Shooting Bang Snaps Fireworks?? Do They Make Good Targets? – Target Test #1

hey there this is Kirsten Joy Weiss and
on today’s episode of the fun challenge and joy of shooting we are going to
explore whether pop its make a good target now I don’t know what you call
them I actually call these little guys snaps and they are mini fireworks
basically that you throw on the ground and they pop I don’t know whether
they’ll make a good target but I want to explore that with you they’re pretty small so at least we’ll
be challenging what do you say let’s give it a shot I don’t know if you can see it in this
camera down range because I can barely see it what I use is a clothespin to
capture a bundle of snap and the snaps each one is about the size of the head
of a 22 so it’s not gonna be an easy shot these sites are not the most
precise sites but I think we’re going to be surprised i’m pretty excited to see
if they snap let’s see what we can do now i’m not exactly sure where I’m sighted
in so i’m going to try to aim high first because I’d rather not put out another
clothespin bury it in the sand get bit by ants and all that stuff so let’s see if we can get it the first try Oh I aimed right on the target I wanted to aim
high and I think I just hit the clothespins at least we’re pretty close let’s go put another one up looks like
it hit low which my instincts are right i should have aimed high but i aimed on the
target because that is my instinct I guess my other instinct alright put
another one down range so you can get that one and i will aim high this time I
think it’s always exciting when you have cameras only a few inches from the
target so that’s another reason why I have to be a good shot that may have
just worked let’s go check it out oh yeah the important part is I didn’t shoot my
cameras so that’s a good day I’ve yet to do that but Murphy’s Law, ugh, now
we got the wind so i gotta compensate for that with this ultralight kinda gets
blown in the wind a little bit more but at least it’s not blowing my body with
the gun so it kind of compensates for itself oh snap! no pun intended This gun is so light just over-the-top the horizontals really
good but the verticals making me nervous because I don’t want to snap the clothes
pin trying to just make the top there’s some variation with this site so when
that happens you just have to trust and aim in the same direction and don’t chase
the bullet because it’s a probability game at that point oh that got it all right looks like
there’s some leftover let’s see if we can get the rest of them or at least one
more yeah well these certainly popped
look it looks like a little flower bouquet what do we give these snaps or pop its
or whatever you want to call them for a grade as a target overall i’m going to have to give these
pops a b+ because they’re challenging they’re easy to setup their cheap and
they’re not as reactive as an exploding target but they’re still pretty reactive so I
would definitely say to go and get some of these so sharp shots thanks for joining me I’m glad you’re
here and do me a favor share this video with somebody who loves shooting and who
you think will love shooting snaps maybe even in a competition against you who knows 1 v 1 maybe?
It would be a really good target for that as well because like I said these are
challenging so i’ll see you next time aim true and happy shooting ahh what is on my leg?? Those ants are going to be fed to my horned toad a for easy even though it’s E for easy
don’t take a spelling class from me next time we’ll explore some more targets or we’ll
have some trick shots or we’ll do some shooting games or we’ll look at a gun
because this is all about the fun challenge and joy of shootings so you
never know what’s gonna pop up no pun intended

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