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Shooting Live 303 British Cartridge From A 12 Gauge Shotgun

OK dudes, Mattv2099 here and this is the next series of shooting weird live ammo out of a shotgun. with wax slugs. sax sabot. previously we did 7.62x54r which is pretty incredible I even ballistics tested it with ballistics gel check that out. I also did 1940 German Mauser ammo. super rare. collectible that was cool now we have 303 british. this is the lee enfield ammo I believe. and I have a few of these. probably shoot four and save one. for the collection. we’re going to see if they keyhole. if they can penetrate and if they’re accurate let’s do those tests the first test we are going going to check keyhole. we have a door at about 40 feet. with snake hound machine targets on there. I’m going to shoot at the polygon in the upper right. see if I can hit it and see if it keyholes. the other rounds were fairly accurate. let’s see if this one is too. I think it depends a lot on the weight distribution. and the rim. this one is rimmed. a lot of people speculated that the rim on the 7.62x54r was good because of the rim. we I can’t even tell where it hit to be honest I’m going to have to shoot another one. so it looks like it went right and also did not keyhole. I’m going to do that agian. the polygon in the lower right. didn’t go off. try agian again. I don’t know where it hit. it looked like it went right. so this round is going wild and to the right. it’s not hitting where I’m aiming. unlike the other ones. so let’s see if we can hit this book. I have a couple rounds left. that’s more important than hitting / smoking that 2 litre in that pot this is closer and probably easier to hit. primer not going off. kind of dangerous. alright, I hit my bullet trap. that’s kind of cool. one more let’s smoke that terra cotta pot unlikely that I can hit it. this round is oddly weighted yeah, totally missed the pot. let’s go check it out. the first one I was aiming at this polygon here. Ihit right there. it’s not a single hole. that looks like a 7.62×39 I think I hit there. the next one, I was aiming here and it went high and right that’s a weird hole I think that might be a 7.62×39 that’s the hole so we have our bullet trap right here. let’s extract the round and check it out. found a use for all these NRA magazines. that have been piling up over the years. so here is the round. it totally got devestated. flattened out looks like it’s hitting then tumpling bullet goes straight in. then gets mangled. that’s pretty cool. I’ve done a few of these world war two ammo tests. check out the videos they are pretty cool. I have one or two more coming up. thank you for watching.

100 thoughts on “Shooting Live 303 British Cartridge From A 12 Gauge Shotgun

  1. I think it pushes the bullet in from "recoil" (the acceleration of the casing being too high for the crimp), not from hitting the target.

  2. Loving this series man, its such a body of techniques for investigating phenomena, acquiring new knowledge, or correcting and integrating previous knowledge using a method of inquiry which is commonly based on empirical or measurable evidence subject to specific principles of reasoning. LOL WEIRD ASS HOLE FOR SCIENCE

  3. Lol, this entire series is fucking hilarious. I'm surprised the 303 isn't tumbling and keyholing, I figured it would.

  4. Not sure if you've answered this question before, where did you get/how did you make that setup for loading wax slugs? At the moment I just set them on a tray when I fill them and always have to scrape wax off the side of the shell.

  5. i love your videos! But i was wondering. ive looked all around the internet and i couldnt find a "Small Shotgun Shell (IDK what caliber)" in AK. like putting a shotgun shell in ak it self and trying to shoot it. It might breake the Gun idk but it would be epic like seeing AK shooting an Shotgun shell! Idk maybe worth trying as a "Ultimate AK Test" 🙂 what do you think?

  6. A nice nod to the longest serving military cartridge. ( if you count reserve units ). I think I'll stick to using my old trusty Lee Enfield to shoot .303 rounds. Maybe next year I'll shoot 100 rounds through it for its 100th birthday.

