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How’s it going guys my name is intraVRt
and welcome to jackass! This would have to be up there with one the dumbest
video ideas I’ve ever had but it just popped into my head I thought well let’s
try and shoot it! I think it’s really important to say though do not try this
at home there’s been a lot of consideration put in place regarding the
safety of doing these kinds of shoots and I just think it’s important to say
don’t mess around and stuff do not try to doing this stuff unless you are
completely qualified with all the safety measures in place. Now with that said let’s
shoot our Oculus Rift with a shotgun back at the dam where I shot the Skyrim
video check it out I’m trying to park up here in this bull this will not move hey
hey don’t get out of you it sounds kind of silly but that sounds
kind of silly shush you – he’s just chilling out the back there any moment
now come on chop Birds look who decided to get up hey Elvis Elvis what are you
doing you’re wrecking the shot Elvis don’t pee there thing’s got a publicly
to shoot and I feel terrific okay to shoot rocked I’ll be using a 410 shotgun
with 76 mils they’re not massive but plenty of kick for what I need them for the strap took a fair bit of buckshot
but I’m guess I missed the lenses because there’s just like no damage to
that this is one of the first pieces that flew off alright let’s go again three two one there is after taking a shotgun blast
from behind execution-style and you can see it’s done a fair bit of damage the
first shot I did didn’t actually do too much you just shut off this triangular
back plate that sits on the strappy and that’s pretty much all that happened but
you can see a bit of the buckshot it looks like the whole mass went straight
through this little pot here first and would you look at that it clips straight
back on but we can see there’s a can see there is one of the senses there
and on the back plate here you can see where that clips on to so there’s some
sort of QR code there to find the part perhaps it’s also to get a free game off
the oculus store I know if you can see it on the table here but there’s a
little speck ‘some of components and dust oh what’s that that’s a tiny little
screw that’s fallen out of him wow that is one tiny screw alright so the shot
came from here we go so the second shot you can see where the majority of the
Buckshot went straight through his right eye there and look at that one of the
eyes even stayed on and that’s just from our blue TAC no one ever buys new blue
TAC you just steal it from a poster or steal from somewhere else in the house
and that blue TAC meticulous I stole out of our office that had been there for
jeez it must been like 10 plus years but I made just steal enough to put both of
his eyes on and even with all the let’s plays and dropping a barstool on him and
a shotgun blast up something else’s fill out the blue TAC stayed on and blue TAC
isn’t sponsoring me but you got to give credit when it’s due those are some
decent results with 10 plus a year old blue tank ok we can see you can sort of
see this little cog here which is for the this slider here for the spacing is
completely gone but you can see the little cog there that slides the lenses
apart together don’t think it’s gonna work too well anymore sort of see the
shroud that goes around the lenses there is taking a shellacking this is a cone I
don’t really want to breathe any of this stuff in oh there’s one of the I guess
it’s a gasket or a shroud for the lens and that must be the screen there it
probably should be touching the stuff with my hands but if I ever get
mesothelioma you know why there’s oh looks like the backing plate
it’s like one of the main panels from the screen so that’s one of the pentile
OLEDs screens and i think it’s lost a few pixels I don’t think it’s 1080 by
1200 no more pretty crazy though house how thin it is and there goes through
there there’s actual glass part there it should be wearing gloves there you go
there’s one of the cogs it’s not causing much no more today as a coggan of gone
you see some of the chipset above there and be brutally honest they don’t really
know much about the anatomy of a rift it’s it’s kind of fortunate it didn’t
absolutely obliterate the whole thing so you can sort of see how it’s supposed to
be intact here is one of the lenses pretty thick it’s not glass it’s like
acrylic I believe or it’s been coated with something that doesn’t make it feel
like glass but oh yeah that’s not gonna work no more well there you go mates
that’s what happens when you shoot an oculus rift with a shotgun if you have
enjoyed the video make sure to strike the life of oh you might and give me a
thumbs up and yeah subscribe I won’t be doing any more stuff like this okay it
kind of for to shoot these every few months so yeah see in the next video
hooroo you


  1. 01:27 if you've just come here for the bada boom!… weirdo. 😂
    BTW This is the 'Behind the Scenes' of my 300 sub special. FULL VIDEO here:

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