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Shotgun shooting instruction with coach Iain MacGregor

I’m at Cluny Clays this afternoon and
this is in Fife in Scotland and with Ian McGregor, my shotgun coach. When I first
started shooting the first thing I did was find a good coach and here’s Iain.
I just wanted to talk to you naturally a little bit about the importance of
having a shotgun coach when you start shooting or even to improve your
shooting, so Iain could you tell us perhaps some good advice for somebody wanting to start
shooting and why it’s important to have a coach? I think it’s crucial in any
sport if start to participate in any sport not only
shotgun shooting, if you start to participate in any sport you should as
soon as possible get proper instruction. We in shotgun shooting are always amused that people should should should should should and they buy different guns and
they buy different cartridges and this is the answer, this is the panacea, the
panacea is to have proper shooting lessons, the court we always have as
Tiger Woods has a coach, Tiger Woods has a coach, shotgun shooter stand here and shoot shoot shoot and then what happens is
eventually they may decide some coaching will help but of course by that time the
coaches have got perhaps many many many years of bad habits to try and eradicate
to try and imprint to the new system and top of this old system can take a long
time, so if only people would realize that at the beginning the sensible thing,
as I say in any sport not only shotgun shooting, is to try and get a reputable
coach you can set them off in the right path, immediately because even a simple
thing you know such as such as gun fit I mean if this gun fit is wrong
immediately the people are learning bad habits, they are creating problems for
themselves which again we as coaches have to certainly the interesting thing
with Ulen dodging would call is that when you first came, almost the first
thing if not the very first thing after dominant eye and everything, but after
that the first thing we would do is check your gun fit, yes so we check the
gun fit..yes that’s true So we checkthe gun fit, we realize what has to happen and we immediately go to the gunsmith and get the gun altered we
don’t start to shoot you and I didn’t start to shoot, do this, do this, we went
and got the gun fitted so we know that when we start to shoot the gun is
actually shooting in the right place, so you’re getting off on the right fruit
then you can start to learn your technique correctly and effectively. I think it’s really interesting, I think it’s something that I want to explore, perhaps I’m able to do
a series of videos just talking about the importance of the basics before you
start peeling that trigger, so why do people.. Why do people think this amuses
me.. Why do people think they know how to shoot? You know I often think is a
meal thing, I know how to drive a car, I know how to shoot..not you don’t? That is actually really really big something I think we were too harshly talked about but it’s something I definitely want to
talk again so here’s Linda and Iain McGregor and signing off from a very
very cold at Cluny Clays, I think we probably do some snow later on..sunny
Scotland! I look forward to speaking to you again and might be doing
some more work with with Iain and thank you very much Iain.. good..Thank you!

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