100 thoughts on “Shapiro on students who disagree with calls for gun reform

  1. Legit conversation starter… why are some people (Republicans) so adamant on following rules that were established in 1789? Anyone who throws out this 2nd Amendment argument… you honestly think it’s smart to use laws and rules from 1789? Would love to hear your arguments and comments about why in 2018, we shouldn’t be figuring out new laws and rules that cater more to our society and mentality now in 2018, rather than applying laws to our current mentality and culture using laws from 1789.

  2. According to the left if you disagree with them you are a horrible person who doesn't care about the lives of children. They claim we don't care about mass shootings. I have a son and I wouldn't want him to live in a world where I have to worry about that but we already have a solution and that is armed security that is properly trained for these types of incidents. How come these shooting only happen in gun free zones? Tell me the last time a police station, airport, orc even a shooting range was shoot up. Maybe gun freev zones are what's making schools targets?

  3. There a lot bad parent not keep with there kids. You paid the school so the school responsible to keep you safe . Not my. Get butter security.

  4. So when is the last time the America Government used Tyranical means that forced the American People to Revolt violently?

  5. 0:56 lol we stopped the walkout in our school because we told the rest of the students it was a protest on guns, literally like nobody left class cuz were all hilbilly conservatives in that career center, at the time we actually thought it was anti-gun and nothing to do with victims

  6. Polls follow very closely that maxim brought to us by Samuel Clemens regarding such things. There are "… lies, damned lies and statistics.". Much depends on how you write the question, because how you write the question is determined by the outcome you want the poll to show. Neutral questions on a topic are about as easy to find as rocking horse poop. Questions which will elicit a predetermined response are how you tailor public opinion to fit your agenda.

  7. Why can’t we just keep guns away from hormonal teenagers and crazy people with a few classes and instructors for safety just like driving

  8. MARCH to Stop violent guns? Students blamed the gun controls? Are the students stupidest or smart? Why not marching to stop violent people and why marched to blame gun controls? Gun controls don’t have feelings , hands, and feet go there to kill people! The fact is violent people have bad feelings to kill students in Florida! These students are freaking CRAZY INSANE ! They are senseless. Please DO NOT sell any gun to those traumatized students because they are dumbest students! GO BACK HOME and SHUT The doors!!! Even if the gun controls were banned, how about monstrous killers will kidnap you young children, violent people use knifes, baseball, bricks to knock their heads, anything other objects as weapons to kill them, is that going to NRA or gun controls’ faults? They are clueless to blame gun controls for no reasons!

  9. I'd love to know what the Fox news coverage of the Civil Rights marches would have sounded like.
    F**** sickening, I'm sure.

  10. Hope those teachers and admins get fired.
    No excuse to take a 6th grade kid out of class for some political event.
    Hope they're all in the process of losing their jobs, how could anyone think it was OK to do that and not even tell their parents?? Thats insane.

  11. The Parkland thing seems way too much like Vegas for me to think this thing is entirely organic. It baffles me that the Sherriff hasn't taken a razor blade to the bath with him. This is his fault. Hom and whoever made the deal with the devil agreement not to prosecute young people so they would get millions in grants for ignoring dangerous signs and delinquency.

  12. Americans Rights Are More Important Than Your Right To Live.
    Because Of 2ND AMENDMENT Is That You Live!
    Live Free!
    Live Healthy!
    Live Free To Talk Shit!

  13. Shapiro is a retarded idiot. Here is a question for you. Does Christianity (or Judaism) make you a better person? Here is a way to test. Most of the UK population is non-religious (55%).
    Most Americans are Christians. Why is it that America's murder rate is more than 5 times the rate in the UK? Shapiro claims our health service is rubbish but it costs less than half as much as American health care. UK citizens live longer than Americans. UK citizens do not go bankrupt because of healthcare costs. The biggest single cause of bankruptcy in the US is medical expenses. Ben (idiot) Shapiro would tell you that cutting your throat would make you live longer and an awful lot of you dummies would believe it.

  14. It was muddy during our walkout and I didn't wanna mess up my Js. But my point is I still care about the kids and I don't need to walk to show consideration.

  15. There is is an Agenda to have massive shootings like this happen more often do the government can have full control. The constitstution was for the people but now the lefts mindset is power to the highest degree. The 2nd Amendment was for us citizens to be able to protect ourselves invade there was a government up rising . Sadly this will probably happen.

  16. I'm sorry mass shootings should never happen . But seems to me they just want to take away all the guns. Maybe start with those poorly trained police officer's that keep shooting people.

  17. Oh you want to ban all guns? Like gun free America? Like kinda how your school was gun free? Then someone who broke the law and most likely will break gun control laws came into your campus and picked people off like sitting ducks? Oh you want that now for all of America?

  18. I was forced to join the school walkout but I wouldn't comply due to differing beliefs on gun laws. So instead of letting me go on with my day I was suspended for 2 days. What a fucking time to be alive.

  19. US can spend 39 billion a year to support criminals that are in jail but when it comes for money for school security? There was so much more security when I was in midle, and high school than there is today, 90s-2001.

  20. Out of 30k gun violence in the states,a year, after suicide and gang on gang violence, actual violence that killed regular shmoe is about 12k and a huge part of that are hand guns. Now ask how many lives guns save per year and you get about 3 million, as per the CDC.

  21. All those kids are acting very emotional, which is totally understandable, but no wise decision can come from that, there should be some basicl laws and even psicological check ups for someone that wants to buy a gun; like if you want to buy a gun you have to bring a certificate from a doctor saying that you are mentally sane. Another thing instead of giving guns to the teachers is just put more policemen to patrol schools.

