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Secret Weapon of Indian Kings – Bagh Nakh aka Tiger Claws

Hey guys, today we are going to look at a
very interesting Indian weapon called Bagh Nakh which means Tiger’s Claws. What you see here is an original antique piece,
this Tiger Claws was in use more than 100 years ago. It has 5 claws and 2 rings, so you can basically
slide the rings on your fingers and keep the claws within your palm. Here is a demonstration of how it works, I
am holding a cardboard, so it does not cut my body. It almost looks like he is slapping me with
his bare hands, but he is in fact making a deep wound on my body. It does
not seem like an effective weapon, but when you look at the card board, you realize that
it can cause serious damage. In fact, we can even see the tear marks come
out on the other side of the card board. So, it is a deadly weapon, and like I said
this is an antique piece with blunted tips, so imagine using a brand new Bagh Nakh, this
could be fatal. Like I told you, the name Bagh nakh means
Tiger Claws. Why the name Tiger Claws? Because Tigers have retractable claws, they
are capable of pulling in or pulling out their claws at will. If you look at the anatomy of a tiger paw,
it is quite interesting, because the claws, which are about 3 to 4 inches long, are actually
invisible most of the time. Look, I mean this looks quite harmless, but
the sharp claws only come out when the Tiger wants to attack you.. This is why this weapon is called Tiger Claws
because you can wear this weapon in your hand, and no one will know about it, until you attack
them. This weapon would be perfect for a Ninja. A Ninja is typically a covert agent, who engages
in surprise attacks and deception. The Bagh Nakh has actually become a modern
day weapon of choice for Ninjas. We can find simplified Tiger Claws sold on and other websites for Ninjas. The Tiger Claws use and deception has captured
the imagination of the western world, which is why it was featured on TV shows like Forged
in Fire. All this sounds pretty fancy, but can the
Tiger Claws really be used as an efficient Stealth weapon? Yes, and we have historical evidence of how
this weapon changed Indian history. In 1659, about 360 years ago, two great Kings
were having a meeitng in order to settle things diplomatically. One was Shivaji and the other was Afzal Khan,
but it was well known that Afzal Khan had the practice of calling other kings for diplomatic
talks, and would then assassinate them during the meeting. King Shivaji, went to the meeting pretending
to be completely unarmed, but had the Tiger Claws in his hand. Afzal Khan was a giant, he was 6 foot 7 inches
tall and Shivaji was just 5 and a half feet tall. Afzal Khan embraced Shivaji and used a dagger
to stab Shivaji, but to his surprise, he realized that Shivaji wore an armor underneath his
clothes, which saved him. Shivaji immediately used the tiger claws and
completely disemboweled Afzal Khan. Afzal Khan died due to heavy bleeding because
of the Tiger claws. So yes, Tiger claws are very good stealth
weapons and can be used effectively to attack and even kill an enemy. One brilliant thing about Indian weapons is
that many of them are designed based on nature, inspired by animals. Remember I showed you a weapon called Madu
in a previous video, which is based on horns of black buck. Tiger claws have several modifications as
well. Some of them have knives attached to them,
these knives are called Bichuwa, which means the Sting of a scorpion. Yes, they are modeled after the sting in the
scorpion’s tail. Some of these Bichuwas are also foldable,
so these type of weapons can be carried in complete stealth mode. Of course, there are other designs of these
tiger claws which are not for stealth mode at all. For example, this design is worn over the
hands, and cannot be hidden at all. Although Tiger Claws were used all over India,
it was particularly used by Maratha kings, who wore them even during sleep. This weapon was perfect, because it is small,
it can be concealed and it can give a fatal blow to the enemy. When Europeans came to India, their social
behavior made it impossible for Indians to use these Tiger Claws. British officers insisted on first having
a hand shake with Indian Kings, making it impossible to have tiger claws hidden inside
your palm. Before the arrival of Europeans, Indian kings
would typically do a Namaste pose to each other, which was ideal for concealing the
weapon and then do a surprise attack. But after Europeans came into the picture,
Bagh Nakhs slowly started becoming obsolete and now, they are no longer used as weapons
in India. I hope you liked this video, I am Praveen
Mohan, thanks a lot for watching, don’t forget to subscribe and also click on the bell button
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  2. Praveen……I found something that I think all Indian people will be interested in. Go to: you tube video:
    Cosmocrats Are Everywhere with Jordan Maxwell and go to minute 46.00 and start listening to Jordan. I think everybody who listens to Jordan Maxwell will be surprised at what he has to say at min. 46 ON IN THE VIDEO and basically all his knowledge!!

