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Shooting the H&K MP5K Operational Briefcase

Hi guys, thanks for tuning in to another
video on I’m Ian McCollum, and I am out here at Trijicon’s shooting range in Virginia taking a look at briefcases. So, some of you are going to already notice that there’s a trigger on that briefcase, and yes, these are the infamous (or famous), MP5K briefcase guns. Now this is actually the first model that they did, and you can see there’s a hole there for your muzzle. And on the back there’s a big open hole. Because the idea with this one, where the modern
(well, more modern) version has a trigger mechanism built into the handle, this thing just
had this … like open T-slot in the back. And by the way when it was new it wasn’t folded
open like this, this one’s been used extensively. And you’d carry this around with an MP5K
built into it, and when you needed to use the gun, you stuck your hand in there,
grabbed the pistol grip and fired, like so. You could then get access to the gun by opening
all four of these classy little brass clamps, and then the whole top half of the briefcase comes out
with your scope mount type clamp here holding the gun, little metal bracket here with a muzzle shute. Once you’ve
got it out like this, then you can hold the gun like this, sort of aim it, at least at very close ranges.
These things were actually developed by HK, sold by HK, and they were intended for
diplomatic protection, VIP protection. That sort of use where you might actually
have to shoot someone at very close range under very immediate circumstances to protect an asset, and couldn’t be seen carrying around a submachine gun. So what’s the alternative? You need some way to
hide it. Now HK introduced the MP5K, the really short covert version of the MP5, in 1978 or ’79 I believe. The very
late ’70s, and then they introduced this guy in the mid ’80s. This is the modern incarnation of the
briefcase gun. It is an MP5K, no stock, there is a trigger mechanism here which
has a linkage going down to the trigger, there’s a little safety, right there. This … has a 15 round mag in it right now,
but it can actually fit a 30 round magazine in here. You have to set the trigger to either semi
or full-auto before you close the briefcase, because once it’s closed up you have
no way to change that from the outside. A cleaning kit and a spare magazine here in the
case. And we have a firing hole in the front. So, you can walk around with this
and not look particularly conspicuous. And if you need to shoot someone at very close range,
you have a full-on full-auto submachine gun on you. Now a lot of people think that,
you know, you’d shoot this like this. That’s not actually how this is supposed to be
used because of basically the same principle as the broom-handle Mausers used in
China in full-auto. The idea that you hold it sideways, so that when you pull the trigger
the recoil swings it around and you get this arc of fire. Well, that’s what’s gonna happen to this guy
if you fire it when you’re holding it like this. The first shot is going to go out,
and it’s gonna start doing this. And … your rounds are gonna immediately start
going low and you’re going to spray the ground. The way that this is intended to be used
is you pick it up, hold it against your body, and you can actually use your core, your torso,
as an index for accurately shooting this thing. We’re gonna go ahead and give that
a try and see how well it works. Alright, so loading procedure for this: you have
to be really careful with this thing because this is a little wonky to treat like a gun, and
you have to treat it like a gun. Once it’s loaded, whichever way you point this briefcase, that’s a hot muzzle.
So what we’re going to do is we’re going to start by locking the bolt open, got a 30 round magazine
here. This will just barely fit a 30 rounder. Then I’m going to close the bolt, then I pick whether I want to
have this thing on semi-auto or full-auto. Full-auto naturally. Now this thing is totally hot and that’s
a live trigger. So we’re gonna go ahead and close it up. And now we’re ready for some shooting. Alright. So key to this, spread your
legs, get your weight nicely balanced. There’s not a whole lot of recoil from it because you’ve
got a whole briefcase and your whole body bracing it. Probably the most important thing is to be aware of
elevation, because it’s really easy to hold this pointing up and not really notice that you’re doing it, and sail rounds
over your target. So, hold it dead on, disengage the safety. That can actually be pretty darn effective.
Now on a paper target like this I have a really good visibility to
exactly where my rounds are hitting. If I was actually doing VIP protection and having to shoot
a person, you don’t quite get nice visible holes like that. However, apparently they did actually potentially use tracers
with this, such that you could see where they were going. I can probably shift fire and… This thing is really cool. And once you do shooting, you
can hear the empty brass rattling around in the case. People are gonna ask if that causes malfunctions. In
theory it can, there is a little deflector built into the mount, and of course, you can only fire
30 rounds, cause it’s empty. There’s no way to reload it without opening it up, so you don’t really have to have to worry about what
happens when the briefcase becomes totally full of brass. This is the sort of thing that once 30 rounds
are empty, your gunfight’s probably over, and if not, you’re gonna switch to a handgun which
you almost certainly also are carrying. That’s just really cool. Alright, open that up, nice little
waft of smoke out of there. Now to clear this thing, we’re going to start by
putting it on safe, we’ll then pull the mag, mag is empty, lock the bolt open, like so. And now the last
issue you have is you can’t see the ejection port, which means you can’t actually visually
confirm that the chamber is empty. With a gun like this, who knows? Maybe it
jammed up and there’s a live round in the chamber. So what you have to do is actually
stick your finger in the mag well and dexterously (ooh, that’s got a little bit warm),
feel to make sure that the chamber is empty. This one is, so it’s all safe, and we’re good to go.
We can go ahead and dump … all the brass out. Well, I have to say, this is one of the coolest, most
unusual and interesting guns I’ve gotten a chance to fire. These things are not exactly unknown,
they’re far from it. In fact, they’re kind of… I suppose HK probably prefers they were still a
hush-hush quiet secret but, far from it, they’ve been in a bunch of movies and video
games, and they’re well known on the internet. But not a whole lot of people have
actually had the chance to fire them. So it was very cool to be able to do that.
Hopefully you guys enjoyed seeing how this thing is supposed to be used,
and how effective it actually can be. Big thanks to HK for letting me bring this thing out to
do some shooting, and also to Trijicon for letting us shoot hand-luggage on their cool range here in
Virginia. I hope you guys enjoyed the video. Thanks for watching.

