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shotgun flashlight mount

that is a flashlight I’ve mounted to my
shotgun and I just want to show you how bright this is this is the second
brightest flashlight I’ve ever seen in my life and it’s an ultra fire 502 B and
I’m in the Dodge it’s in the wee hours I’m going to shut this off and set it
down somewhere and turn the flashlight on there to show you how bright it is
and then I’m going to show you how it mounted it there we go those woods over
there those woods are all probably I don’t know 75 80 yards away there’s a
chicken house all right I’m going to show you how I
mounted it this is a heat shield that I bought at Bass Pro Shops it comes with
the sights front rear sights but also came with these uh weaver rails that
hold it on the front and all that is is a scope mount with a flashlight in it
now I did have to wrap about two wraps of electrical tape around the body of
the flashlight so it would hold in there tight and that’s how that’s mounted
that’s a bright Sun of a gun there so now when you need a flashlight in the
middle of the night you can keep both hands on your shotgun anyway just let us
show you that it was a you know I had the scope ring laying around and the
weaver rail came with the with a heat shield so I really didn’t spend any
money and I just ordered three more of these these are this is the ultra fire
502 B and I just ordered three more of them for less than eight bucks each off
of Amazon and these are the second brightest flashlight I’ve ever seen in
my life have a good morning all

58 thoughts on “shotgun flashlight mount

  1. GMTA! /you can also use a figure 8 scope mount, clamps down directly on the barrel if'n you don't have any of those fancy-schmancy rails. Also mounted a laser with another figure 8 mount, so its a flashlight on the "top" of the barrel, laser on the "bottom". Means I don't have to raise the shotgun to my shoulder and can shoot from a seated position with some hope of accuracy, works well for a crip like myself. Do you have a solar charger hooked up for the flashlight battery/ies yet?

  2. That is awesome! Any intruder would be shocked to be put in the spotlight like that. Good stuff BC. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Im gonna put a link in the description. awesome lights. when i bought one, and it showed up in the mail,i wished i had ordered 4 of them.

  4. yeah,i bought the 3000 Ma batteries. the ones that come with it are 2800 Ma and they were just fine but the 3000 Ma,s last just a little longer.

  5. I am always scared of turning on a flash light because people know where you are and it makes you a target. I'm conflicted on using it! I like yours. Great idea.


  7. You clever rascal.
    Thanks for showing me the light.
    Very nice of you to stock up for my birthday… you're a good friend. lol

  8. well i dont really need it for my fridge since i installed the security system, the sodium lights pop on along with the siren and police auto dial,when an attempt at unauthorized entry is detected.

  9. yeah, now i need an ar15 style stock and ill be all set,,,,,, until something else comes along that looks cool on a shotgun.

  10. Im a very thoughtful guy! aS A MATTER OF FACT,I BOUGHT ONE FOR EVERYBODY WHO COMES BY FOR A VISIT! stupid caps lock!

  11. sorry man. i forgot,but i remembered to mention your link in the description. wont happen again cause i owe ypou for not mentioning the 5 x leapord skin teddy.

  12. I dont know how the chinese can do it. they must be making 10 cents on each light,but i guess if you sell a million of them, it adds up.

  13. i honestly haven tshot it since i just mounted it this morning but as many times as i dropped it,im thinking it should hold up to recoil. ill be sure to update or do another video when i shoot it.

  14. My wife says she married me because I was handy to have around the house. I hope I never loose my talents or she'll leave me!

  15. I have the same set up for a shovel. You can see what you are doing at night when you absolutely have to get the job done. I call it the "Mafia Gardner Midnight Special".

  16. Ultrfire XM-L T6. It blew my mind when i turned it on at night for the first time. I only have one or else i would have used that on my shotgun instead of the smaller one. they have the same cree LED, but the bell on the XM-L is much larger.

  17. Just curious, have you shot this at night yet with only the flashlight and no other light sources on. I want to know how the internals hold up against recoil, if there is possibly a momentary on off because back pressure on the springs in the flashlight.

  18. I just found something at walmart that is made just for putting a flaslight on a shotgun.its called long gun light mount made by nebo,protec. it was 15 bucks

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