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Self-defence: Police Firearms

There is always the gun. (gunshot) Even the old fashioned Smith & Wesson 38 revolver, is capable of penetrating a house door, from a distance of 60 yards. (shotgun cocking) The shotgun, firing buckshot, will penetrate a car door from 20 yards. (gunshot) Anyone behind that door will be hit. The high velocity sniper rifle can penetrate a foot thick railway sleeper, from a distance of half a mile. (gunshot) Such weapons and ammunition are increasingly in evidence at scenes of violent crime. As a result, Police forces are now themselves equipped with a range of modern weapons, including Heckler & Kock MP5 carbines and shotguns.

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  1. My questions about British police isn't so much do they carry guns but are they trained in their usage if the need arises? In some recent shootings in the United States there have been shooting incidents where the killer has been stopped by cops firing back at the attackers. Granted that most people are not heavily armed in Britain but they should be prepared in any case.

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