32 thoughts on “Sen. Kennedy: I believe love is the answer, but I own a handgun just in case

  1. Scientific evidence?
    Like background check's, medical report's, history of using gun's, record's of going to store's, verification of license and service of the equipment, record's of the ammunition serial numbering, house safe & securely zipped the gun, locked gun's, out of reach from children, media-video gaming psychological impact, residence-school's-college's-university ambience,…? Many commonsense question's and which prevents gun violence and that leads to gun violence.

  2. If they do any of these(unconstitutional) Gun Grabber laws! I'll be Done with Trump and All of the GOP……This will be the final nail in the coffin for me!!!!! and I will never support today's Democrats……

  3. Me too! Lol I love everybody, but just in case, I've got several of them. One of each color so that they match my dress and heels.

    Congress should understand that we don't care what they say. We will not comply with ANY sort of so called gun control. It'll be a fight. An ugly one.

  4. Absolutley, the right to defend , to bare arms, not to be infringed, hands off, were and always will be. Our unalienable rights are protected which the oath they take to uphold them, if their not than they are not qualified to run or occupy a a seat in any government or branch of it. Do not have the Countrys or its citizens best interest has no right to make a decision based upon his sole opinion.

  5. Senator John Kennedy is a true American patriot. All others could learn a lot from him. I am glad he is saying subverting the 2nd amendment is a bridge too far.

  6. More and more teachers and preachers are packing sidearms than ever before. It's practical insurance in case the "love thing" and "group hugging" doesn't work.

  7. Trump has already attacked at the 2nd Amendment before….Bump fire Stock ring a bell for you?
    Wonder if he'll do it again?

  8. I do not trust President Trump to faithfully uphold the 2nd Amendment, but we shall see what he proposes.
    Clearly, his re-election hangs in the balance, however.

  9. now understand, Beto categorizing the AR-15 with the AK-47 is a political ploy. The M-16 is military,, the AR-15 HAS NO AUTO selector.. it IS NOT an assault weapon. Please, someone, set these assholes straight.

  10. “If I was able under law to own a firearm…. I would, no doubt…”
    Some guy from England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🇬🇧🇮🇪😎🔫

  11. The progressive left is hypocritical about everything they preaching. They are divide this country by pitting one race against another, they create and thrive on chaos and emotional sensationalism to confuse people. Identity politics are their choice of weapons, they hate the constitution as it's written that provides all Americans our liberties and freedoms. They care about no one other than power and control they will stop on nothing on obtaining their control. I hope everyone is vigilant about what is going on, never allow theme to get control of this country.

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