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Seven Tips to Dry Fire with a Handgun – Gabby Franco (con subtitulos en Español)

Hi everyone, this is Gabby Franco, and today I am going to be talking about dry firing the truth is that dry firing is an important training tool to improve your our shooting skills However the vast
majority of shooters take it for granted they do the bare minimum and many just
skip dry firing all together Perhaps you are one of those people
who have no time to dry fire. I have to wake up early. I have to work out, take my children to school. Then go to work, I don’t have to get lunch. I have to take the kids to their sports I have to help my wife. I have to help my husband. And I get it. Trust me, I get it! I have a two-year-old, I am going back to college, I shoot competitively. So, time is very difficult sometimes to manage and put everything in one day. But, let me give you the good news and that is: you don’t ‘t have to dry fire for hours. you just need 10 or 15 minutes
to make the best out of it. and the truth is that 10 or 15 minutes
doesn’t seem like a lot, But it is better than doing nothing. So, here are seven tips to help you plan your dry firing session And start improving your shooting skills. After your shooting session,
remember the mistakes you made and write down possible dry firing drills that you can practice at home. Think about when and where you can dry fire
for 10 or 15 minutes Perhaps is before you go to bed, Or right after you wake up. And this one huge, listen up! And that is: Accountability To do that, I downloaded an app on my phone
that is a goal tracker, So I have a visual of how I am doing How many times I didn’t dry fire
and how many times I did. and that keeps me on my toes and on track to
get better and improve my shooting skills. Make sure your firearm is unloaded. Your magazines are empty And to be extra safe, Keep the ammunition away from your working area. I like to dry fire in a areas with carpet,
or on top of a pad or a rug. And the main reason is that I want to protect
my hardwood floors. Practice one thing at a time, This will allow you to focus and keep
in mind one technique, And perfect one technique at a time For instance, when I am doing mag changes,
I like to do it slowly first Making sure I do it constantly, and all the time the same. And also, it also allows me to pick
up mistakes and fix them right away And last but not least
Trust the process I know… many people get frustrated
because they don’t see immediate results and you probably won’t.
But, I promise you that if you drive fire every day You will see results in a short period of
time So, keep up with it and you will feel more capable and confident. Thank you for watching. Again I am Gabby Franco and I’ll see you next month I will have
another awesome video prepared for you so stay tuned

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