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Selecting a 1000 Yard Rifle Scope for our Savage Axis Experiment | The Social Regressive

our $500 1,000 yard experimental rifle is
coming along really well the pillar bedding job is done
action bedding is done we have finished the trigger job which includes creep
over travel pull weight reduction and everything on this is humming along
really well mechanically or at least it should be
and right now you can see that I have stripped down the Boyd stock and I’ve
started to remove all of that kind of epoxy paint that was on the outside so
they can get down to the wood and do some of the reshaping that I need it’s
already feeling a lot better and the lines are already a lot cleaner this is
going to look very good by the time I’m done but I really need to hurry for
those of you that are not familiar with the experiment what I’m doing here is for a
total budget of $500 I’m taking a budget deer rifle and I’m turning it into
something that I can compete with at a thousand yards if you haven’t subscribed
already I’d recommend you do so appear if you like us on Facebook you can chat
with us or just see some extra goodies sometimes I have some behind-the-scenes
footage then it’s up there this playlist down here is going to have everything in
it so if you miss something you can see the entire experiment eagle-eyed viewers
have noticed that there’s something missing from this rifle and of course
that’s the scope and those of you that are budget conscious after you’ve taken
a look at the cost two hundred twenty one dollars for the rifle one fifty four
for the stock and then of course we’re going to need a base and some rings you
know that there’s not going to be much room left for the glass and the common
wisdom is that on a rifle you’re supposed to have at least as much in
your glass as you do on the the rifle itself and I think that wisdom has
actually changed over the past few years about five years ago I’d say that the
common wisdom was twice as much glass as your rifle and now I think as of last
year it seems to be more appropriate to just get a mortgage on a really really
expensive scope throw out the rifle you don’t need it all you need is just a
really good scope if I intend to print small groups at a thousand yards I
definitely need both now let me explain why I set up the budget the way that I
did I don’t really trust that plastic stock on any of these budget rifles
the axis plastic may be better than in previous years but I’m still not going
to trust it in a competition I want something that’s going to be nice and
firm and it’s not going to have that forearm flex like you see on a lot of
these budget rifles I’ve had half MOA guns go up to six MOA easily just
because of some flop up here in the forearm this with its pillar bedding and
action bedding is going to keep my groups nice and tight if I had a
limitless budget I would want the best glass money could buy I would want a
large diameter tube so I could get lots of elevation and windage adjustment and
I would want very repeatable very fine turrets and as far as a feature set goes
I would want everything to be about precision and that’s about making minute
changes during these scenarios so I would want something like 1/8 MOA turrets I
would want some fiddly little reticle so that I could make all kinds of
last-minute wind calls and then it would want high magnification so that I could
see small changes even in this ideal hypothetical situation where I have all
the money I want I think I would still prefer a second focal plane reticle over
a first focal plane reticle I’m after precision here and first focal plane
reticles even though they make things a lot easier and more consistent across
all zoom ranges the second focal plane reticle can achieve more precision as
you increase magnification I’ll do a video on this a little bit later but
there is still definitely a place for second focal plane if I could nudge the
budget up on this experiment just a couple hundred bucks I would take the SWF a 20
power in a heartbeat it has a mil quad reticle a fixed 20 power magnification
very nice turrets and a 30 millimeter tube that thing would work smashingly
for this kind of competition well we don’t have $300 we have $100 and that
may make it sound like the optic is an afterthought but that’s not the case at
all from the very beginning I’ve been juggling all kinds of parts the rifles
the stocks the scopes to see what we could actually do to get a $500 rifle
okay so we have the the price of the the rifle we have the price of the stock we
have base and rings and we have the Simmons 44 mag and this tops out at 24
power it has a mil dot reticle in the second focal plane and it has 1/8 MOA
turrets so that’s kind of the feature set that I was after it even has side
focus which is nice and on the face of it that’s what we’re after but the big
question is can a 100 dollar scope with that kind of feature set actually
compete in this kind of competition will it actually work in the next video we’re
going to take a close look at some of the ups and downs of this scope and
we’re going to see where we anticipate that things might get a little weird and
in the final result you know really it’s all going to come down to the
competition does this thing actually perform in an F class match you

42 thoughts on “Selecting a 1000 Yard Rifle Scope for our Savage Axis Experiment | The Social Regressive

  1. I would like to give you some helpful advice please buy the SWFA scope it's more reliable and in the long run it will cost you less money because you won't have to replace it you will replace that other scope MOA it's great but you're going to need Mill Mill scope and radical combination a tenth of a mill at a hundred yards is 3.3 centimeters and you don't really need a magnification because you want to actually see your bullet Trace I use the 10 power love it and has not broke on me it is very reliable and tracks perfectly the scope itself is more important than the actual rifle in most cases because if the scope doesn't work what good is the rifle

  2. go to midwayusa get a simmons mag 44 6-21 mildot scope it a 225 dollar scope on sale for 85 dollars it a side adjust for parallax

