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Shooting Guns in Warsaw [Kult America]

I’m in Praga Północ with Marek Kamiński
to shoot some scary guns. So Americans are said to be great shooters
and the truth is that I shot guns a lot when I was a kid, you know,
with my friends’ dads, whatever, but I haven’t shot a firearm in like
5 years so I think that Marek, who’s never shot a gun might be
as good, or even better than me. Let’s find out. You never shot a gun before? No, never. And do you think you’ll be good at shooting? I have no idea. No, I never shot an automatic
weapon before and that looks scary. I’m actually nervous. I’m actually really nervous about this one. I shot a .45 when I was a kid and that scared
the hell out of me because it was like kicking me back and I might wanna
try that again as an adult. One thing we have to point out –
this is probably the most iconic american assault riffle in the history – M4. It is all around the Vietnam war. Funny thing dude I don’t know
anything about guns like… I was into war movies so this is well known. This is most of the guns I shot were shotguns, my family actually owns a shotgun,
they bought it for my brother and I don’t shoot it because it’s all loud. I would love to try this. It’s such a strong thing, such a strong
theme in American culture to have a gun. I know it takes from the Constitution, right? Yes because it’s our right. That’s all. Originally the law was introduced
so that you can defend yourself from the abuse of government, right? Yeah, exactly. But in the age of drones and tanks and ballistic
weapons it doesn’t make any more sense. Doesn’t make any sense. How can I help you, god afternoon. Could we have some handgun and some
kind of semi automatic riffle, for example M4, that would be nice. M4 is for kids. I’ll show you the 16 one. For your own safety – a gun should
be always pointed in that direction. Do not ever cross your fingers
over here like they do it on TV, but as soon as you shoot the slide
will just break your finger. Put your hands like this, put your torso
to the front, close one eye. You have to look through this hole on that front sight,
you have to make sure these are on one line. Let’s see who shoots better. Me as a complete amatoure. It’s funny, he’s not even scared! I’m excited, actually. I’ve never hold a weapon like that. You also never had one pointed at your head. Weapons like that work in a completely different
context for you, being an American and me. For me it’s just an exotic gimmick
from the film, you know? That’s true. When you have a target, you should
shoot into this middle point. No headshots, no anything. He said that like if it ripples it’s dangerous. Yeah, so we are trying to avoid… Fantastic. Hold the gun close with your right hand, okay? With my right hand? Yes. Alright. I’m good. I’m done. C’mon! Be a man! This is f**ked! F**ck that. Now I’m scared! No, I don’t like that. That’s horrible. Not so bad. Let’s see how Marek does. God damn. You shoot like a boss! Left or right eye? Right one. So use right hand. As I told you, look through that hole,
aim at the center and shoot. Will it kick me? Absolutely not. Put the handle next to your cheek,
so you can see everything and point the gun at the center of the target. That’s my kind of gun! Tough guy. Every shell was coming to your face,
but you stay strong. When I go back to America
I’m buying this gun. I can see better further, so I couldn’t
see the close ring of the aiming mechanism. Nice. Nice. Alright, so are you, are you feeling in the
mood for something more automatic? Very important note – do not pull
the trigger for too long. Just pull it and quickly let it go. Will it hit me? No, it’s not gonna hit you, it will go up. That’s crazy, dude, he was not joking, that
gun is like an elevator, just… I was shooting like the gangbanger,
you know, just wherever. RIght, that one was okay. That one was good, it’s not too loud, you can control it more. Generally, you do not aim a shotgun. Marek, I’m gonna skip this one,
I don’t like the shotguns. Oh, he’s done, he’s done. Time for some surprises. Polish hunting rifle, named “Daniel”. Very simple, very nice to use. Something little more relaxed. Have fun! Is the shell gonna hit me? Oh my god! All I could see was fire! I thought it was some kind of pussy gun,
when he took it out, I was like “Okay! Soft ending”. Jesus Christ. I actually think Przemek should have
an opportunity to shoot that. Just so he can become a man, because… I wasn’t a man before then and now
I understand things differently. It doesn’t look like it,
but that is a hardcore gun. Alright, so I don’t really have a grand
conclusion – Marek shot awesome, I learned to like guns a little bit more today,
I guess if you could like guns. Like, comment, subscribe, all that. Peace!

