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Shotgun in Three Minutes

Hi, my name is Ben from the product team,
and I’d like to give you a quick tour of Shotgun before you get started. From the global nav, you can access most of
the things you need to do in Shotgun such as read messages in your Inbox, view a list
of the tasks assigned to you, navigate to a project, as well as update your profile
picture and password. Clicking on a project from the projects menu
takes you to its overview page, which shows you recent activity happening across the project,
as well as important project information. In the activity stream, you’ll see things
here like recent note conversations, media and files people are submitting, as well as
changes to important project info. Most recent things appear at the top, and you can scroll
down to see earlier activity. I can send a note to everybody on the project from here.
When people post notes here, they’ll appear right away. You’ll also receive a notification
in your Inbox in case you’re somewhere else in Shotgun. When you’re in a project, you can find all
the types of things you’re tracking in the project nav. In this project, we’re tracking
Shots and Assets, but we also have templates that include Levels, Episodes, and other types
of things our clients track. Clicking here will show me a list of all the
assets, and I can select any one of them to view its tasks, notes, media, and other related
information. Tasks help track the work that needs to get done on this particular asset,
and you can add a new one here. If I want to stay up to date on important activity for
this asset, I can follow it from here. Now, whenever someone writes a note about this
asset, submits new media or files, or changes important information, I’ll receive a message
in my Inbox letting me know. Shotgun also helps you schedule tasks you’re
tracking on each of the things you’re building. Going to the Schedule page shows the full
list of the project’s tasks. Here you can add dates, assign people who will do the work,
and adjust dates on many tasks using the gantt. When you assign tasks to people they’ll see
them right away in My Tasks and automatically follow them so they receive any notes and
important updates in their Inbox. They can also submit any media that needs to get reviewed
like this. For those of you who review media and send
notes to people submitting their work, we have an integrated review app called Screening
Room. You can access all the media across all your projects, which we call “versions”,
by going here. Double-click any version to watch it, then add notes and annotations like
this. Whoever submitted this version will receive a note in their Inbox along with any
annotated frames. For managers and coordinators who take notes
during review sessions, we also have an app called Review Notes, which let’s you quickly
type notes on the things you’ll be reviewing, then send them all out at once, along with
a summary email. And that’s all for now. Admins can create
their first project right from the home page. And when you’re ready to dive deeper, head
to support site. You can also send any questions or feedback directly to our support team.
They’re a team of production experts just like you.

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