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Shooting the Turkish MPT-76 Infantry Rifle

[Music] hey guys welcome back so today we’re just outside of ankara turkey at the MKE manufacturing facilities where they make the new M pt-76 Turkish service rifle we’ve been given the opportunity to closely examine this rifle and to even shoot this rifle and we’re going to bring you guys along hope you enjoy let’s get going [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] this is the M pt-76 MPT is Turkish for modern infantry rifle the 76 is a play on the caliber of the rifle which is 760 to NATO this rifle is slated to replace the g3 a4 and Turkish military service the Turkish developers of the rifle have told me that this rifle was built from the ground up to meet their military needs now obviously this rifle borrows from other historic rifles such as the ar-10 I’ll leave it up to you as the viewer to decide whether or not it draws other design inspirations for more modern rifles but let’s talk a little bit about the unique features of this rifle and some of the features it shares with other rifles out there let’s start at the buttstock the buttstock I’ve never seen anything quite like this before it actually has 12 positions you can set this stock to an incredible length you push a button on the rear and rotate it pull it out to the desired length turn it and it locks it has numbers marked on the top of the buffer tube here so you know exactly what your stock setting is so you can collapse it move it back and forth and put it back to whatever position you would like it to be in you’ll also notice that the rear of the receiver is a little bit thicker than what you may have seen on other ar10 type rifles the pistol grip is molded into this one large polymer piece that wraps around here it’s a very comfortable feeling pistol grip and right above it has an ambidextrous selector lever has safe semi-automatic and fully automatic capabilities here we have an aperture rear sight that has a drum on it that you can adjust the elevation by simply turning it you can flip it down flip it back up and it has a spring and detent ball system in it and over here on the left-hand side it has another drum for windage adjustments on the top of the rifle we have a full-length 1913 pick rail the t slots are numbered on the rifle you’ve probably noticed this carrying handle you’re wondering why is it on there well obviously it makes it handy to carry the rifle around it does have backup sights integrated into it but it also features arms throw levers which allow you to quickly take the carrying handle off it’s not required for use it has an 8 to type ejection port buffer has a dust cover system it’s made out of polymer so it can be closed to keep guard and stuff out the inside of the rifle the rifle does use a short-stroke gas piston system it is not a DI rifle moving forward we have the front sight which has a little bar and spring that you pull up on it reminds me of the scar series of rifles pull that up and you can fold the sight down out of the way obviously setting the rifle up for use with red dot sights or even magnified optics or night-vision d balls things such as that the aluminum rail here in the front now it does have the t slots for the 1913 rail permanently molded into the aluminum handguard and the same is true on the bottom however on the sides you’ll see screw holes where you can add or remove additional rail sections we have two short rail sections already mounted to the handguard up here in the front on the bottom side you’ll notice this curved polymer piece you can actually move this polymer piece forward and back and use it as a hand rest or you can completely take it off the right of the rifle leaving a full 1913 rail on the underside so you can put vertical foreign grips and things like that as well on the gun one thing I’ve noticed is this that when you have this all the way to the rear you can’t hinge the upper and lower apart when you’re field stripping it you do need to move this forward so that when you pop this rear pin you can actually hinge the two parts apart moving out here does have a bayonet lug on the end of the barrel and then just a standard flash hider out on the end of the barrel itself the rifle fires from a 20 round polymer magazine so you can see through it it’s somewhat translucent and the fire controls are very similar to the ar-15 or AR 10 the magazine release is right here by my index finger but also on the opposite side of the rifle you’ll find that you have a magazine release here as well and then here is your bolt release right here it’s a paddle very similar to the ar-15 or AR 10 now there is not a bolt release on the right-hand side of the rifle so it’s only on the left-hand side however the fire controls and the magazine release are available on both side the gun it’s also interesting to note that the Turks retained the forward assist capabilities of the rifle and here’s one thing that I found to be a bit unique about the firearm it has a t-handle charging handle system like the ar-15 but you’ll notice the locking mechanism is actually on the right hand side versus the left hand side so if you go to charge the rifle like this you can’t do it because you can’t unlock the t-handle you have to pinch it and engage it from right-hand side to be able to drill them draw the bolt and carrier to the rear let’s take a look inside the rifle and see what it looks like that is really really sweet smooth that trigger is amazing and that’s at the site when you use when you really line up both circles yep and it is really fine front post I mean that sucker can shoot you take those two circles make them concentric and and that front post is right on the field strip the MPT first we want to make sure that the weapons clear we’re going to drop the magazine out pull the bolt to the rear look inside all clear now as I mentioned previously with this forward polymer piece set all the way to the rear if I pop this rear takedown pin out the rifle won’t open up so what I need to do is press here a little button and I can slide this forward slightly which gives me then enough room to hinge the gun open like you normally would an m4 style rifle to take the bolt and carrier group out just pull on the t-handle pull the bolt out pull the t-handle back until it hits its little notch work and drop out and then of course you can separate the upper and lower by pushing this pin here in the front and now you’ve broken the rifle down into its two independent pieces from what I can tell there’s no simple way to remove the gas piston system from the upper I’m gonna set this aside we’ll take a look inside the rifle you’ll notice it has a buffer assembly much like an m4 and what looks like a pretty much a standard m16 style trigger group including the auto sear that you see here three position selector you can see as it’s moving the auto sear back and forth alright so let’s take the bolt apart now this is a little bit different it looks like a standard AR 10 bolt but you’ll notice that it’s under spring pressure the spring that’s pushing it forward is the firing pin spring the tip of a bullet can be used to take it apart but I’m use a small screwdriver I’m going to push the takedown pin is right here across now I’m gonna put my finger here to capture the firing pin because it’s gonna want to shoot out of the the the carrier so when I push the pin out pull it and then I can release it slowly here and there’s the firing pin and spring the retaining pin actually goes to the rear of the firing pin which is slightly different than the m4 set that aside have the cam pin right here I can draw the cam pin out I don’t have to rotate it and draw the bolt out of the carrier you’ll notice looks very familiar to you if you’re used to the m16 here’s the face of the bolt the extractor that’s it alright to put this back together you simply reverse the process I hope you guys enjoy taking an exclusive first look at the new MPT 76 rifle I felt very fortunate to have the opportunity not only to closely examine this rifle but also to fire it while here in Turkey zenith firearms tells me that they hope to import this rifle in 2016 they’re making no promises though but they are looking into that possibility I can honestly say I hope to see this rifle on the US market I think it has a lot of potential and a lot of interesting features if you guys have any question about anything you’ve seen this video you can ask those questions on our Facebook page you can find us on facebook at forward slash military arms also please come by and check out copper custom comm which is our online store if you’d like to support the military arms channel that’s the best possible way to support us shop at our store thanks again for watching everybody we’ll talk to you guys soon [Music] [Applause] [Music]

