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Sentry Safe QAP1E Quick Access Pistol safe

Hi, this is Scott with Sentry Safe. I am here
today to talk to you about our Quick Access Pistol Safe, the most secure pistol solution
ever created in our factory. In 60 seconds or less I am going to convince to buy this
unit today. As we take a look around the unit you will notice 2.5 mm or 12 gauge thick steel
construction, a compression gas stripe, fire resistant door design, and an internal hinge
system. All these things combine make this a highly secure unit but what’s really innovative
about it is how this compression gas strut allows for quick and quite access and single-handed
access and why is that important. In a time of distress, I am on the phone calling 911,
light up my keypad, put in my code, and I am quickly and quietly into fire arm to defend
myself, my home, and my property. This unit will also come with override keys in case
there is a battery failure, all in and this is one of more secure pistol solutions on
the market. Sentry Safe 80 years of history and still going strong.

8 thoughts on “Sentry Safe QAP1E Quick Access Pistol safe

  1. Why get a battery operated safe with an override key when you can get a mechanical safe with no possibility of electrical or battery failures? I'd suggest a V-Line or Fort Knox safe.

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