  22. It's ironic that you say the Democratics are using the publicity as a power play. Take it as you might, but you are doing the same thing. Taking an issue and using it as a platform to spread your own propaganda. I think it is age-ist and dehumanizing to make this about how the Democratics are trying to screen this tragedy. Listen to what the kids are saying! Some of them understand and are trying to be heard. It's sad that most of the people that get the light are the ones that fortify their message, however, I stand in compromise between both parties

  23. At my school we did a respect 17 minute walk to the 17 people that died it had nothing to do with this anti gun crap

  24. I am supportive of the adjustments on gun laws since I do not want mass shootings to continue to happen. However, no one should be forced to join the walkouts! That's not gonna help those students' case.

  25. I honestly would want my teacher to be packing heat. If a crazy bobby comes in with a gun, I want Mr. Smith to drop his ass.

  26. as a 17 year old high school senior i don’t see the reason for more gun control. Washington has passed a brutal gun control initiative that is absolutely unconstitutional regardless of how little crime is committed with a gun in this state. We have the highest amount of serial killers and i want to be protected by my 2nd amendment if i ever come across one.

  27. Are guns more important then a life? Yes because if guns are removed only criminals who break the law will own them and law abiding citizens will be left defenseless causing countless more deaths then if they kept gun rights

  28. There were times in school where I was the only kid in my class, it was kind of depressing to see our country come to this.

  29. The government don’t care about protecting us from school shooting, also it’s stupid to have teachers armed and trained with guns ready to defend us.

  30. Most of my class walked out. Probably 15 out of 25 left. The professor didn't address it and continued her lecture for the rest of us.

  31. Gun control isn't taking guns out of citizens hands but educating and training our youth and society on safety and proper use and etiquette thereof

  32. In California around a year ago someone was pushing for legislation that would ban gun ownership for 3 years if an individual were convicted of a DUI and 10 years if you had a second DUI…..An exception would be made if you were in law enforcement. Shouldn't law enforcement be held to a HIGHER standard than civilians ? They are the ones going to work each day with a sidearm.

  33. My school was threatened to be shot up TODAY! I still support assault rifles and I still support the second amendment. I have to go back to school tomorrow which is when the person said they were going to shoot it up. I will comment again I know it. SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED!!

  34. I stood up and held my hand over my heart, for the children that lost their lives, but I refused to walk out of the classroom because, I WILL NOT SUPPORT ANY, I MEAN ANY GUN CONTROL!!!

    100% PRO GUN!!!

  35. All of these conservatives saying having a contained second amendment is “chaining them up”. They are complaining about these kids not having an education when in fact the kids are smarter than them.

  36. it amazes me when he starts speaking wether on his side or not you have to admit hes very good at spitting out his views in a fast and well put together fashion

  37. This is so stupid. Banning guns is not only impractical and unconstitutional, it will not solve the problem

  38. I hate it when citizens hire people with illnesses or deformed bodies or some kind of disability to speak for them to get the attention of activists.

  39. So logically if were gonna say that removing someone wont stop people from getting it… apply it to abortion? Just cause you shut down the clinic doesnt mean woman wont go to illegal clinics or other ways to get rid of the baby

  40. The reason you go to school, the reason you can protest freely and express your opinion, the reason you live in democracy and the reason your country is a superpower is because of the thing you’re trying to ban.. get that in your thick minds.

  41. Is there ever a middle ground? Can we still protect the 2nd Amendment and get rid of automatic and semi automatic rifles from gun stores and making them illegal? Are there guns that can be used to protect you and your family that do not spray hundreds of bullets in a matter of minutes.
    And no, I don’t own a gun. I really am curious to know if a middle ground exists here. Because it seems like the left wants far left and right wants far right and those of us who are in the middle with some left leaning ideals and some right leaning ideals, have no solid political options… ever.

  42. If you can walk, walk! If you can brush your teeth, BRUSH YOUR TEETH, she isnt even talking about gun control😂

  43. Most students I taught welcome a professor having conceal carry to protect them! America is safer with armed citizens!

  44. I remember my textbooks and teachers being greatly agendized two decades ago , I can only imagine the strong agenda pushed on this generation….

  45. Shapiro has a sound perspective on most issues but on this one – the second amendment – he veers off the road and over a cliff – I have a right to personal safety that I believe trumps your right to carry a gun!

  46. I'm sorry I'm just a stupid European but can somebody explain to me why civilians should have the right to carry weapons with them? What is the point of having the police then? Doesn't make absolutely any sense to me, and what shapiro said about the fact that Americans should have the chance to carry a weapon in case of tyranny oH PLS DUDE SERIOUSLY? Do you all think that partisans during fascism had with them their own guns??

  47. Watch us get attacked by north Korea China, Iran or have a bad natural disaster or dare I say zombie apocalypse and they don’t have a gun to defend themselves.

  48. Liberals: Only the police should own guns
    One police officer: has a bad heart, kills all of Nevada with no resistance

  49. if you can speak please make sure you understand what coming out of your mouth and validate what you are saying by knowledge and facts

  50. I don’t choose sides but it’s pretty pathetic to bring down kids for wanting change. They’re trying. Why are y’all coming at this which such a nasty attitude?

  51. We need to put the blame where it belongs: at the feet of those who commit the mass shootings. Not the government, 2A, or legal firearm owners!

  52. I feel like in the future people will make laws and move on emotion instead of sitting down and having an educational talk about things the future won’t be the same so arm yourself now and practice gun safety for when these maniacs attack!

  53. What if we described gun ownership the way we describe abortion? I'm pro-life and pro-choice. Protect our rights by protecting our people.

  54. Yes kids my right to bear arms is more important than your feelings. Id rather have my gun and loses a few lives than not and everyone dies.

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