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Secrets of the WEAPON PLUS PROGRAM!! || Comic Misconceptions || NerdSync

SCOTT: So you know how Wolverine is largely associated with, and even calls himself, “Weapon X”? Well, as this guy points out in one of the
worst movies ever made, it is not an “X”, but a Roman numeral, “ten”. So if Wolverine is the tenth weapon, then
what are the first nine? And are there more after him? Well get ready, because we’re about
to explore all the secrets of the Weapon Plus program right now! [PHONE VIBRATING] SCOTT: Ross, my brother from another country,
how’s it goin’? ROSS: I really need your help! Have you ever
heard of the, “Weapons Plus Program”? SCOTT: Ross, that’s perfect! ROSS: What? SCOTT: Yes, oh my goodness, because then you
have Wolverine, who’s “Weapon X” — ROSS: No — Scott, I just need, no, just tell
me, urgh! SCOTT: But then you get to do Captain America,
and that’s where it really gets interesting. Of course that plays into fourth of July;
you know how Youtube works. Tentpole programming and all that. Also, you wouldn’t happen to know
the density of Vibranium off the top of your head, would you? It doesn’t really matter,
I think we got the numbers workin’ out pretty well. Well you know, Ross, it has been great
talkin’ to ya, I love these little chats, but — I have an episode to film, ROSS: No no no no don’t hang up, ohhh! Well
that was no help… Welcome to Comic Misconceptions, the show
that takes you into detail about the things you think you know about comics, I’m your
host: Scott Niswander. The Weapon X program has a lot of history
behind it. Casual comic book fans might recognize it as major plot points in both X2 and X-Men
Origins: Wolverine, as well as being kind of threaded throughout the rest of the X-Movies. But Weapon X is the tenth installment of the
parent organization: the Weapon Plus Program. So, let’s run through all of the other installments.
But first, a little history about why the Weapon Plus Program exists in the first place. The Weapon Plus Program was created as a response
to the mutant threat. Largely the general public in the Marvel Universe does not like
mutants. Now the reasons could vary, but, most likely, it’s because we’re just afraid
of them. So in World War II, the Weapon Plus Program
was created to build super-human soldiers that would fight alongside of humanity when
the inevitable war between humans and mutants breaks out. Although, because it is a comic book, things
have to get a little bit more confusing. John Sublime, the head manipulator of the Weapon
Plus Program, is actually sentient bacteria that has been around since the dawn of life
on Earth, and as long there are living hosts to infect, he can’t die. Unfortunately for him, mutants are immune
to his infection. So, out of self-preservation, he infected humans with an aggression towards
mutant-kind so that the mutants wouldn’t become the dominant species of life on the planet,
leaving him without a host to infect. It started out with Weapon 0, which is
classified, and I couldn’t get much information on it. So we’ll skip it. But, last week I asked you guys if you knew
who the most famous and successful subject of the Weapon I program was, and Thorfan85,
amongst others, got it correct by saying it was none other than Captain America! Weapon One, or Project: Rebirth as it’s been
called, successfully started with Steve Rogers, a.k.a. Captain America. If you don’t know
his origin, the basic structure goes: scrawny kid takes Super Soldier Serum, sometimes he’s
also hit with vita-rays, but the outcome is this. But the only man who can replicate the formula
is killed, leaving Steve Rogers as the world’s only Super Soldier as he takes up the mantle
of Captain America. And without going into too much detail, he gets himself frozen and
thawed out in modern life where he continues to fight for what he believes. Weapon II was said by a guy named Fantomex
to be animal test subjects. Now we don’t have much more info than that, so we’ll move
on. We’ll be talking about Fantomex a lot in this episode, as he plays a huge role
in the future of the Weapon Plus Program, and also we’re gonna be looking at this
one panel, a lot, so get used to it. Weapon III was the Skinless Man. Appearing
in Uncanny X-Force #21. He was a lawyer who had sentient skin, and he was taken in by the
Weapon Plus program who enhanced his powers and deployed him into the field. But one mission,
he was sent to another dimension known as Otherworld, where he gets betrayed by Fantomex,
who he had worked with on previous missions. Fantomex left him there to face his punishment
with the authorities in Otherworld who ruled to have the man’s skin removed, but also that
he would be left alive to feel the pain. Over time, the Skinless Man trained his muscles
to do what his skin used to: murder. He even cut off Fantomex’s face. Long time viewers
of the show will know how I feel about that. Not great. Weapons IV through VI were said to be various
ethnic minorities like those in the story, “Truth: Red, White, and Black”, which
touches on a few of the test subjects, including Isaiah Bradley who you can see here in the
Captain America get-up. Weapon VII produced one successful test
subject named, Nuke, who makes his appearance in Wolverine Origins #1. His backstory is
a little weird so I’m going to skip over it. But notably, he was tortured by Wolverine
during the Vietnam War when he carved an American Flag onto Nuke’s face. After twenty years
of experimentation, he barely remains human. But Weapon Plus is about to make the first
leap away from human test subjects. And that’s where Weapons VIII and IX
come in. All we know about Weapons VIII and IX are that they were the start of Weapon
Plus using kidnapped mutants as test subjects. Other than that, we got nothin’ else. But then Weapon X, or “Weapon Ten”, comes
around, and there is so much history behind it! It even branched off of the Weapon Plus
program to become it’s own organization. But typically the person most associated
with the Weapon X program, is Mr. Weapon X himself, Wolverine. Wolverine is a mutant
with an incredible healing factor that allowed him to have a super strong metal, known as
Adamantium, to be bonded to his skeleton, turning him into the ultimate killing machine. Weapon XI, quite frankly, is the one that
we know the least about. We know it that it logically has to exist, but other than that
we have no other information. It could be…anything! ….anything…. In X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Weapon XI
