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Semi Auto Pistol VS Revolver

[SFX] hello folks this is Yamil Sued for Gun Stock Reviews and today we’re going to have this double action challenge we’re gonna compare the CPX 2 pistol against a… and I’m also Yamil Sued the for Gun Stock Reviews and today I am going to be using the Smith & Wesson 5 shot revolver the jframe now that is gonna be not even fair because this is gonna be so cool we are gonna challenge…. myself on steel targets 10 rounds shot versus, 10 rounds shot with that.. so let’s see how it works let’s go ahead and load some ammo and time ourselves and see which one is gonna be faster I know you are safe I know double action is safe but it’s not fast you’re only got five rounds I have got ten! yeah 38 special baby with an awesome pistol that does not miss okay the rules are I have a loaded magazine I will fire ten shots at the steel target at the beep and your side is… but this is a revolver it’s a classic it’s the best it’s safe, it’s dependable and I don’t even need no stinking speed loaders I’ll put them in my pocket to show you and on my side I am going to load five rounds by hand shoot the five rounds at my steel target eject the rounds load five more rounds and shoot five more rounds see who’s quicker yeah dude I’m gonna be quicker yeah and of course I’m always more handsome than you are [laughter] look at that, that’s funny isn’t Facebook great dude! they’re waiting for us chop chop today you know this year Oh Boy! 2018! see what I have to put up with okay my turn [Beep] [laughing] 13:46 suck it see I told you ok so 23:60 that’s not bad for.. I told you man for all those shots so… 13:46 I am impressive and I toke forever for my first shot yeah right I gave you some time the proof is in the pudding dude! I toke a second and a half for my first shot 23:60 what? come on! you didn’t beat me fair and square I swear Yeah right so you toke longer for you to start shooting handsome! come on I bet the Russians rigged that timer yeah they did well the moral of story is ten rounds in semi-auto beats.. I am going to call the FBI yeah I am! they know all about the Russians! and five rounds any day of the week and you are so arrogate unless you Jerry Miculek and nothing really matter so.. Dude! seriously he will shoot both super-quick and reload like is out of this world so with that attitude you don’t need a gun well he’s not here so I won! Thank You for watching Gun Stock Reviews [Music]

3 thoughts on “Semi Auto Pistol VS Revolver

  1. I know a lot of guys that carry … Some of them carry revolvers …
    NONE of the guys that carry revolvers because they think a revolver is the best gun to get the most possible shots fired in the fastest time .. Anyone that thinks that is silly …
    But here's the thing .. The gun that can get the most rounds fired the fastest isn't always the best gun to carry .
    Revolvers offer a simple manual of arms .. High reliability even when stored a longtime .. Not properly lubed ECT ..
    The ability to fire in contact distance without going out of battery ..
    And even more …
    So while I get the point of your review .. Yes a semi auto is faster than a revolver .. I think everyone already knows that .. But some choose to carry a revolver anyway because if there other advantages .
    Thanks for the chuckles though I enjoyed you guys and your humor .. I will watch more of your reviews just because I enjoy your personalities

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