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Shooting Live 7.62x54R From A 12 gauge shotgun – Penetrator?

Hey guys Mattv2099 here and what I have is 7.62x54r 12 gauge slug This is a wax slug with a 7.62x54r in it this is a pretty powerful round. the 7.62×54 and this is a dangerous round I’m shooting out of my Mossberg 590a1 it has a heavy barrel What I noted with the 7.62×39 is it looks like these rounds the force is setting off the primer and these are exploding I don’t think they’re going super sonic And they’re actually pretty dang weak. this has a little more mass. the 7.62×39 was very low mass. this has more mass it’s not too much. I hope. I doubt it will obstruct the bore and kaboom The wax will act like a sabot and help it fly straight and true hit where I’m aiming. let’s get to it. I have a couple targets set up we’ll check the accuracy and then see if I can hit a couple reactive targets I actually didn’t film the first shot. Got it with the other cameras first thing you will notice is that you can chamber this round. that’s pretty cool. not that I’m not holding up here. Just in case the barrel explodes. Since I just shot one but didn’t film it I know that these are much better than the 7.62×39 wax slugs. I think the extra mass actually helps it get a little more velocity out of the barrel. better aiming. and better penetration. I think there is a hole in that door from the last shot. I’m going to aim better. I’m basically just holding the end of the buttstock.. I don’t want to be anywhere near the barrel. bulls eye. it penetrated our solid core door. wow. this is actually a legit and impressive round. put another one in there. We are going to smoke a pot. Got a 2 litre in a terra cotta pot. lets smoke it. That was weak. like I’m saying. it’s hard to aim when you only holding the butt stock. because I don’t want it to blow up in my hands. let’s take out that flour. there we go. we got the flour. the aim is on point with this round. this is really impressive. I’m going to have to make more of these. four wasn’t enough. lets check out the devastation we are going to see if we can recover any of the rounds and look at the devastation here. My first shot was right here. But I failed to turn the hero camera on. All the other cameras got it. So I’ll roll that footage right in. And then this shot is where I actually aimed and I bulls eyed it. I took a second to aim. that was pretty cool. lets see if we can recover a round. I can’t find any of the rounds. just note that they didn’t keyhole. they penetrated straight through. and they penetrated right into the earthen backstop. too deep for me to recover. So I’m super impressed by that round. I’m going to make some more. but note that if you are going to make some these are extremely dangerous and can blow up your gun. I’m using a heavy barrel gun. this is military grade gun. with a heavy barrel. so anyways I have a couple more of these custom crazy wacky loads within loads coming up. Thank you for watching!

99 thoughts on “Shooting Live 7.62x54R From A 12 gauge shotgun – Penetrator?

  1. You have to wonder why you really need any other gun when you can shoot all known rounds out of a shotgun πŸ™‚

  2. Now shoot these penetrators into some ballistics gel! The rim on the cartridge is sure to create a nice wound channel!

  3. I was impressed how accurate they were. Especially since a couple looked off center in the wax and we're done by hand. Operator level operation

  4. If you do make more rounds can you grab a bunch of phone books and slam one into it? I want to see what happens to the casing/bullet hopefully the phone books would stop it after a few.

  5. Make a slug from jb weld or some of that 5 minute steel epoxy then you could mold a steel rod in the middle and have penetrating slugs

  6. That was pretty nice, probably the most intrigue you got out me. Wish you could have found one the rounds though. Maybe facilitate something to make it happen next time. Do it with some rim fires and a rope! oh and a shittier shotgun.

  7. It would be nice to see a recovered projectile, maybe from ballistic gel. Oh, and maybe, just maybe, load it with a hollow-point version of the 7.62x54r.

  8. Awesome vid, probably got to it right before demo ranch thought it up πŸ™‚Β 

    I really like how easy it is to set off 22lr rounds (can put em in a straw and throw them) so maybe load a 22lr backwards in a low-powder loaded .223 brass? Might have to trim the brass for that.Β 

    Another idea: RHMB mixed tannerite. Β Know it wont set it of but I'm just curious.

  9. Definetley a MattV style video. Perhaps if you did this again but with some sort of ballistics behind it (10 lb gummy bear?)Β 

    Next video: 93 octane with rubbing alcohol and styrofoam. booooooom

  10. Something I would try, is take a spentΒ  54r casing. fill it with wax and #8 shot, and then wax cement that into the shotgun shell.

    Homemade slug?

  11. I might have to buy some ballistic gel for you, I've also made some with my buddies a few years ago, using gelatin packets and small amount of water, it doesn't have to be exactly the real thing but just to see the damage and catch the round

  12. i would like to see a firearm dunked in nacho cheese and then shot . possibly even a nacho cheese /wax slug πŸ™‚

  13. Try loading a centerfire cartridge maybe a .410 or 20g shotgun shell backwards with a bottle cork that has a hole in the end and a nail in the hole so when it hits the nail will act like a firing pin on the primer, maybe a shoot idea to take the shot/bullet out of the shell, and maybe fill it with something that looks cool when it blows up but would not hurt you if it came your way. or leave the shot in there but aim for a far away target or get behind cover.

  14. MattV2099 Ultra beast. Shooting a tactical heavy duty assault pump shotgun, firing a tactical 7.62x54R 12Ga assault slug through a Hollywood quality bulletproof door, massacring 2liters, planting pots, and baking flour.

    Ban tactical assault 7.62x54R 12Ga assault shotgun slugs, and save billions of babies from needless murder.

  15. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!UPDATED!!!!!!!!!!!ALERT!!!!! SOMETHING IS HAPPENING IN AMERICA!!!

  16. Hey bro, im missing the point here, does the bullet just fly off and smack the target whole or does it actually detonate the primer and fire the 7.62 projectile?

  17. Good video. I don't believe that is a Mossberg 590? It lacks the full length magazine and bayonet mount. Mossberg 500 with Magpul furniture.

  18. GS Custom Bullets designed a .312 with a BC of 0.607. 186gr solid copper hollow point made for long range hunting.

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  19. I can't find any of this ammo anywhere here. times are hard for mosin guys here. I found a hole in the Β wall gun shop that had 5 boxes. bought all 5 and haven't seen any since

  20. Does the primer from the 7.62 actually go off? If so, how? And also, doesn't the 7.62 casing also become a projectile? I am confused, I am new to guns and trying to figure it out! Thanks matt, cool video bro.

  21. β–‘β–‘β–‘β–‘β–‘β–‘β–‘β–β–ˆβ–€β–ˆβ–„β–‘β–‘β–‘β–‘β–‘β–‘β–‘β–‘β–‘β–‘β–„β–ˆβ–€β–ˆβ–ŒΒ 
    Much gun

  22. ok now this is just stupid and a waste of a great round! it would penetrate A LOT BETTER if you fired it out of a rifle…

  23. Can you do a video with Barret cartridge ,50 BMG? Just throw them in campfire (tracers, Incendiary), that would be cool, man!

  24. If you cut the wad to sit the primer on the powder then put wad around the the bullet to seal it will the heat then make the cartridge fire

  25. Here is a company that offers a selection of 12 Gauge BP Pistols, both modern and historical replicas, one even is a modern break open action 12 Gauge pistol, with a 6 inch double barrel, says order directly and ships right to your door in most States, no FFL.

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