86 thoughts on “Shield 45 acp Handgun [ FULL REVIEW & TORTURE TEST ]

  1. I cringed a little bit when you tossed the pistol on the ground, but I understand what your trying to prove. Just purchased the Shield 45 and have not shot it yet. Appreciate your review, I feel good about this purchase.

  2. I had the same slide lock issues with my M&P Shield 45 ACP.  Had to send it back to S&W twice.  First time they replaced the magazines and the second time they replaced the slide lock with a newer design.  Everything works great now!

  3. Is it possible the slide isn't locking back because you might be holding the slide lock? I noticed I was doing that with compact handguns with my thumb. It doesn't take a lot of pressure to hold it down.

  4. slide has to be back when u insert mag and u have to hit slide release for it to lock back after final shot

  5. In the slow motion shots, you can see the business end of the frame flexing. Kind of scary to me. Is this common for these type of frames?

  6. Well I can say this is the first video I have seen you post and I just subscribed. Thanks for making it interesting!

  7. Shooting this left handed the mag would pop out on occassion. I believe it was due to middle finger hitting it under recoil. Shame you cant swap the mag release over as that would have solved the problem and I would have bought this over the 40 FDE 2.0 I bought instead

  8. Good info video,,well done. Brutal dirt test!! Will be my next purchase(have to save a little more lunch money)..weight loss program..lol Gotta ask ,what''s the left wrist band for,don't notice a watch? Maybe have one on other wrist also,,you could be "WONDER WOMAN"… blocking assailants bullits…lol

  9. My 9 mm shield had issues with the slide not locking back. Did better after cleaning with ballistol. Any issues with the mag not dropping? Waiting for my 45 version now.

  10. Why do people throw guns across the ground. I know it’s supposed to be a torcher test but I’d never do that to one of my guns!! I still want to shoot one of these guns. Hopefully I can find some time to get to the range after the holidays.

  11. Excellent video, very informative. Nice to see an honest no bs review by someone how knows what he's talking about. I have a .45 Shield and it's my EDC with Hornady Critical Duty ammo. This weapon is another winner from the Smith&Wesson stables. Oh yeah, I subscribed. Well done.

  12. I liked everything about mine except that grip. The texture rubbed me raw carrying it IWB for a day, and the overall shape of the grip wasn't comfortable. That said I got a great deal as apparently the .45's don't sell as good as the 9mm's. Hogue makes a great wrap around grip I picked up for about $8 and now the grip feels perfect.

  13. Need to take that one bake to the dealer, there is definitely an issue with it not looking back. I have never had that happen.

  14. The only grip i got about this is when you put the mag in and its hard to. Yes with the slide closed due to the tiny tolerances of this pistol it wont go in easily. I always put my mags in with the slide locked back, the same way you would if you had to do a reload in a real situation. The slide not locking back could be you hitting the slide lock with your thumb. Happens to me all the time.

  15. As for the hard pressure to seat the mag…. When you spend your first mag & reload, the slide is locked back & open and you feel no resistance. Just floats on up in there. Might not suggest carring 1 less round. Real world application it's a non-issue

  16. I own the shield in 40. Sometimes I wish I had the 9, when I have to buy range ammo for it. But when I'm out late at night in a bad part of town, I'm glad I have the 40. The 165g gold dots from Underwood hit hard. and when you have less than 10 rounds you got to make them count. I would feel the same way with some 230 grain rangerT in the shield 45. Which will probably be my next purchase. I own several M&P pistols, and I have never took one out of the box and didn't have it run a hundred percent. The only other pistol brand that has done that for me is Glock. I'm sure HK and Sigs are great pistols too I just haven't owned a lot of them

  17. Man, I don't baby my guns, but I would never intentionally treat any of my gun like that, especially my 45 Shield. But I'm glad you're willing to. 😉

  18. Simulate mag swap with open slide and see how easily the mag slides in.. You are fighting the slide with the top round in mag. Take the slide out of the equation.

  19. Wow that was a good review you took it threw the ringer and it still fired really good review thanks bud really was a big help

  20. I have owned about 6 M&P series pistols and the Ar15 Sport 2. have never had an issue with any of them and the Shield 45 is my current daily carry shoots smooth for a small 45

  21. Was your thumb possibly riding the slide stop, making the slide not lock back? Haven't had that with mine. Great review though.

  22. This is an amazing pistol. I have the performance center .45 variant. It is comfortable to carry, accurate, fun to shoot & very reliable. The trigger on the PC version has been factory tuned a bit & the barrel and slide are compensated / ported. In mid 2017 I paid $450 then got a $75 rebate from S&W. $375 was a steal for such an awesome pistol.

  23. They didnt want to cut deep into the slide so thats why they put it where they did on the slide on the thick part because its already scalloped.

  24. With larger hands I sometimes have the same problem even with the full size M&P. My hand prevents the slide lock.

  25. This is fantastic vid! And the slo mo of the fly was killer. This has to be one of the best gun reviews that I have ever watched. The gun gods will forgive you for that dirt test. The million dollar question is that with the mentioned ballistic capabilities of the 9mm – Is the .45 ACP necessary??? Sorry to beat a dead horse….

  26. Just found your channel man the review on that a Smith & Wesson 45 was awesome never see one where you throw in the gun down in the dirt like that but it was awesome

  27. Test is invalid u never put 7+1 in the gun to see how it will run or 6+1 like everyone will carry. But u dont know anything about guns

  28. You just earned yourself a subscriber.
    Man, I really appreciate the thorough review.
    I've NEVER seen someone throw their gun in the dirt on purpose.
    You had me rolling, too!
    Funny, but INFORMATIVE stuff.
    Thank you so much.
    This taught me a lot.

  29. I’m waiting for a 10mm shield maybe a 10 round mag . That flat gun would be the ultimate self defense handgun in 10mm. I’m sure Smith and Wesson is working on it .

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