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Securing firearms key to preventing accidental shootings

first at five three shootings in four days and all of them believed to be accidental the most recent one this morning involving a three-year-old boy on the northwest side the boy in critical condition police say he accidentally shot himself in the stomach with a gun he found in a holster attached to a bed frame the recent shootings prompting our bill Barajas to find ways to better secure your weapons I just lock it open run it through it put the keys away safety comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes that makes you better there’s options for each and every gun and the prices are reasonable so I’m starting at just ten dollars whether it’s a semi-auto or even to include revolvers a lot of folks do not know that they can put a lock in the cylinder and no prevent live round being in there to include even a long gun whether it’s a shotgun or a rifle Johnnie Castro is a DPS state certified instructor at a place to shoot an outdoor shooting range he’s been around guns his entire life and says safety has to be a priority he blames accidental shootings on poor habits reinstating everyday that you handled a firearm you treated with respect you treat as if it were loaded there’s also common misconceptions when it comes to securing your weapon do not hide a gun okay how many things have you found when you were a child that you should have found he believes every gun should be under lock and key and he’s doing his best to make that happen and when they have extra place to shoot gives away free gun locks like these here you can see they have plenty in stock all you have to do is ask and they’ll give it to you for free we have them in stock and in the store we can and then right now I can tell you I looked in the back and we probably have about 100 locks that we could just give away now that three-year-old shot this morning was brought here to University Hospital at last check he was in critical condition and the other two cases the victims weren’t seriously injured and are expected to be ok live at university hospital bill Barajas case at 12 News

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