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Service Rifle and Match Rifle Slings

Hello my name is Dennis DeMille, general manager of Creedmoor Sports. I’d like to talk to you for a few minutes about slings. We get a lot of questions here about “what sling goes with my rifle?” For our purposes is really only two types of slings or service rifle and match rifle. There’s a little bit of confusion about the definition of a service rifle. If you if you need clarification you can do a search on Google for 2016 CMP service rifle rules and I think it’s a section 6 that will give you the definition and tells you what a service rifle may and may not have on it but the confusion comes with people thinking that because they have something that’s a service rifle that is configured like an ar-15 that because they have a free-floating barrel on that they have a match sights on it that it’s no longer a service rifle, an issued service rifle. It can have all those things and still be a service rifle if it goes outside of those parameters if you go longer than a 20 inch barrel or so on and so forth then it’s a match rifle and those you may use a match rifle sling so what we have in front of us is everything that you can use with a service rifle as defined by the CMP and the NRA. The most basic is a web sling; these are great they’re inexpensive they’re great to use for clubs that you have to buy many of them I think there’s somewhere I think the wrong $15 or less price range up from that a little bit is this leather sling it can be used but in my book it’s more ceremonial than anything the frogs are the keepers they’re not really heavy-duty the sling really isn’t long enough you want to wear with a hardback shooting coat with the heavy thick arm so it works its functional but when you get into start getting into the Turner slings like this Turner leather sling really this is a this is where you should be Turner leather sling 48 at anything larger than a 52 I recommend everybody in 54 56 inch length you can cut it if it’s too long you really can’t do that with a match rifle sling and if you buy something that’s too short you can’t add to it so I always tell people err on the side of longer another service rifle sling here is the Ron Brown sling it’s a great sling is really the same as the Turner leather is a little thicker that keeps sling keepers are little thicker but still a great sling just like the Turner sling. The other type of sling is the it’s all weather sling it’s a it’s not leather it’s more of a rubber kind of like a fan belt these these are very popular also we have a no-pulse sling that’s an option for those that like to configure sling in a no-no pause configuration never used it not a big fan of it so I don’t teach people how to do it the other type of slings if you do have a match rifle then it opens it up to quite a few different types of slings they are they become very fancy with a lot of bells and whistles are just laying here with all kinds of metal and and buckles on it it’s a great swing along as a lot of adjustability you have some with a very large cuff the Jensens length make it more bearing surface on the back of your arm that’s a very popular sling same sling here but has a little bit smaller cuff and where they’re all great swings if there’s any confusion about what slings you need to go with your rifle please give us a call we also sell this quick detach sling swivels and extra sling keepers so any questions you might have please give us a call and you can ask me personally or we have other people on staff that can answer that question thank you for watching

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  1. I am an salty old timer and I love leather. However the imitation leather is more consistent due to less stretch. Some people may complain that 100% leather requires maintenance. I disagree the more you handle it the oil from your hands keeps it in shape unless it gets rained on.

  2. This guy has got to be the worst salesman I have ever seen. I was about to order one of Creedmoor's "No Pulse Slings" but after watching this video I'm not so sure.

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