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Shotgun microphone Wind Protection with “deadcat”

Hi, this is Kyle and contrary to what it might
look like, I’m not actually a hit man. What we’ve got here is a shotgun
microphone. Now lots of people buy shotgun microphones as their initial
investment for their film audio, but they neglect to buy the accessories
that go with it and a lot of people say “Well, I’ve heard about wind noise
and all that, but I’m just going to get a foam wind screen and slide
it over the top and that should do the trick”. Well, I’m here to tell you
that if you’re going to film outside, that’s not going to do the trick. Let’s do some demonstrations of what I’m talking
about here. So we’ve got the shotgun microphone on, we have some audio.
We’re going to turn on a fan to simulate wind noise. Let’s turn that
fan on. Now I’ve got the microphone pointed up and away from the wind,
but listen to what happens when I bring the microphone into the wind
pattern. Pretty strong rumbling there, so we’re going to mute the microphone
for just a second, we’ll slide the foam wind screen on, we’ll turn the microphone
back on same level and we’re going to do it. Still got some wind
noise in there. So the next thing we’re going to do is we’re
going to try a blimp, blimp wind screen followed by a fuzzy rat or a fuzzy
wind screen or a wind muff. It goes by many different names, so let’s
see what that looks like. Now we have the blimp wind screen, which creates
a dead air space around the microphone on the same microphone on the same
shock mount. Let’s hear what that sounds like. Pretty dramatic reduction
in the noise. Next we’re going to do the fuzzy wind screen on top of
that. So let’s see what that sounds like. All right. Finally, we have the wind muff or fuzzy rat
or Chewbacca’s dead foot, as I like to call it. Here we go. Significant difference
in the sound quality, isn’t it? So next time you buy a shotgun microphone,
make sure and buy all the accessories. If you’re going to film outside,
they’re a must. Good luck out there. This is Kyle saying goodbye.

52 thoughts on “Shotgun microphone Wind Protection with “deadcat”

  1. "Chewbaccas' dead foot"….
    had to laugh over 5 minutes with tears in my eyes…. THANK YOU for this highlight this day.

  2. Man, I know it sounds great but the mic + accesories is about $1000 dollars! I'm going for silent film LOL

  3. @Audiowithalex awesome man, here it's actually impossible for me to get bargains like that, besides I'm really broke!

  4. Thanks for asking! It's the Sennheiser blimp, pistol grip and hairy. I'd recommend getting the RODE Blimp for less than half the price. The part numbers for the Sennheiser are listed in the Description. We have the RODE Blimp in stock on our site at dvestore – mention that you came from youtube and we'll take off another 10%!

  5. boy that blimp and fuzzy rat work fantastic, but I really couldn't say one was better than the other. 

  6. Drawback: unbelievably expensive. Here's one for you, pull a rubber over your mic, the sound gets in but no wind, cost you two bucks.

  7. like the presentation, but since there is 9/10 video out there filmed with cellphone so my question is how to protect cellphone from wind noise?

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