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Shield Sights Pistol Red Dot – SHOT Show 2017!

This coverage of the 2017 SHOT Show on The
Gun Collective is brought to you by New Frontier Armory and Lehigh Defense. Be sure to click those links down in the description
to learn more. Jon Patton: Guys, we are with a company that
is becoming more and more prevalent in the US market. You may have seen one of their optics, it’s
bright red, on my multi-colored gun – it’s kinda ridiculous. But they’ve got a new one. This is Shield Sights and I’ve got James
with me and he’s going to talk about their new pistol mounted optic. James, how are you brother? James: Very well, man…thank you very much
for introducing me…hello, everybody. So this is the Shield RMS, the reflex mini-sight,
it’s an aluminum housing. It has a battery draw that allows you to take
the battery out without removing the optic from the product. It was some of the things that customers had
given back to us as feedback and we needed to put it into a new product. As you can see it’s a very modern looking
product. We’ve added very little weight by actually
putting it in aluminum, it’s only .61 of an ounce, I think. I mean there’s really really nothing to
worry about on top of a slide, no reciprocation issues or anything else. It’s incredibly durable and one of the things
we’re very proud about the product…the original, the J point that this is sort of
the derivative of and the next step up, has been a proven product for 20 years on top
of a pistol and was made for pistols originally. So we’re really happy with it. MSRP is about $400. There seems to be a good rush for it, everyone’s
really going for it. Glock are behind it, Smith are getting behind
it, everybody is really wanting to get it on top of their pistols. It’s a good product. Jon Patton: I think it’s really cool. I really really enjoy seeing more people get
into that market and push boundaries. That’s what we need. We need good competition and this is certainly
that. Now, what kind of mounting is this going to
take? James: Okay so this now is on the Glock MOS. The reason this works so well on the MOS is
we’ve designed our own plate which allows it to sink into the slide more. This gives you iron sight co-witness with
standard iron sights. So when you transition to red dot, which is
something that people find quite difficult because they either have to lift their head
or drop the gun, and they end up with this kinda gimble effect to their hand where they
lose the dot. So people go “I don’t like it, throw it
away, I want to go back to iron sights”…with this you get red dot straight away which means
it makes you a better shooter, then. You start to focus on the target instead of
the front sight and instantly you can start to see improvements in your shot times, in
your accuracy. For us, I think we’re about the only product
doing this at the moment – there is nothing else that goes as low into the slide. Glock has approved this mount, they’ve tested
it. They’ve approved the sight and their really
happy with it. All of the LE&M trainers and show guys are
right behind it, they love it themselves. You know that’s what we need, that’s what
we want. Jon Patton: That’s fantastic, man. So a super affordable, really high-quality,
new optic for your Glock pistols and everything else. We’re seeing these mounts on everything
so that’s very cool, I love seeing that. Thank you, James. James: Thank you, Jonathan. Jon Patton: Alright guys, again – of course,
check those links down in the description for New Frontier Armory and Lehigh Defense. They were great in helping us get to SHOT
Show 2017. And as always, thank you all for watching. We’ll see you soon.

50 thoughts on “Shield Sights Pistol Red Dot – SHOT Show 2017!

  1. If it is durable and co-witnesses with regular height sights I may give it a go. It will save money on not having to buy suppressor sights.

  2. Please do a legal brief about obamas shitty last order that banned lead ammo use on federal land or whatever it is.

  3. If it co-witnesses with my standard sights, then why not use my standard sights??!!  Having a co-witness DEFEATS the point of having a red dot!

  4. $400 is super affordable? WTF? I accept that these sights are good, but serious optics don't have to price themselves out of use for the regular Joe. As someone who hasn't used one but understands their value, I'd be hard pressed to find the motivation to spend $400 for a sight to seat onto a $500 pistol. That's the biggest hurdle these optics peeps have to jump; someone who can easily slap out $1100 for their better-than-yours autoloader will have no problem spreading the green for this optic, but the majority of us live in the $500 – $600 pistol neighborhood. If you want our business you have to price your optic under $300.

  5. To the people who complain about the price…When you spend the money on a Ferrari, you get a Ferrari. When you spend the money on a Honda Civic and expect a Ferrari…you are dumb.

  6. Why in sam hell would you review a product not available in the USA.? Also, their site is in pounds not dollars. What a total waste of 2:53

  7. I see somebody if not EVERYBODY beat me to it lol I normally have nothing but good to say about this channel and i love it! But…are you serious right now?? In what world is $400 for a red dot affordable!!??? I thought the gun collective was for the run of the meal shooter, maybe I was wrong….

  8. Hahaha no way I'm paying $400 for this. Are you kidding me? Can almost get a new M&P m2.0 for that price. I rather have more guns than optics.

  9. I would buy it because of what it is, but I'll stick with my viking tactical sights until this drops to around $100. I have plenty of play money, but $400 is rediculous.

  10. $400…. forget it. I paid that for my 9mm and I know for a fact that there are red-dot sights out there just as durable as these four to six hundred dollar sights with the same battery life.

    I also know there are those with great incomes that will talk down to me with comments like " How much is your life worth? " or " Why trust your loved ones life to some cheap Chinese rip-off? ". That is shit I've heard for years but then the ones saying it are rarely if ever in the places I have to be to work to make ends meet.

    I've had Bushnell TR-25's and Holo-Sight red dots riding my weapons for years with zero issues. The days of pricey optics are over for the common folk although if pointing out your Aimpoint makes you feel better or bigger then by all means go for it.

  11. $400.00 is just for the optic.If you want it to co-witness with your standard irons you need to buy the plate from Shield sights for an additional $80.00.Guess what.Its worth it.Awesome sight.Better then Trijicon and more affordable.Best sight out there

  12. OK, I'll take the bait…. The cost is WAY TOO HIGH for the average user. It is just a good business practice to grab your market share FIRST. Show a quality product really doesn't have to bankrupt shooters. I am not looking for the Ferrari (stupid argument), just a reasonably useful and fairly priced product. I would have one on every one of my many guns except for the price gouge that all of the sight manufacturers do. I remember that the dog that bites my hand as I feed them gets fed last, if at all. In closing, looks like a great product. A exorbitant price does not indicate quality, just greed (the cause of death for so many products). People testify as to quality. If I can't afford it I can't say anything good or bad. Now the one that I can afford will get the kudos.

  13. So much crying over the price…
    Look. Pistol red dots are still pretty new. The technology going into these things is expensive to make if you want something reliable. That's how it goes buddy. And guess what? The ONLY way things like these get more affordable in the future, is if people who have the discipline to save money buys it. That increases the demand, increases the funding to develop the products, increases competition, and drives prices down. Do you remember how expensive the first generation of I-Phone was? Now we have phones at 1/3 the price that do MORE. Why? Because people willing to spend the money bought into the smartphone market and drove the prices down.
    You can cry all you want about a $375 red dot. I don't like red dots on my pistol either. But don't bash people who pay for it because they are the ONLY ones who make it affordable for you "budget or bust" crowd in the future.

  14. Wow 4 bills for a 500 dollar gun, kinda expensive. I think you would be a better shot spending 400 on range fees and ammo

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