was said to be, Deadpool, but I don’t take that movie as canon. So, we move on. Weapon XII is known as, Huntsman, who made
his appearance in New X-Men #128. He was created at a Weapons Plus program known as, The World,
which was built so that the Weapon Plus Program could have a more hands on approach and hopefully
prevent other installments from going rogue, like Weapon X did. Huntsman is made of nano-sentinel technology.
You’ll recognize the sentinels of being these giant, mutant-killing robots, which fits snuggly
into the mission statement of the Weapons Plus Program to destroy all mutants. Huntsman
had the ability to turn people into…zombies, I think? Something like that. He was also
created to be a part of the Super-Sentinel team, which we’ll touch on a little bit more,
later. He was defeated by Professor X, Jean Grey, and of course, Fantomex who was then revealed to be — ♫ wait for it ♫ Weapon XIII!
Bet you didn’t see that coming. Unless you already knew who Fantomex was, then of course
you saw that coming. Fantomex, or Weapon XIII, was also created
at The World, to be a part of the Super Sentinel team. The Super Sentinels was a way for the Weapon
Plus Program to introduce the idea of killing mutants as public entertainment. Sublime had
envisioned them to be “A Saturday morning cartoon come to life, scripted and sold as
a 24-hour reality soap opera.” The public would love them, and root for them as they
go around killing mutants, which would again reinforce the idea that mutants should be
hated and destroyed. Fantomex rebelled against the Weapon Plus
Program and took on a faux French accent for no other reason than he liked it. He also
had his heart ripped out by the Skinless Man, but came back to life via cloning, because,
hey, it’s a comic book. Weapon XIV was revealed to be the Stepford
Cuckoos in New X-Men #154. They have powerful psychic abilities that allow them to do fun
things like this. And if you follow me on Instagram, you’ll notice that I posted a
screenshot from, “X-Men 3: The Last Stand”, that many believe to reveal the Stepford Cuckoos.
But who are they, and where did they come from? Revealed to be grown, once again, in The World
from Emma Frost’s genetic material, the Stepford Cuckoos were designed to be basically a living
computer. Five of them infiltrated the X-Men and, using nanotech laced throughout their
skeletons that allowed them to communicate with the other thousand sisters, collect and
transmit data on mutants to help aid Weapon Plus. And also probably be released as an
army of psychic diamond warriors if the time came. But the Phoenix Force manifests strongly inside
one of the sisters named Celeste. It uses her to destroy the lab with the thousand sisters
in an attempt to shut down Weapon XIV and protect mutant-kind. Celeste regains control and splits the Phoenix
in three. Frozen in each of the living sisters hearts, Celeste, Phoebe, and Mindee. Their
hearts were made permanently diamond which will trap the Phoenix Force inside, but also
make it so they can’t feel feelings. Out of all the comics I read for preparation
to this video, this one was one of my favorites, so I encourage you guys to read it. Links
to everything I talk about, in the description below. Weapon XV is Ultimaton, who was again
created at The World, to be a part of the Super Sentinels with Huntsman and Fantomex. What’s great about this character is that
he was designed by Weapon Plus to be this big strong power house, but, as you do, he
started to question the purpose of life. Ultimaton strikes me as this lovable strong, innocent
character who’s just…great. For Weapon XVI, we once again travel back
to The World as Wolverine and Fantomex team up this time with a Kree Warrior known as,
Noh-Varr, in “Dark Reign – The List: Wolverine”. Norman Osborn wants The World for himself,
but it has become sentient and released Weapon XVI, Allgod. Allgod is, as Fantomex puts it, a living religion.
It’s a virus that attacks the faith reserves of the brain, turning everyone who believes
in some type of god, into the World’s personal immune system. This issue is really weird, but in a good
way. It’s fun and funny and just bizarre. Allgod is stopped when Noh-Varr kisses the
brain of The World to let it know that it’s not in any danger, buddy. And it ends with
Fantomex shrinking down The World with a shrink ray he stole from some sort of Doctor, named
‘Doom’? Lastly, there’s Weapon Infinity, a.k.a. Project:
Deathlok. In an Uncanny X-Force story, “Deathlok Nation”, an alternate timeline has superheroes
of all kinds being turned to Deathloks, which are essentially cyborgs. In the future, their
only mission is to kill, reanimate, and convert all superhumans into Deathlok troopers. This was actually a law that was passed after
the public was fed up with superheroes. They get turned into a controllable police force,
and help usher in Utopia. And again, there’s so much going on here,
that I really wish I could have gone into more detail, but I didn’t want to confuse
anyone who might be new to the Marvel Universe. That being said, If you think I skipped over
anything that you find extremely important, which I’m sure that I did, please let me
know in the comments below, and I’ll be down there talkin’ with you guys like I
always do. I hope somebody mentions Protocide, because I have some stuff
to say about Protocide. But here’s a question: we all love mutants, but if you were employed at the Weapon Plus Program, what would be the type of weapon you would deploy to destroy all of mutant-kind? Let me know, in the comments. You should also go check out my buddy Ross’s
video, right here, if you want to see the other half of the phone call. He does visual
FX superhero stuff, and it looks incredible, so go check it out. Lastly, on a sad note, we’re going to be taking
a break on making videos for a month, as I get moved into my new house, and also get
caught up on comic books ’cause I’m very far behind. And, of course, gotta revamp the
show for you guys, make it look even prettier. In the meantime, you can follow me on Instagram
and Twitter, @ScottNiswander. I’m always posting stuff on Instagram from panels of
comics that I’m reading that I think are funny, upcoming video ideas, as well as you
can see, some of my golden tweets, like this one…that make my followers think I’m a
lunatic. Take it easy guys. Hit up that comment section.
And I will see you in about a month to talk about more things that you thought you knew about comics. See ya! you knew about comics. See ya!

