100 thoughts on “Shotgun Nerf/Update, Which is better? Tac VS Pump | Shotgun Only Challenge | Fortnite Battle Royale

  1. The longer video length is quite nice for these types of videos, especially when the quality did not drop a bit, atleast to me it didn't seem that way, and I the montage things you are putting at the start of the videos. They are well edited and show good qualit yat the start of the video. Keep up this good work and this channel will get a whole lot bigger.

  2. Hey so i came here from lanchans vid where you commented , and i just want you to know you have a new sub

  3. Tac is better now cuz it has more dps and pump doesnt 1 shot anymore
    Oh and if u do 8 dmg with a tac it isnt that bad cuz u can spam

  4. Hey I’m new to YouTube and make similar content I’d love to play with you at some point hmu and let me know if you’d be down!

  5. Absolutely love this edit. Deffo prefer the tac shotgun over the pump.
    But seriously guys, I feel like you're so close to blowing up. It's honestly going to be right around the corner, keep at it and don't give up, I dunno what I'd do without your videos!

  6. Wow, this is a really funny channel, thus proving you don't need a million subs or whatever to be great! Keep it up!

  7. That was awesome, laughed so hard like why are you so underrateeeed ?!
    Keep doing that shit, it’s too good to stop

  8. Ngl yall arenlnt that good but yall hella funny. P.S. im not trying to say that they are bad cause i hate them

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