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Sharps Rifle Co. XPB Bolt Carrier – #NotAReview!

It’s time for another NotAReview, the segment
where I take a product and give you guys a hands on spotlight. I’m your host, Jon Patton. In case you are wondering why you didn’t
see this in TGC News, thats because NotAReview has become its own show here on TGC! Now Let’s get to it. Today we’re taking a look at the Xtreme
Performance or XPB Bolt Carrier Group from Sharps Rifle Company. Upon first inspection there are a few things
that stand out about the XPB… first you have the kind of tapered/chamfered lugs on
bolt itself. Its essentially a Relia-bolt with the same
coating as the XPB. The other differences lie in the weight savings. Seeing this next to a standard BCG tells the
whole story. You can see weight reduction cuts on the rear,
on the sides as well as on the front portion of the BCG. They also heat treat these things to relieve
stress in the metal throughout. On top of all that, its coated with something
called DLC… or diamond like coating. The coating is intended to reduce friction..
much like many other coatings on the market. I’ve actually seen a bunch of companies
moving to this DLC stuff so I would bet that we will see more of it in the coming years. So what does all of this mean? To try and understand what makes the Sharps
XPB different, we had to start out with a basic ol’ Palmetto State Midlength Upper
… it shoots pretty good. Nothing too special but not bad either. Then we threw the XPB in there. Now while I will say there wasn’t a jaw
dropping difference… there was a difference. The gun seemed to run a bit more smooth. I suspect that has to do with the weight reduction
as well as the chamfered lugs on the bolt. I think the thing to note here is that subtlety
is the name of the game. If the BCG was drastically different, you
may have issues with the gun running well and that didn’t seem to be the case here. Now obviously to really find out what this
thing is truly made of, you would need to send thousands of rounds down range and run
it through a bunch more testing but I wanted to put this thing on your radar and give you
guys a closer look. If you want to learn more, you can head over
to and if you want to watch another NotAReview… check out this
one we did on the Magnetospeed V3 magnetic chronograph and as always, thanks for watching!

26 thoughts on “Sharps Rifle Co. XPB Bolt Carrier – #NotAReview!

  1. First! Also I forgot to mention the price in the video which is currently $164 on the Sharps site. :EDIT: It also appears that I misspoke about the carrier being lighter… the weight is balanced differently but not actually lighter.

  2. Pretty cheap right now. I'd personally wait to see if anyone has problems with there's before buying one.

  3. Would the DLC coating or nickel boron be better?
    Also does this bolt carrier have a standard M16 cut so it can be used with the fostech echo trigger?

  4. I would not change the weight of a standard M16 or AR 15 profiled carrier because you alter the dwell time.

  5. I have one of these! An excellent choice. Roughly 2,000 rounds through mine and not a single failure. No cleaning and no additional lubing

  6. I like how companies go out and try to reinvent the wheel. And try to sell you on it. There's no vetting process for this. The only two bcg's that are vetted with test data are M16 bcg's and the LMT enhanced.

  7. The price!! the price !!! WHAT IS THE PRICEEEEE????? i hate it when reviewers never mention the price, is it like a big national secret??? nooooooo, because we will always find out by researching the item.. its just a waist of my time because what ultimately determines if i purchase this item is my budget..

  8. I prefer my bolts to be made of unobtianium™, heat treated for a decade, quenched in liberal tears, then coated with adamantium™ before finally being polished to a mirror finish by Keedler elfs wearing gloves made of the ever so soft never calloused or exposed to harmful sunlight, palm skin of millennials.

  9. Just something I wonder. Why is everyone lightening the bolt carrier when L James Sullivan, the dude who created the AR-15 from the AR-10, found it was better to actually increase the weight of the bolt carrier for better performance and recoil?

  10. I wonder how (or if) all those lightening cuts would affect the rate of fire if used in an upper mounted to an M16 lower?

  11. You should shoot it in slow motion to get a better comparison between a standard BCG and this one. I'd be interested in speed of cycle and to see if there is any excessive rattling with those weight reduction cuts.

  12. False. The carrier is not lighter. The weight is just balanced differently. If the weight was different it would not run correctly if just dropped in. Please do better research man.

  13. interesting I was on the phone with them Aug 4 2017 we talked about the new factory in Florida it in operation an is producing 25/45 barrels an have sent a truck load out to be turned for profiling they have some old inventory of 375 H&H Magnum so a new bolt action is on the Horizon along with a new AR-10 308 I did share some of my research on a .375 cal on a .284 Winchester case for a AR-10 plate forum rifle we shall see

  14. DLC is someone's idea of a joke. Paying for something extra that you don't need like the DLC of video games.

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