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Shooting Live 7.62x39mm From A 12 Gauge Shotgun

Hey guys, Mattv2099 here. And what I have here are 7.62x39mm 12 gauge. 762×12 gauge. what I have done here is created a wax slug with a 7.62×39 round in there. I started thinking about these rounds about a month ago. And I spoke with Jeff over at Taofledermaus on Youtube and he did the 556 out of a shotgun shell recently. Go check out that video. I’ll link the video in the description. That turned out pretty cool. so I finally got around to making these. I waxed them in. he uses silly putty. Which works really well but I wanted to try wax because it will maybe get higher velocity. maybe fly straighter. we are going to find out. I don’t know. We are going to test the effectiveness. we have a couple targets. we are going to see if they go through my solid core door see if they fly straight. Lets just se if we can even hit my targets. first of all lets see if they can even fit in my mossberg 590a1. I’m rocking a mossberg 590a1 here. with magpul furniture. It’s quite a nice gun. It’s not the best 590. It’s got an 18″ barrel with a 16″ magazine tube. I’d prefer a 20 inch barrel with 20 inch magazine tube. But when I bought this it was only 400$. That’s an incredible good deal. for a 590a1. Incredible. I wish I would have three or four of them. let’s see if they’ll even fit in the chamber. holy cow. they fit! wow. alright lets shoot them. with our first shot we are going to go for the gold and see if we can even hit our target over there. our bulls eye on the snake hound target safety off. I didn’t aim long but dang that’s close OK on inspection that round did not go super sonic. and it hit the solid core door and obliterated into smithereens. I’ll search for the round later to see what happened. number two. let’s take out the flour. totally missed. i don’t know where that went. totally missed. let’s see if we can smoke that flour pot I’ve got a 2 litre of soda in a flower pot let’ssmoke it very nice. at least this round is good at smoking flower pots I have one last round. we are going to see if we can get redemption on the flour. I don’t understand why I didn’t hit it. no idea where the round went. It went right. OK. I was able to recover one of the 7.62×39’s. it almost looks like the round exploded I bet the force set the primer off causes it to explode while it’s shooting. the rounds were sufficient at about 25 feet to hit a flower pot. however I was unable hit the flour. I grazed it on the right and I was aiming dead center about here. now the first round. this was the coolest part. this is a solid core door. very sturdy door. very heavy. and the round just hit it and bounced off I don’t even know where the pieces went. OK dudes what I have here is a century arms AKMS. Polish underfolder built on a Nodak reciever with a bakelite clip. this is the 7.62×39 we just shout out of a shotgun. this is the standard round for the ak47 rifle. this is a semi-automatic civilian legal AKMS. beautiful rifle. actually this was put together very well. snake hound machine flash hider. and what I just noticed is this magazine still has the stick in it that limits it to ten rounds so we have ten rounds in there. we will shoot them off real quick and show off this rifle. I don’t even know where I’m hitting. I’m hitting high thanks for watching. if you like the video do all the like, favorite, comment, share. all that stuff. it helps my channel it helps my videos get found. pretty much any channel that you like and you want to support them and help them grow just do those things. like comment or like and favorite, share. blah. and uh youtube will think those are decent videos. thanks for watching. I appreciate mattv2099 out

99 thoughts on “Shooting Live 7.62x39mm From A 12 Gauge Shotgun

  1. This is the 7.62×39 12 gauge wax shotgun slug. We take a handful of Tula 7.62x39mm cartridges and convert them to a combination wax / live ammo slug. Conceptualized as a 762×12 gauge wacky shotgun load we discover than this load actually has serious power, penetration and aiming capabilities. Despite all of this, the round is very dangerous and should not be built by novices or shot out of low grade equipment. Yo Dawg we put a bullet in yo bullet so you can shoot while you shoot. The title of this video is: Shooting Live 7.62x39mm From A 12 Gauge Shotgun 

  2. Awesome bro! That's a hell of a pot smokin round. Nice.. Man that AK is sharp, very nice. Never shit an underfolder… They very uncomfortable?

  3. One of the most unique operations thus far. While your speed was very high, I kept thinking that perhaps your drag was also very high. I was wrong. It was a very low drag operation performed at high speed – impressive!

  4. Matt, consider putting the S & J Hardware mag tube extension on that 590a1. Makes capacity 7+1 while still keeping it short. I have the 20" and it rules but kinda wish I went the shorter 18.5 route. Very good tube extension

  5. I'm really surprised it went off at some point, crazy.

    I'd like to take this moment to once again mention how jelly I am of your spot to shoot.

  6. I have the polish akms I absolutely love it. I used to hate the little bit of play in the underfolder mechanism… But since I bought an ar15 it feels hella solid compared to the adjustable ar15 stock

  7. Matt killed bin laden with one of these rounds. The seal team story was just a cover. America keeps its best weapons secret. Matt once defeated Superman in arm wrestling, and he was taking it easy.

  8. That AK looks delicious. Always been a fan of wood furniture over polymer. But hey what gets hot quicker after a clipazine. Wood or polymer ?

  9. Dude you need to hook up some 2000 fps slow so we can see what that 7.62 round is doing as it exits the muzzle.
    P.S. That Polish under-folder is sick! No pumpkin pie on that beauty k?

  10. U should start shooting ballistic gel buy gelatin powder at Walmart mix 16 packets in 8 cups of water. Heat it pop in the frige till it hardens then reheat and cool down and your done

  11. sometimes i wonder about the things you guys do. i like the odd ammos but some just seem a bit to weird (although still interesting) and the food torture tests are interesting ways to see the reliability of a gun in a different way and in strange conditions (like when you are doing target practice at willy wonka's factory). but at the same time i wonder about the safety of some of the rounds and if they wear down the gun excessively. and as an end question. do you have a specific gun that you use for these ammo tests?

  12. Who put those limiting rods in the bakelite mags? Mine had them also, my best guess is the importer did it to make them importable or something. But I've never seen any other AK mags get that treatment. 

  13. Hey matt, do you know anything about the aftermarket Archangel stock for the mosin nagant? i want to get one for mine, but i have no idea if it's worth the money. I'd like a real operators advice before i waste 100+ dollars.

  14. cool video as always, what do you think of the polish akms? I've had one for several years and I think it's a great rifle.

  15. Two of my favorite rounds packed in to one 😀 Nasty bro! I still like the flashlight 12 gauge rounds the best though!!!

  16. Make a video where you bury an AK in your yard for a year. The follow up should be you digging it up and making it work. Use the cheapest AK variant you can find.

  17. try this !!!!!!!! shoot a round recover the brass casing fill the casing with lead shot and wax then then reload a hollow point bullet in the casing. then wax that into a shotgun shell. so when you fire the shotgun shell and the bullet wont go off and the round will have its full mass.

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