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[SFM] [Mini] Sniper’s Viaduct Venture

Sniping’s a good job mate! Sentry Going, Dispenser going up, Teleporter going up, Teleporter coming right up! Sniper! MEDIC! prepare for your examination

29 thoughts on “[SFM] [Mini] Sniper’s Viaduct Venture

  1. Man, that's some good SHIT!!!! You've really out-done Yourself this time my Friend! Keep up the good work, KianMcWolfy!

  2. No Problem, KianMcWolfy; and thanks for the ❤️ and the Like, I Appreciate it very much! Good luck on reaching up to 1,000+ Subscribers, my Friend! We're All routing for Ya!!!!

  3. I love these videos. Watching you constantly one-up yourself in the insanity and violence you make these characters exhibit never gets old.

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