81 thoughts on “Shooting Guns in Warsaw [Kult America]

  1. Rayan całkiem dobrze ci poszło 🙂

    Ale najlepszy ubaw miałam z tego jaka była twoja reakcja po polskiej broni :')

  2. I'm British and my abusive, nanny state government that wants to control me so I realise the need for civilizians to own firearms to protect themselves.

    By the way, what are gun laws like in Poland and is it true that you can obtain black powder guns really easily in Poland? If so, what are the requirements for one, how much do they cost and where can I get one? I want to move to Poland.

  3. Chętnie wybrał bym się na strzelnicę ale szkoda hajsu bo na nabój do kałacha to 2zł plus wynajem to kolejne

  4. This was filmed a while back but I thought it was worth a quick re-upload. Next weeks video will be really special so stay tuned! Also make sure you catch my podcast on

  5. It looks like you had fun shooting. Nothing beats a good day at the range, still better than a good day at real work. I'm in law enforcement and guns are not just my hobby, but my lifeline. You don't have to love them the way some do, but respect them and understand that there are no bad guns, they don't pull their own triggers, only people do. Some guns are more fun to shoot than others, but looks like you had a great variety to try there. My husband and I watch your videos, we have spoken about retirement moves and are considering Poland, but airfare to go visit is a bit pricey from the US. Maybe by next Christmas we'll have saved a nice little egg and can visit that wonderful country for a week or so. Thanks for the great videos, Ryan! Love from Texas, USA

  6. show me any war that has been won by only drones, tanks, planes. show me a war the has been won without men on the ground holding small arms and ill believe your retarded comment about the 2nd amendment "not making any sense". you dont win a war if you cant hold the ground and it takes men with guns to hold the ground.

  7. 1:46 – This is a fallacy so old I'm really getting tired of debunking it. A government fighting it's own people pretty much always loses. Guerrilla warfare is extremely hard to fight for conventional armies. They cannot chose time, place, or type of engagment, never. The army is demorzalied both from fighting their own citizens(a good portion will dessert), and from being at risk of attack AT ALL TIMES.

    Look at all the more or less recent examples. Iraq, Afganistan, Vietnam, and amny others. Conventional armies lose to well entranched native population. Stop spreading this myth.

  8. Yes, shooting a gun is soooo scary, but driving at 70MPH in the traffic where there is tons not qualified or crappy drivers and one swerve can end your life is perfectly fine.

    This video just made me lose some respect for you, buddy.

  9. Kilka tipów – strzelając pochylaj się do przodu, nogi w niewielkim rozkroku. W przypadku pistoletu dobrze jest obie stopy ustawić do przodu gdzie lewa stopa jest wystawiona delikatnie do przodu by nie stracic równowagi. Gdy strzelasz z karabinu oba łokcie trzymaj blisko reszty ciała, gdy strzelałeś z karabinu twój lewy łokieć uciekał na bok i to sie nazywa potocznie strzelanie na "motylka". Ogólnie dobry film. Cieszę się że przekonałeś się do strzelania. 😀


  11. 0:55 nie zgadzam się może i M4 jest i konieczna ale Markowi pomyliła się z M16 a to ona brała udział w Wietnamie

  12. I shot a gun one time, at a gun range near Atlanta,GA. I definitely want to do that again soon. I've never shot shotguns or automatics before.

  13. In the age of drones, tanks and ballistic missiles
    IT STILL MAKES SENSE for an armed populace.
    You know what we call an unarmed person? A slave.

  14. JustJes10 – AMEN!  Retired law enforcement here.  Used to the culture of carrying everywhere especially with lone terrorists lurking and mentally disturbed people being encouraged to act by internet / terrorists.  While many speak against 2nd Amend., I would still protect them with my firearm if their lives were threatened even though I don't believe in their ideology.I too would like to travel to Poland where my family is from and learn more first hand.  While I love my country here, I feel a heart string tug to Poland.  I admire your courage to take the plunge and "just do it" as you said and I take hope in the happiness I see in your face while you are there making these videos.  Please keep them coming.  Dziękuję  ~ Marek ~

  15. "hurr durr military composed of American citizens who voluntarily enlist are going to drone strike their own citizens therefore 2nd Amendmant is bunk." Nah, you'd have a civil war between government loyalists and an ex-military/civilian army, both using captured equipment.