  7. The m1 garand takes m2ball 30-06 today's 30-06 isn't true 30-06 and if u r going for the true thing it only 80¢ a shot @MattV2099: Guns & Food

  8. Suggestion for another "sabot" round … I know the entire round wont fit, but what about just the bullet from a .50 BMG in your wax Sabots? The balance might be a little more achievable if you putty the tip of a bullet into a loading block (the cheapy little plastic blocks that .45 ACP factory rounds are packaged with comes to mind) then lower the block down into the hot wax – then pop them out after it hardens. This way you can "aim" the rounds into the centers of your hot wax shells and hold them til it starts to set up.

  9. Duuuuddddeeeee. Make a 12 gauge shotgun shell that has another 12 gauge on the inside haha. But a bunch of .22s would be really cool. Actually like a little shotgun load

  10. Awesome as always! Idea, wax slug with a shit load of sewing needles in the wax. Sort of a tactical porcupine round. Also I would still love to see the tic tac wax slug mmmm minty fresh. Break yo self fool!

  11. Hi , I was unsher of what you were doing at first ,sin's you video came on randumly so ya I liked it alot ! sorry for my spelling .

  12. Try use a round where the bullet is crimped. Maybe all the weight will stay forward that way and it will act more like a dart.

  13. I say old chap, fantastic choice in calibre for the video, unmatched in its ability in the ministry of the removal of insurrectionist, tribals, and those bloody Huns.

  14. These remind me of Cave Johnson and the turrets from Portal.  "We fire the whole bullet, that's 65% more bullet per bullet! 

  15. So now the only question is can you fit a .50 BMG into one of these things? I think 12 gauges shells have an outward diameter of a bit over 18mm, but I dunno about the diameter of the inner space. Also, maybe some of the wax work fudged the primer, like something was handled a bit wrong? I imagine the wax process is a bit tricky to do completely safely.

  16. It's really cool to see you guys do these videos. That being said, you need to start trying to use rifling or some sort of a fan on those exotic shotgun projectiles. Basic ballistics is all you need to know, if you want to make something fly straight. Anytime you use anything with any length at all it's going to flyin A curved trajectory. Try some of those exotic shotgun rounds demolition ranch had in a rifled slug barrel.

  17. I can't not click on your videos… I originally came here to suggest to another youtuber to play a game.

    Your videos are too good! XD

  18. Wait, 303 British still exists?

    I thought we all forgot about those days, when nations had their own damn bullets.

    In seriousness, what happened to 303? Why does nobody make rifles in it? It and 54r are the two cartridges that make me think "why did we abandon these?"

  19. Matt: STOP BEING AN IRRESPONSIBLE SCREWBALL! Stop showing bad examples, by firing inappropriate junk from various cartridges that are made their purpose! You're so hazardous and childish. What about firing your relatives' hearing aids form shotgun shells?! Maybe even tiny balloons filled with your own piss? You're a play baby!

  20. Hey Mathew: Are you a grown up of just a moron showing bad example. I've reloaded all kinds of ammunition for many years, but your a n irresponsible, OVER-GROWN "KID"!!!

  21. WHAT'S YOUR OBJECTIVE (purpose) for doing the irresponsible playing that you do? Why not put some of your own shit in a shot-shell ans show it splatter on a close target? Why not shoot some of the shit straight up in the air; while you're looking up???

  22. Ever hear of measuring the placement of your slug. looked like it was two hundred thou out of center. Most likely to your right when you put it in. Hence the right weave the projectile had.

  23. A waste of ammo please God everybody don't try this with this dumb ass is doing because it's not working until he lucky didn't blow up yet soon that's going to happen never put the wrong ammunition in the wrong gun warning!!! you can die why risk your life for something stupid unless you are stupid OAC ammunition because one everything flew with it the extractor didn't stay the whole entire bullet went with it

  24. Aside from shooting vintage ammo, there are a number of points worth considering. Very likely the .303 round is developing nothing like the full pressure which from memory is about 21PSI. This is way above what any shotgun of whatever gauge is rated to take! Without a rifled barrel, it is inevitable that with whatever velocity the bullet will develop it will keyhole. Overall, little practical use i might suggest except close-in and in extreme emergency!

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