35 thoughts on “Secrets of the WEAPON PLUS PROGRAM!! || Comic Misconceptions || NerdSync

  1. well i would deploy a sentient parasite that target mutants and control them, effectively making the mutants kill each other under the influence of the parasite.and i you try to remove the parasite from it's host then the parasite will dissolve itself and spead cyanure in the air.

  2. Very curious about Weapon 0, but I actually would’ve thought it would’ve been Isaiah Bradley, since they experimented on WWII soldiers to perfect the formula for Captain America.

  3. I know the perfect weapon against mutants in just three simple, magic words: X-Men Origins: Wolverine. 'Nuff said!

  4. Who is Protocide? Also destroying all mutant kind is impossible because new ones are going to be born as soon as you finish, that's how evolution works. The bacteria guy is pretty much in the same boat as the dinosaurs, in the world of X-men he/it/they (is a bacteria creature a hive-mind or a flock?) will not live much longer no matter what he/it/they do(es).

  5. why does it say II and III were animals if III was the skin guy…
    oh my god Nuke is clearly where Sgt. Hatred came from.

  6. Just a random thought but hearing your voice in all these videos just made me realize that you would make a Really really good Spider-Man voice actor for a game or show !!

  7. Lace salt reserves with a virus targeting the mutant-specific genetic mutation. The idea is to make homo superior return to homo sapiens, though that is not guaranteed. A possible side-effect is extinction, but hey, at least the intention was good, right? Besides, either outcome would result in mutant-kind ceasing to exist—perhaps avoiding elderly diabetics, or turning homo superior not into homo sapiens, but into something else… Mission complete?

  8. What would I do if I was hired by Weapon Plus? Simple, I'd suggest a plan that would sound really good but cost their entire budget for the next ten years. But once I built it, I'd insert and easily-exploitable fatal flaw in the project. So not only would the plan not work, they wouldn't have the money to try again.

  9. Cancer type of virus, airborne, it would spread easily and fast, and it would attack the mutant body from the inside out quickly and painfully, it would be also very difficult to detect cause it could start at any organ or area of the body and it would take a long time for the mutants to realize something is wrong… so by the time they have figured out something is wrong, premeditated and get a treatment/antidote at least a 65% and possibly a 75% of the mutant population would be decimated… (you asked)

  10. Since then deadpool very much was confirmed to be weapon 11 an attempt to create mutants using other mutant DNA in Deadpool case they used wolverines which mixed with his own healing factor witch still laid dormant cancelling the claws but basically drove him insane and made it very hard borderline impossible to kill then Thanos showed up in his endless jealous annoyance decides to make Deadpool properly immortal which he is now no longer because something happened but his healing factor still drags him back from the dead just takes longer now

  11. Weapon x program – Sabretooth, Silverfox, Agent zero, Lady Deathstrike. Left all of these guys off your list. All early too. Around the same time as wolverine.
    Sabretooth definitely was willingly in the second version of weapon x program and potentially the first incarnation of it too. And he recruited others to join it – such as Deadpool.

  12. If I worked at weapon plus I would make a liquid that would be put into the water to kill all mutants. Nobody would know anything would happen until mutants start dropping dead, ma ha ha ha ha!!!

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