbs of lead is 20lbs!

  10. I love how you look at everything and think 'I wonder if that will fit in a 12 gauge shell'. Hehehe…

  11. Thanks Jeff and Gregg for shooting the cores. I was hoping they will be more accurate but I guess they were not.

  12. I've been a sub to the Tiny Lock Lab for a while and when I saw his video posted I came here to watch the video. This is the second time now that I"m aware of that YouTube unscubscribed me to this channel. I've been a subscriber to this channel for years, but twice I found I was no longer subscribed and I know I don't personally unsubscribe from these channels.

  13. awesome humor as I have grown to love , guys . and the projectiles were no help at all. 😄😄😄

  14. Kershaw knives are extremely dangerous and unreliable. Almost lost 2 fingers due to kershaw knives failing on me. 🙁

  15. Request : Try shooting slugs filled with chunks of either copper (if not already done) or gold (if you can find some good amount and if it has not been already done).

  16. hey quick idea for a video you should know the term squib load I think it is when not all the powder Burnes and causes the bullet to get stuck in the barrel well generally​ my understanding is the easiest thing to do normally is just get a new barrel but what I want to see is what happens if you load in a blank round and fire it off will the bullet come out will it only slightly move it or will the barrel itself just give and blow ether way I think it could be interesting

  17. I'm a retired Locksmith. We used to save the pin segments, springs , and caps when we punched out SFIC locks. They make one nasty scatter load. Thanks for posting. I got a kick out of this.

  18. love the background music on this one OG – it's like a karaoke version of The Who singing We Won't Be Fooled Again

  19. >tumbled
    >colorblind and autistic
    >high on quaaludes
    come for the random destruction, stay for the bantz.

  20. from many of your previous videos I've seen when the wadding accidentally sticks to the round and the accuracy is improved do you think you'll ever try some of your less successful ones but with the wadding purposely stuck to the back of them?

  21. I guess the diameter being smaller, and the very uneven weight distribution of these complex shapes really makes for an inaccurate round. The randomness of them and the fact that they are heavy enough and fast enough to do a lot of damage sure makes them a fun round though, ha.

  22. What if I sent you some standard brass lock pins for the kinds of locks we use in the USA? I usually just chuck em in the grass when I'm done with a rekey but they are all over the floor in my truck and I have to clean it out soon…

  23. I could tell from the first shot that it was from Israel because the Kevlar circumcised the lock core, then when you shot the stop sign the core was drawn to the P. Coinkidink? I think not.
    As a locksmith I smiled when I saw what you were shooting, so next would be lock pins as birdshot. Since they're not round but cylindrical they might do some interesting acrobatics on the way to the target.

  24. Good lord OG, I cringe every time you bust out one of your knives and start digging, gonna cut yourself big time,,,easy easy

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