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Shotgun slug designed like an Abrams tank sabot – Sauvestre

blah blah blah blah hello once again this is jeff of TAOFLEDERMAUS today we have something I’ve been waiting to shoot forever Balle Fleche Sauvestre this looks like it came from Bioshock they were made in France Who knew France MADE shotgun slugs and why to they get 6 shells and we only get five – what’s up with that as you can see this are a fin- stabilized discarding sabot shotgun round Over last year I’ve emailed both the company that makes these and distributor in the united states that sells these asking them for a few samples so I could demonstrate these for you— and they flat-out ignored me the outrage! finally a viewer from France a guy named David generously offered to send these to me Without David’s generosity we wouldn’t have been able to make this video i definitely thank him – he has a youtube channel called up sweet 07 At first glance the Sauvestre may appear to look like some kind of a plumbing fixture – the nose of the Sauvestre is made out of lead the rest of it is made out of nylon or some kind of high-strength plastic this is comprised of three main components the to sabot pieces then the main projectile which is actually made out of two different materials both nylon and lead and it’s really quite a retro futuristic design When we look at normal shotgun slug it just has a gas piston which pushes it down the barrel– very simple IF you tried to do the same thing with the Sauvestre, the slug would be crushed under its own weight from the tremendous g-shock from being shot so what they did was designed the sabot to be the gas seal also The lugs distribute the force evenly down the entire length of the dart, so when you shoot it essentially the dart is being pulled down the barrel rather being pushed from behind iThis is less like a normal factory shotgun slug and more like a military sabot round used in tanks like the Abrams ok let’s go out and see how these function okay I’m ready alright let’s look different thing wow I saw it splash out on the water out there ok we see that the best traveling along around 1,400 feet per second very very flat trajectory high-speed high penetration just blasted right through all that ballistic gel a ballistic gel is not an exact representation of flesh like that normally this slug when it hits a wild boar whatever it will mushroom out smash up into form quite a bit that’s pretty accurate impressive performance out of a smoothbore shotgun which is are designed to be shot from so that’s pretty much where we’re aiming that’s a that’s a very accurate around in and out and clean hole this guy a new one ever need me to do with manoj our governments here they all folded over on each other here did it what if it went through that last single block there it looks like a new cavity their big ol giant cavity okay ready each gummy bears about three inches thick by spacing them out we can see if the projectile will maintain its trajectory straight through and it definitely did film from the site at 21,000 frames per second we can see that the sub s kind of resembles a bullet going through gel but unlike a bullet which can often saw and change direction once it begins traveling through flesh the sub s continue traveling straight through therefore if you’re aiming for a vital you have a better chance of hitting the vital the lead plate is almost 20 pounds and one and 18 inches thick and just like ballistic gel it’s just a comparative medium we could shoot different projectiles at it and see what kind of cavities it leaves behind here again we see the sub s traveling along has a little bit of a waggle to it which is pretty common with been stabilized projectiles now the the manufacturer does say these can be shot through a rifled barrel the Abrams tank has a smoothbore for a reason they’re able to get accuracy out of it without spin stabilization so it’s pretty unlikely to get better accuracy from a rifle barrel with these ok 5-gallon jug of water we already got that on camera I think it did think now David couldn’t send live ammunition to me through the mail so i had to load these myself using non-existent load data so because i didn’t use the right powder or the right amount of powder or I had a maybe a little air void in the the base of the shell we didn’t get a proper combustion of the powder so the solve s left the girl probably about 500 feet per second if that but we can really see how the sabo separate from the rear not from the front which is kind of interesting so traveling at subsonic speed it was still very stable and still have enough energy to pierce that water jug and the leno’s snapped off and continued on through that 12 inches of water hopefully in the near future we’ll have more us distributors of these slugs companies that i can that are reliable and I can actually recommend you but currently they’re pretty hard to get and once again thank you David or is it dahveed I don’t know tell me if I’m wrong but we could have done this without you he also sent us a bunch of other slugs made in France that we’re going to be testing out as well as some other European slugs like the brenneke and some others i have to do some research on and we also have another batch of unique shotgun slugs from Russia sent to us by alexei if you haven’t subscribed already please consider it gives the test drive and see if you like us or not anyway I hope you enjoyed this video thanks for watching drug down got it

100 thoughts on “Shotgun slug designed like an Abrams tank sabot – Sauvestre

  1. Why not put a mini nuke at the tip? Too Powerful? Take out a building? Kind cool to think that they have that sort of old technology.

  2. Wait. David is French? How did he not spontaneously combust upon even handling ammunition?!? Was he suddenly overwhelmed with the urge to surrender and become a collaborator?!? I'm just sayin'…

  3. I had some Sabot air rifle pellets when I was a kid, and those things were evil! The firm that made them was sued by a firm that made pellets with non-discarding jackets, and of course, they won! A bit like if the firm that made APBC (armour piercing ballistic capped composite) anti tank rounds sued the guys who made APFSDS (Armour piercing Fin stabilised discarding sabot) rounds and got them banned.

