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Shooting the Sjogren Inertial Shotgun

Shooting the Sjögren Shotgun I had limited time to film when I did this, and figured I would record the history and disassembly after the shooting. But I ran out of time and didn’t get to that part. So today we have just shooting of the Sjögren inertially locked shotgun. I will follow up with the history and mechanics when I have access to one again! Now before we go out to the range to do some
shooting, I should also point out that these are actually takedown guns to make them nice and easy
to transport. So we’ll start at the end of the magazine. Now this one is slightly damaged. So you’re
supposed to be able to rotate the magazine tube so that this little cutout sits in
front of that spring-loaded plunger, then the plunger comes out, and that
prevents this from rotating when you’re shooting. In our case the thread is a little bit damaged.
So to disassemble these for takedown, what you do is rotate the magazine tube
back to here, and then it comes out slightly. It’s held in place captive by this screw. Pull that out, and then you rotate the barrel just slightly clockwise, and it comes off. And as usual with takedown guns, what’s doing
this is a set of interrupted threads here on the barrel, with the magazine tube then extending into the receiver as well. And you can see there’s a set of interrupted
threads for the magazine tube as well. There’s the front end of the receiver where they lock in place. Well, like I said, this is a shotgun I’ve been
wanting to get a chance to try for a very long time because it is just so aesthetically and
mechanically unusual and interesting looking. So I actually have my chance now, so drop one
shell into the action there and then pop the button. Close that. We’ll put a couple
of them in the magazine tube. Yeah, we can put three in there. Alright, here we go. There we go. This is actually a
pretty pleasant gun to shoot. It’s got this really cool feeling to
the recoil where it’s this very long… You can definitely feel the fact that the
bolt comes all the way back and stops, and then kind of hangs out there for a while
and you can clearly see that in the high-speed. And then decides to close when it’s ready.
You can feel that when you’re shooting. I think I only have one round on me, I’ll be right back. More ammo and a different shooting angle. Yeah, I rather like this. I definitely
need to find one of these for myself. Turns out so far, in order to find this one I
had to come all the way out to Scandinavia, to Sweden specifically, to shoot this.
So hopefully you guys enjoyed the footage. If you enjoy seeing this sort of thing online,
please do consider checking out my Patreon page. It is support from viewers like you at a
buck a month that makes it possible for me to travel to Sweden to find a
Sjögren shotgun to show to you guys. Thanks for watching.

100 thoughts on “Shooting the Sjogren Inertial Shotgun

  1. How durable is the rail that supports the slide action, between the barrel and that other piece, when it fires?

  2. LOL, you can hear some Swedish in the background talking about what i believe to be durability.

    (Toleransen was the only word i heard.)

  3. I was surprised how relatively quiet the gun was. Most firearm videos, including yours have a more substantial report that is heard in the audio. Is there something about this particular shot gun that leads to it being more quiet in terms of the report than others?

  4. Hearing it was crazy it almost made no sound which i was not expecting at all it sounded like a silenced video game weapon

  5. No offense to Sweden and it looks like a great shotgun. But it just looks like a semi-auto shotgun without a dust cover. Or am I off base?

  6. UK gun laws damn you!…. Other than the fact the UK is full of idiots so maybe it’s safe there are really strict gun laws

  7. Ok now I understand why the French equipped their trench raid troops with these every so often. They are damn quick firing guns with manageable recoil ta boot. I wonder what the mag tube capacity is? Or if they used one’s with shorter barrels

  8. I have a shotgun question for you. I walked into a gun shop in California. A man had brought in a large single shot shotgun asking for the right ammo for it. The owner of the shop could not help him as he didnt know what gauge the gun used. The story the man as telling was that this shotgun was from Nazi Germany brought into the states by a former Japanese citzen. My question is what ammo would a truely large shotgun like that ine. With a barrel you could almost put two finger in use. Would such ammo still be made?

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