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  2. Another clone of the m 16.Not interesting.Probably after *fighting terrorists* in the warehouse has accumulated a lot of parts,and not to throw away,decided to make a clone.

  3. Bu tüfeğin Alman hk 416 nın klonu olduğunu, Heckler&Koch firmasının şikayetçi olması üzerine üretiminin durdurulduğunu biliyor muydunuz?

  4. Bu adam bu silahı nereden buldu.Sadece Türk Silahlı kuvvetlerinde olması gerekirdi.Elin Amerikalısı bizim silahı çoktan ele geçirmiş bir de anlatıyor.Bu silahın planlarını Amerikanın köpeği Fetocular alıp amerikaya mı verdi acebine.Yakında bizim silahı Amerikalılar yapar şaşırmam.

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  6. This rifle has been designed and built by turks these people have built it with love for rheir country to it is based on hk416 hk417 n others but its a perfect rifle.

  7. MPT 76 Türk silahıdır ve dünyanın en iyi silahıdır şimdi mallar şeyder “KaRdEşiM TürK ler YapAmaz”falan der ama mpt76 natonun 60 testinden 60 ınında başarılı yani üstün başarı olarak geçmiştir şimdi mallar bide şey der “kaRdeşİm m16 falAn daha İyi “ gidin araştırın m16 mı mpt 76 mı

  8. Look Good for kill innocent children and disarmed civilian like Turkish army successful know,Turk always copy Germany gun and thanks allah for it,the Chinese of the Mediterranean Sea

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  10. Love that handgaurd up against the mag well, saw some images of a soldier with one and had the handgaurd further forward on the rifle. Would love something like that aftermarket to throw on an ar.

  11. Kenapa indon dan malay tak beli sejata buatan turki…kalau beli kan bagus…turki negara islam terkuat di dunia..boleh naikkan ekonomi negara islam…

  12. Looks like a cheaper copy of the HK417. Turkey was allowed to build the HK416 under license as "Mehmetçik-1", so no wonder that this one is very close to the German original.

  13. Hic de sasirmadim Türkler herseyi yapabilir Allahin yardimiyla. Bize simdiye kadar yasakti bi tüm silah üretmesi. Simdi Türkiye ayaklaniyor Yeni Osmanli doguyor. Allah yolumuzu acik tutsun. Amin.

  14. Hey Military Arms Channel – Turkey is a Russian Ally now, supporter of Iran and ISIS. It is Anti-American to be promoting any arms from Turkey. What is wrong with you guys?

  15. This is made in our city Kirikkale unlike USA we cant just buy weapons from gunstores but i really like the Turkish flag detail on it this weapon proofs to me our people are really good at crafting stuff most impresive imo

  16. What turkey did was not beat the m4 scar or the hk416
    But they managed to equip special forces on more tight budgets with a hard hitting well build i assume cost effective tool

  17. Wikipedia says "
    based on the system of the American AR-15 rifle, expanded by components of the HK417 ". taking over other technic is simple, but doing new's….

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