  16. you full of shit… you not even real full of lies you say you know how to shoot and know nothing about guns ans shooting fake

  17. Hello Sir! I’m from Oregon. My wife is Polish and we stay at her parents place in the South West by the Czech border. We plan on moving there in a couple of years. My question to you is. Are there many Americans living there? I meet a lot of Canadians and a few Americans touring. But are there many of us Americans living there?

  18. I'm heading to Poland and I'm thinking of going there and have that experience so is it possible to hook me up with there website or the address so I can find where its located.

  19. When you get home I recommend buying an AR15. Buy a Colt AR15 or something along the lines of a quality AR if you can. If you don't want to spend a lot of money then Bushmaster, smith and wesson, srpingfield and ruger are all great guns between $600 and $1,000. Honestly in reality it's all marketing because the list of AR's I gave are all under $1,000 (aside from the colt) and will work, function and be just as accurate as an expensive AR, the differnce is how light they are, features and reliability when firing hundreds of rounds in a sitting through them. Most civilians anything Colt, Springfield Saint, smith and wesson M&P sport II, or Ruger 5.56 will all do perfectly fine. When you buy an expensive AR you are paying for features that are worthless for the average shooter. If you want you can build a PSA AR15 as well or whatever floats your boat is fine. Bearcreek or whatever the $400 AR's I hear are good also if It's just for the range or hunting and not to defend your life with.

  20. Let's get one thing straight, the Americans who own guns are the same guys flying the jets, drones, and driving the tanks. Our government doesn't have a snowball's chance in hell. I'm part Polish and grew up in a Polish neighborhood in the 1970s. We had many Polish immigrants too, Polish flags everywhere during the 70s and 80s when Poland started calling for independence from Russia. I always felt like we betrayed Poland by letting Russia take over.

  21. It doesn't make sense to own firearms now? Outnumbered and out armed Americans fought the most powerful military in the world and won. The Vietnamese fought the most military in the world (outnumbered and outclassed) and won. It's how you USE your right.

  22. Ya know guys .. those guys in pajamas in the middle East have done pretty good against drones, tanks, and Humvees with nothing more than guns from the 1940s and chemicals we all can find under our kitchen cabinets. But hey, let's give up our guns…. What could to wrong. Let's give up our guns to "literally Hitler" Donald trump haha.

  23. Why do you need a gun? Imagine how the Warsaw uprising would look like if most of the citizens were armed with guns instead of stick and stones!

  24. Considering everyone says the US lost a war in Afghanistan and Vietnam to people armed with not much more than rifles, I don't see why it "doesn't make any sense" in this day and age of drones and what not.

  25. i wonder if you think that the armed forces in america would turn on its own people. the same people arguing for gun rights are the same ones flying those drones and driving those tanks, you think that if they're told to go disarm their neighbors and families that they will listen? unless nancy polosi can figure out how to operate a tank, pretty sure we're just fine.

  26. If our guns are useless against Drones,Tanks, etc. Why is it that Government feels they must take them all from us? They constantly attack the 2nd Amendment because We Can Fight Another Civil War and Win. Don't take self defense as a joke and old news! Your country would be free and fear the deadly government as we do. We keep them in check and protect the rest of our rights with the 2nd. Government allows us to keep control of them for the mean time. They are trying to change that idea and reverse it on us.

  27. Yes, you CAN like guns. They're machines, no different than any other machine. People though… good people are much better to populate a country with.

  28. 1:45 ask the American military how they did in Vietnam, Afghanistan, and Iraq if you truly believe this.

  29. As the Soviets knew, in America "Behind every blade of grass there is a rifle". Europe has signs, we have guns.

  30. This has made me really hype. I'm travelling to Warsaw in 2 days and I'm going to PMShooter. I gotta try that KAR 98K.

  31. "doesnt make any sense with drones" yeah thats why we dont lose any soldiers overseas with all of our technology vs regular people with aks. if the us government tried to do that to its own citizens theyd face not only regular firepower, but americans are smart enough to build their own shit and there would be foreign backers supplying anyone who was willing to fight the US government. just like they do in other countries. so yeah, theyd have a decent chance with all the military and law enforcement that wouldn't be on board with stealing rights.

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