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Shooting Stance [Proper Foundation for Self Defense Firing a Concealed Carry Handgun) | Episode #11

We’re back again today at the range
we’re looking at the fundamentals of good shooting and today we’re looking at
one of the most important fundamentals of good shooting. The stance. We’ve got
Sang Lee out again from RMSI. He is going to show us because he is super skilled the pistol what a good stance looks like. We’re also gonna look at what a bad stance looks like. The reason we’re going to do that is because I have
people tell us, Sang hears this, other instructors hear this constantly… ah it’s
not comfortable the stand how you’re telling me that I feel better like this
and that might work perfect if you’re trying to make one or two well-placed
shots on a target and are a bull’s-eye style shooting but remember that’s not
what we’re teaching you. carry a gun for self-defense so you
probably are going to have to fire that can rapidly in succession you want those
bullets to hit where you intend not to go up over target so saying is going to
show us what that stands looks like we’re going to start out just real quick
with with what the stance looks like I’m gonna break it down and then we’re going
to get into shooting saying go ahead shows include shooting stance because
you’re going on loaded and we’re gonna just press out and show our viewers what
that looks like. Now you notice Sang’s body is oriented towards a target you
guys see our downrange scenario here. Sang’s got his body in a forward canted position. He’s strong. He’s not limp. He’s not loose. He’s forward on his toes a
little bit you’ll hear instructors saying Nose-over-Toes. It’s an old adage
and make sense if you start to feel your nose going back over the center line
your body what happens is the round right up over the target see to be
cognizant of coming up on the balls of your feet that this section here and
literally leaning out forward. I’m also gonna point out just because this is a fundamental stuff. Every time you see Sang handle the gun is the same methodical
movements. Were not training to be a robot. We are training our subconscious brain
to replicate what we needed to do under duress. We don’t become super human when we get the adrenaline rushes. Shit goes down. So we program ourselves every time
around the range every time we are handling a firearm to do the same
repetitive motions the way we need them to happen in the real world. So we’re gonna show
you what we see a lot of students do. Use an incorrect stance. They do it for various reasons. It looks cool. It feels comfortable they
just don’t know but you’re gonna see here why we’re doing this. Bad
stance… let’s get five or six rounds See his body is angling back… Physics ladies and gentlemen. The gun is forcing him backwards instead of him forcing the gun forward. Simple simple physics. we’re
gonna switch over to the right target Sangs gonna lock into his good stance
and you’re gonna see him drive have a magazine or so into that target you
going to notice the group tighten up. The other thing I want you to notice here,
Sang likes to do a little bit of a bladed stance some guys like to be
forward on one foot depending on their their their hand dominance that’s
comfortable for Sang. Play with it. The main point here is we want to be strong we wanna be square the target and we want to be aggressively into the target.
Sang when your ready. Now speed it up and do it again. One more time… Need a Mag? You guys gotta remember everything about shooting is systems. You are not… You could have the best grip in the world. You could have the best trigger press in the world. You could have the best sight alignment in the world. But if you can’t stand and hold the gun none of it matters. You’ll get one shot
off and that’s it, because now your bodies moving. All of these things need
to be joined together and that’s what we really want you to start thinking about
it putting all of these these elements together this is the base this is the
foundation is where your your meat meets the earth So if you’re not thinking about this every time you pick a pistol up your short-changing yourself. I want you guys, next time your dry firing, not just willy-nilly point at something at
the wall… get up off your ass… and get in your good stance. it actually is not
extremely comfortable you’re up on the balls of your feet. It’s work. You’re not
training yourself for play. This isn’t paintball time. This isn’t video games. This is gunplay in
life-and-death scenarios. That what we’re training for. So train like you mean it. Put
yourself in a solid stance. Break a sweat and learn something. If you guys like these videos and your learning stuff. Let us know. If there is something you want to see that
we’re not doing, or you’d like us to do different, give us a call. We’ll think about it. We’ll see if we can put
something together for you. Carry trainer dot com. like us.

14 thoughts on “Shooting Stance [Proper Foundation for Self Defense Firing a Concealed Carry Handgun) | Episode #11

  1. If you're being attacked, you do not have time to get in a stance. You should be moving anyhow. Stance also should not be a focal point in a defensive situation.

  2. I always seem to break a sweat when I'm dry firing. It really is a workout trying to stay focused and practice what you need to do

  3. You're 100% right on. That's why I hate ranges that don't allow "rapid fire drills" or "double taps" Good thing the range I go to allows pretty much anything and i'm smack dab in the middle of liberal land lol

  4. I hear your voice but I see two guys with no facial hair… Where did you… Ooooh.

    Jokes aside thanks for the videos, unfortunately ranges aren't cheap here and I'm still trying to find out where I should go.

  5. Any suggestions to fix low hits at times. I feel like my sight is level but something has to be off. Isosceles stance. At aim I am saying grip, aim, squeeze. More focus on grip and squeeze.

  6. definitely gonna try his foot placement i was shooting with my right foot forward today. may have been an amateur move for a right handed shooter. great video.

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