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Shooting from Your Pocket Inside a Jacket or Hoodie | Episode #33 (4K)

Pocket Shot One of the reasons people a J-Frame (Revolver)
or smaller handgun like this is it’s easy to conceal. I know a lot of dudes that carry a gun like
this in the coat pocket. Especially in winter time, it’s very easy. You’re out walking the dog or something. You’ve got sweets on and you’ve got nowhere
to carry. We are going to talk a little bit about deploying
a weapon like this from the inside of a pocket. This is not something you should be screwing
around with. This is something that is extremely dangerous. I’m not going to lie. You can start clothing on fire. You definitely have to have an acute understanding
of muzzle control. I’ve got this sucker loaded up with Super
Vel ammo. This is not some target load. This is Super Vel’s 90 grain. We are going to see what this looks like. So I’m in the pocket. Actually in my soft-sided holster. So I’m not carrying this thing loosely. Still inside a soft holster, right? So from this position, it would be pretty
easy for me to engage. I could engage a target out to some distance. I don’t think I’d have a problem just
point shooting. I could also engage in close if need be. From a retention stand point. This is also a scenario where I have… I am totally covert. Nobody knows I actually have this gun inside
of my pocket. Until I either decide to draw it, or fire
it. So here’s what something like that might
look like. Guys ready?… Ready. And from that position, you see what happens
to your clothing, to the bad guy. So, right here, from that position we got
a good impact. And this is why I’m telling you, you’ve
got to be careful. One of the main reasons, aside from blowing
you’re holster apart is, you need to pay attention to what you’re doing because you
might have a finger in front of that… and any type of a barrel obstruction can cause
a gun to actually explode. Especially when you’re dealing with carry
ammo. This guy is smoked out now. I’m not going to even play around with that. So we are going to show you now again, what
kind of damage you’re talking about with clothing, right? No joke. No joke indeed. One thing else I wanted to point out here,
this blast here, that’s just the concussion coming out of the sides of the cylinder. Where the cylinder and forcing cone meet. You always hear people tell you, don’t have
your fingers around the edge of the barrel. Or the edge of the cylinder rather, this is
why. Where that cylinder and forcing cone meet
on a revolver, there’s a lot of hot escaping gas right there. This is not leather. This is pretty durable material. And it just blew it to smithereens, just with
that concussion. Again, what we are talking about is, understanding
you’re body index and you’re ability to fire from inside of clothing. We’ll try this again now… We are going to look at that same scenario,
this time with a semi-auto. This is a big drawback for a semi-auto, having
to shoot inside of clothing because the reciprocation of the slide can cause the gun not to operate,
taking it out of battery… and take it out of the fight completely. So we’ve got the Walther PPS here. Got this loaded up with a 147 grain defensive
load. This is Winchester Ranger ammo actually, that
I’ve got in there. And… we are going to shoot from inside the
pocket. I’ll have to use my left pocket, so I’ll
have to shoot with my left hand instead of my right because I blew the right pocket apart
here. It’s a new kind of a… sport coat here. Check this out. So I found that to be pretty interesting. That gun… I want to see if you’re camera picked it
up, where that slide was moving. If it was completely inside of the jacket
each time it reciprocated. Or if it was happening to be popping out. It felt like it was all inside. So, between that heavy defensive round and
this Walther, the recoil spring rather, it kept the gun in battery. We went through the whole magazine. That was a 147 grain. Duty round from Winchester. I believe it was their Ranger STX. We were able to put those rounds into the
target. Indexing with our body. We had to shoot out of the pocket. It was an expedient type of a scenario… Where the gun was in a coat pocket. We had to deal with this situation in front
of us. Alright, we are going to look at this now
with a regular hoodie on. This is an expedient type of carry and deployment. Got that J-Frame loaded with the smoking hot,
Super Vel 90 grainers. This stuff is no joke. I’m not firing some target ammo. What I want you guys to understand is I am
totally aware of where the muzzle is doing this. You need to be so freaking careful, and do
not do this unless you’ve had training. I can’t say that enough. Does this not look like a normal body position
somebody could be in? With a Hoodie on? I think so. But what am I hiding here. Right? That said, what does that look like? From this type of a scenario, any type of
body posture where you would have to shoot up close, and personal. Let’s see what that looks like. Tell you what, Super Vel is no joke. We were able to put all five hits on target. I’ve destroyed a pretty decent shirt. More importantly, we are building… We are building a deeper understanding of
how we can deploy the weapons that we carry everyday. And that’s no joke. That was quick. It was fast. It was accurate. And downright deadly. There’s two to three hits right through
the spine of the subject. Is this something you want to have to do? No. Talk to anybody that’s done undercover work. Talk to anybody that done any job where they
are not able to carry openly, and, depending on the clothing that you have, this is a much
faster way to access a gun then for me to actually come out of a holster. That’s part of the thing we need to think
about. What is the most expedient way to deploy the
weapon. For me to have to clear a garment. Access the weapon and engage, vs. put my hand
on the trigger and engage. A lot to think about. Be careful. Get training. This is Mickey with Carry Trainer dot com. Thank you Super Vel for this amazing ammunition. It is super accurate. Super awesome and super powerful in a little
gun like that. Be well. So I want you to see this. I am going to very carefully… ha ha ha
[Bleep] I’m trying to get this thing to go in my pocket [Bleep] without pointing at
the zipper. See how long that was. Ready? Uh oh… Battery dead?

7 thoughts on “Shooting from Your Pocket Inside a Jacket or Hoodie | Episode #33 (4K)

  1. Can you not shoot a semi-auto handgun from within a holster due to slide reciprocation? Great, practical video!

  2. Thanks for the cool videos.  Many instructors say that pistols cannot be fired from a jacket pocket, because there is no room for the slide to move.  Although there are some unique safety concerns with carrying a pistol in a jacket pocket, you show evidence of what really happens.  The videos prove and disprove opinions.  The topics that Carty Trainer covers are unique, and the video production quality is some of the best.

  3. Also have to be careful to not press the slide too hard into the fabric, it could do a 'press-check' and disable the action. I watched a video about a cop who had his gun taken, and the perp pressed it so hard, it disengaged the trigger.

  4. Couldnt watch this with sound on because at work, but why did you put the revolver in the holster INSIDE the jacket pocket? Seems redundant and more likely to cause even worse inaccuracy than shooting from inside a pocket would already. Is it because of the gas pressure released from the cylinder as the bullet travels that gap into the barrel? In a confined space like a hoodie pocket is it possible for that to hurt you?

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