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Shooting shotgun off the shoulder – Feb 2019

I got my Stoeger coach gun out. I got some
Remington Gun Club factory loads. I got some reloads with 14.9
grains of Red Dot and seven eight ounces of shot. Cowboy loads. I’m going to practice here shoots a little bit with the shotgun off the shoulder. I’ll take the coat
off but it’s 30 degrees actual out here and
about ten degrees wind chill so I won’t be long. I’ll try to shoot a few like this. Not very accurate. These are factory loads it should be a little
heavier. They were. The only problem I had was it kind of
beat up the back of my finger here a little bit. But as far as there’s no impact
on my shoulder at all other than the what was used for holding the gun out
and reacting to the recoil.

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