100 thoughts on “Shooting the H&K MP5K Operational Briefcase

  1. And here I was thinking I was so cool because mom and dad bought me the James Bond briefcase for Christmas way back in the ''60's……..

  2. this could be done even better have the barrel capped by a ornamental button on both sides and a safety in the handle that keeps the trigger hidden and once the lever is shifted from safe the trigger springs out for firing making its totally concealed

  3. I'm just wondering if you know any situations in which this system was actually used to protect an asset?

  4. What about your sandwiches? Does it get hot in there and toast your cheese and tomato or are they still all soggy?

  5. In a world of compromise expect none! I love HK and I know what I want for Christmas! Hint it's going to be another HK

  6. Good day madame, 'tis me, Gun Jesus, your friendly submachinegun salesman. May I introduce you to these fine briefcases?

  7. Probably would feel less safe if my bodyguards were carrying that lmao. So once you closed it there is no safety on it right? You would have to walk around with a hot trigger the whole time?

  8. Circa 1964 a briefly popular toy was the Secret Sam Briefcase. It had a red button and shot plastic bullets. I had one.

  9. These cropped up from time to time in 90s flicks. The replacement killer has a scene of one of these being fired: the kicker is the case is being held normally while firing

  10. I made one in the 80's using a. 22lr Beretta.I used a solonoid with a 9 volt battery to activate the trigger.It worked every time.

  11. 5:10 you would get holes but they would be all leaky…and if you do per chance encounter a briefcase that has a built in laser pointer…quietly look for the nearest sturdy corner then….RUN AWAY!!!!!

  12. "Then I pick whether I want have this thing on semi-auto or full-auto …" Shrugs his shoulders. "Full-auto!" I've expected nothing else.

  13. This was my go to weapons system on patrol. Taliban fighters NEVER fire at men carrying briefcases because it’s in direct conflict with what is taught in the Quran. It explicitly says that men carrying briefcases or satchel purses are to never be fired upon or risk permanent banishment by Allah.

  14. That leather one is amazing
    If it had the trigger on the handle like the newer model it would be amazing
    A plastic briefcase would look pretty suspect
    But I think more of oss or mafia style assassinations with these briefcases, not for a political leader's protection detail, for bodyguards I think of a mini-Uzi, mp5k, mp7, mp9, jati-matic, mac10/11, usw, skorpion, stechkin APS or a concealed pistol or machine pistol like a vp70 or beretta 93r (both burst fire guns)
    While briefcase guns are kinda like pen guns, pistola pressins, belt buckle guns, ice picks, Fairbairn-Sykes and MK2 daggers, shoe knives, stiletto switchblades that open quietly, silenced pistols (especially .32, .380 & nagant revolvers, I also picture vz .27's) derringers, integrally suppressed snipers from a rooftop with subsonic ammo or even crossbows with scopes (always picture a compound, like the ones with the wheels on the limb) as assassination tools. All of these assassin tools i find pretty damn cool, can picture some guy in a suit with a concealable bullet/knife proof vest under his white shirt, sneaking up behind someone in a empty street, and stabbing him with a dagger and leaving it in his torso, or stabbing him through the head with a ice pick or bradawl. Or even close range shots with a silenced .32 or nagant revolver, emptying the whole mag into the head of the target. Proper Cold War spy style, or a oss agent or French resistance fighter taking out a Nazi collaborating politician during ww2, a guy who is a proper quisling.

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