  4. Perhaps the sabot portion of the outer shell could be ground with a spiral to give spin rather than just concentric rings?

  5. Back when your shooter wasn't such an overtly masagynistic prick.

    Great photo work and editing.
    Just a normal hetero non-hating fan.
    Wonder how O.G.'s wife and daughter feel when watching his modern day banter.

  6. I think the German designed gun on the Abrams is a smoothbore to allow for max velocity…If it were rifled they might be a little more accurate?

  7. David is the most American lookin french guy ive ever seen. I expected a striped shirt and a beret. Maybe a cigarette and some frog legs. But no soap…is this racism?

  8. Какая эффективная дальность по кабану и медведю? Бывают эти пули в 20 м калибре?

  9. Why do the French get 6 rounds in a box rather than 5? Because most French people probably have double barrel guns rather than pump guns. Just a thought!

  10. I love to shoot the sauvestre (here in Switzerland) extremely flat shooting, fast, acurate and a nice big fireball! Fun stuff!

  11. Curse on you!!!!!
    All the guns and who the hell are using that guns!!!!!
    You are coming the war!!!!
    The god should curse you and makes you fell like you stupids in the hell ! 😔
    Peace everyone 🙏

  12. This looked really cool, but will these actually be effective as big game hunting rounds? I thought the point was to deal as much damage on impact as possible + stopping power of the impact. This round piercing the dangerous animal is wicked, but will it stop it from mauling/stomping/horning you to death before it notices that "hey, I actually have an accurate hole right through my vitals and gonna die now, bugger" (NOT a hunter myself, so I understand that I might be spewing nonsense).

    On the other hand if the aim of the hunt is hide and fur, or taxidermy – heck yeah, minimum hole, profit.

  13. i wouldnt say thats designed like an abrams sabot. not even close to an MBT designed Sabot
    Sabots are darts. Thats too ribbed, a proper title name would have been "shotgun slug designed like a butt plug, Produced in France"
    or "shotgun slug ribbed for her pleasure, Produced in France"

  14. Who knew that someone from France could look like he lived right down the road from me. Oh yeah and the round was pretty awesome too.

  15. The 120mm in the abhrams is smooth bore because it fires HEAT rounds & spinning those fouls up their penetration

  16. I subscribed to this channel for two reasons.
    1. They like to shoot stuff!
    2. The amount of international responses from people who like to shoot stuff!

  17. Alot of shotgun guys might watch this so I'm hoping they will see my messege. I want a shotgun but I see that fully rifled barrels are the most accurate. But all the tactical shotguns are cylinder bore… I want one with a pistol grip and a rifled barrel… Does this exist? 20 guage preferable…

  18. Anyone else notice that after it passes through the gummy’s it started to try and right itself again?

  19. Nice video. Thanks. I noticed that you have a flinch (probably from shooting all those heavy slugs) @5.23min. You jerk your shoulder forward and down anticipating recoil. I use to have the same thing from shooting 200gr Mauser rounds. You can work it out by going back to .22 for some time.
    The flinch you have makes barrel move down just before firing.

  20. Have you created a video, or tried any of the ammunition with the ELP projectiles?
    Several Synergy Business Development divisions, including the Extremely Lethal projectile (ELP) division, were recently acquired by SAMS Small Arms Munitions Systems ( and the products are shown on this site. If you have, plan to create or know of video’s that I can link to please let me know?

  21. I know you guys have tested many more effective projectiles, with regard to damage, etc… but this one has impressed me the most. Most excessively complicated rounds are neither consistent, nor effective. The accuracy alone, impressed me… and to do it consistently? I'm sold.

  22. Hey I live in France and hunt with them sometimes, they're extremely accurate out of my Baikal mp53 semi-auto – great to see them and great video!

  23. You should do a yearly Slug Fest to see which slug is the best and would receive the Slug Fest Yearly Award. Hope to see more of the Sauvestre round. Thumbs up

  24. When beginning to watch a video from you guys and the survey pops up and asked you a few questions and then you submit it and then your video starts does that help you guys out to answer the question and submit? it only takes a second to do but you have the option of skipping that survey and going straight to watching the the videoso I just wanted to know if that should happen to help your guy's channel out I will definitely do the surveys because half a yearvideos get demonetized as it is which sucks because I really like your guys content and would like to help any way that I can so please let me know if answering that survey helps because I would hate to see your channel go away . Once again you guys rock and have awesome content so glad that I found you years ago when I do and thank you for all the entertaining content that you provide I really appreciate it truly, thanks again fellas.

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