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SEPTEMBER WEAPON PATCHES – Battlefield 1 | BF1 Light machine guns damage and recoil changes CTE

Hello guys, how’re you doing ?
I hope you’re all doing well ! Yesterday , we saw the changes that are coming
in Conquest scoring system in Battlefield 1 in September ! Today we are going to see some weapon changes
that are coming as well ! All the weapons for all the classes except
the sniper rifles, are being changed either to their damage or the range and the recoil
! Today we are going to see the changes that
Dice is going to do to the Light machine guns for the Support class. First of all, i am going to read to you the
exact note from the developers that was posted at Reddit ! Hi Everyone, Today we are introducing a major update where
we’re tweaking many weapon values to get them to feel more powerful and to slightly reduce the disparity in raw
time to kill between fast firing and slow firing weapons. During the next days, we will be carefully
monitoring these changes on the CTE to ensure that they meet balance and our expectations
when it comes to overall gunplay. What does this change means in general? For most of the automatic weapons like LMGs
and SMGs, this typically means you will be required one less bullet to secure a kill. When it comes to the self loading rifles,
their accuracy and effective fire rate are improved. These changes should make these weapons that
require multiple hits to kill more effective relative to bolt action rifles, shotguns,
and explosives. This should get most of the weapons to reach
a time-to-kill closer to that of Battlefield 4 and allow players with great weapon control and mechanical skills to have a better chance
dealing with multiple enemies and coming out victorious of a duel even if they start with
a health disadvantage. We are also tweaking shotguns to reduce the
random factor involved in pellets dispersion. So this is the message from the developers
! Now let’s move on in a more detailed review
for the Light machine guns ! Before i start, notice that the changes are
not final and they are being tested the moment i upload the video so some changes may going to happen ! The damage of all LMGs has been increased. This should make enemies feel less like “bullet
sponges” when targeting them with LMGs, especially for the LMGs that previously could
take up to 7 hits to kill. Now most LMGs will kill in 4-5 hits. Also tweaked recoil values of the LMGs that
used to have low damage to offset their new damage model that is much
closer to the others. All the guns are being changed based at the
ammunition they are using , so they are categorized this way ! Starting with the Chauchat, which is alone
with the 8mm Lebel heavy ammunition, we have the following changes ! The minimum damage this light machine gun
has is now 28 from 23 that was before, and the maximum damage is now 38 from 35 it
was before ! They also added some range to the 3 hits kill
! The next group using the .30-06 heavy ammunition
is refering to the BAR and the Benet Mercie ! The minimum damage is now 23 from 19 that
used to be for these light machine guns, and the maximum damage is now 26.5 from 23
that was before ! Moving on with the Madsen, the Mg15 and the
Mg14 Parabellum, that are using the 7.92×57 heavy ammunition, the minimum damage is now 21 from 17.5 and
the maximum damage is now 28 from 23 that was before ! And the last group with the Lewis , Huot and
the Perino with the .303 heavy and 6.6 carcano heavy have now 20 minimum damage from 15 and 26.5 maximum
damage from 23 that was before ! Only for this group , they tweaked the horizontal
recoils for these guns to compensate the damage in range they will be able to make and not
make them overpowered ! So the Lewis will now have 0.48 from .34 , the
Huot 0.28 from 0.16 and the Perino 0.3 from 0.24 ! And these are all the changes to the light
machine guns ! So, these changes to the Light machine guns
as well as the other weapons in Battlefield 1 are going to give us a more intense gameplay
with less time to kill and are going to seperate the good
aimers from the not so good ones ! The only thing that i am not sure for now,
is how the aggressive scouts are going to react and if they will have a change to play aggressive and on the objective with a sniper
rifle ! We will see ! I will make three more videos for the other
weapons in game, so if you want to learn about the changes for the other weapons they will
be in the next days ! I hope i gave you an idea for what is going
to happen with the new changes in weapons in Battlefield 1 in September ! If you like the video, give a thumbs up! If you don’t, a thumbs down ! Subscribe for more and i’ll see you ….. In the next one !

9 thoughts on “SEPTEMBER WEAPON PATCHES – Battlefield 1 | BF1 Light machine guns damage and recoil changes CTE

  1. Nice and very informative video. Hope you get more subs and views on YouTube because you deserve it!!! Keep up the good work!

  2. These changes will make the Support experience much more fun in my opinion! I wonder how the smgs and self loading rifles have changed, cant wait for those videos. Also another great video thank you!

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