  3. I have had great luck with primary arms brand scopes for budget builds. This is 60$ over your budget though.×44-illuminated-mil-dot-scope-pa416x/p/kt-pa416x/

  4. I agree with you on the notion where you have to spend double what you did on your gun to get good glass. The Vortex Viper PST line and Burris XTR II line are a lot of bang for your buck. There are some other good more cheap options. It all depends on what features you need. You'll be spending more money if you want ffp and zero stops. That said, I completely disagree with you on ffp not being as pecise. It's got much more utility and it is precise. That said, much like your bullet and caliber choice, you're shooting 600 and 1000 yard competitions. If your reticle is calibrated for your max power or a power you're comfortable with and that power is all you're using, then who cares. It will work fine for you. Then it comes down to testing how accurate the tracking is on your scope. On something that cheap I'd expect it to not track perfectly. Figure out what percentage it's out and you can correct for that some what. I'm really excited to to see the end result of your efforts. This project has been incredibly interesting.

  5. Me gusta mucho tus videos… Pero deberias pensar en lo público latinoamericano y poner unas tantas legendas in español… Dale… Muchas gracias compañero…

  6. I WAS actually posting to check out the SWFA's…. but then you mentioned them I love mine… i have the 10x and have no trouble tracking. but im not shooting 1000yd matches, i do however shoot 850m with a 243. holding 8" groups ( handloads naturally) nice build btw, savage makes some very good rifles for the price.

  7. Can't wait to here how the Simmons scope holds up on long distances. I have an older Simmons 44 Mag 3-10×44 on a hunting rifle. It must be 10 or 12 years old, back when they were made in the Philippines (correct me if I'm wrong). It has good glass and has held zero on a 30-06 and a 6.5mm Rem Mag like a champ, but have not used it distances over 250 yards. On my Savage Axis project I chose a Redfield Battlezone 6-18x44mm Tac-MOA, but I paid more than $100 for it. So far, it has been a great scope, but I have not had the opportunity to take out to long distances…hopefully at 500 yards soon, then up to 1000.

  8. we have new scopes and we are finding someone who can do a such good review for us,if someone can do that ,just contact me ,Tks.

  9. my newest scope is a budget model second focal plane. its getting some takin used to. my very first cope I ever bought for my first rifle was a center point 4-16×44 first gen from Walmart. cost me $60. I must have got a decent one because I can see clear as day through the whole magnification and the turrets are precise as far as im concerned. I don shoot 600 yards with it since its just a hunting rifle. scope is heavy but it works. nicest scope I own is a leupold 2-7vx2 I bought used for my rim fire. love the wide field of view and eye relief of that leupold. other than magnification I swear its like looking through any cheap 30mm with a 50+ objective. as for me, ive never had the need to spend a fortune on great glass because there is no where for me to shoot over 500yrds in a straight line. if worst came to worst i'd use Kentucky windage 😉

  10. I am looking for a budget scope for a 600 yard competition with a FN15 I don't want to have to switch a expensive scope back and forth from rifle to rifle unless it's a longer range shot.

  11. I put a $40 Simmons scope on my .22LR Marlin and it works great. I was impressed. Nothing like the VX-2 I've got on the lever gun, but for the money, I was surprised how well it works.

  12. PLZ HELP I dont know anything about long range shooting. NEED ADVICE
    I had back surgery 5 years ago so I can't shoot high recoil rifles, like anything more than 308. I'm looking for a good long range rifle 1000+ yards and up for around 1000$ ammo affordability doesn't matter cause I can reload for very cheap. what would be the best rifle, scope, trigger, ect. combo for what I want, (which is 1000+yards, under or around 1000$, with minimal recoil.) I don't know how to sand parts or do anything crazy involving tools, I know how to do basic gunsmithing like installing parts and that's about it. lol thank you for your advice in advance.

  13. I hope that this guy knows that before he made all of the "enhancements" that it was a hunting rifle and not a competition rifle

  14. Leatherwood Dominator 6-30x56mm SF, Mil Plex Reticle, Rifle Scope The .scope snobs do not understand this scope will keep the zero at 1000 yards or better and shoots as well as the big dollar scopes. I was shooting an ART 1 3x9x40 mill dot cam scope by redfield on my issue xm21 sniper rifle and hitting an iron target 31" inches high 18 " wide at 1000 yards .This scope is much better than that old ART 1 LEATHERWOOD DESIGN BY Redfield WHO PRODUCED THEM ON A GOV CONTRACT.

  15. I've got a Thompson venture in 308 with a vortex diamondback hp 3-12 power scope, with rings bipod and sling (minus rebate) for 490ish how does that setup compare with this

  16. For $100 you can't beat the fsi sniper scope 6-24 power 50mm lens, sun shade, mounts, and illuminated rectical in red, green and blue. One of the best budget scopes for the $$$

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