  3. 1. 0:50 I found today you are a liar. The blow at front side is horizontal and mark on rear side are vertical. That means it is both marks doesn't belong to same strike and You crossed the height of stupidity and lie. (1:13 Evil smile describes you are aware of that)

    2. It is not proper way to wear it like you wearing it in thumbnail.

    *You lost credibility today

    3. Afzal Khan was not King he was strong army general of Adil Shah holding 3 lack army.
    In there meeting, Afzal and Shivaji The king hugged eachother. That time Afzal tried to hugg Chatrapati Shivaji in that manner to crush his ribs by hard hugging (Afzal was 7.5+ ft tall and monstrous it was possible for him), then Afzal tried to poke dagger in Shivaji's back while hugging. Then Shivaji gutted Afzal with "Wagh Nakh" and "Bichwa".

    🐅Hail Maratha! Jai Shivrai!

  4. Greeting's , Please , no more videos glorifying violence/weapons . we need to be up lifted above our animal nature in order to advance as one human people. be well.

  5. 🤔Hey Praveen,
    Pls edit the video.We have serious objection to calling Afjal khan as a 'great King'.
    He was not a king at all.He was a chief of the Mughal army…and Moreover,they all were a gang of invaders who intended to destroy Hindus,their temples,kill them or convert them,wherever they passed through they plundered and mass murderered Hindus and defiled the Hindu womens' integrity.
    Pls edit the video n do the correction.💖🙏💚

  6. 💖💚💖🙏Please call him as CHATRAPATI SHIVAJI MAHARAJ,the great.
    He is called श्रीमंत योगी।💖💚💖🙏

  7. I dont like the hello and namaste theory. British never forced to handshake they can do namaste if Maharaja insist. Thats not the reason for extinction of a weapon. 😐

  8. I need one for myself & my daughter. Keep that sucker in my hand while walking to the car. It would work even better then key-punching somebody.

  9. Background:This meeting was Shivaji first big fight and he was around 16-17 yrs kid. Afzal Khan was one of the most untrustworthy & dangerous person . Shivaji's father Shahaji & Shivaji's brother Sambhaji were working for Bijapur kingdom in Bangalore but were planning to start their own rule called Swaraj. Shivaji was also aware about it and was looking forward to it because the Bijapur hardly cared for its people. Sambhaji had a lot of potential and talent. They would have achieved Swaraj but Afsal Khan got news and tricked and killed Sambhaji and later had Shahaji assisnated. How much Shivaji loved his brother can be understood by the fact he named his son Sambhaji. But till now Shivaji had never faced battle and now he had to face the most dangerous Bijapur army general. Shivaji had taken over 3 Bijapur kingdoms forts (Torna, Chankan & Kondana) without any fight by only convincing the fort-in-charge. Shivaji had made up his mind to kill Afzal Khan even if he looses his life. Else who would take such a big risk. Shivaji was the most clever military planner EVER! He knew Afzal Khan would come for the forts. He let Afzal Khan's cavalry chase him into Pratapghad fort. Wait now and search for Pratapghad fort on Google. It is unconqerable! Shivaji pretended to wait for 2 months before trying to start surrender terms. Shivaji wanted one on one meeting with AfzalKhan and he agreed to meet in a tent near the fort. Shivaji ensured that afzalkhan had not hidden more soldiers in the tent, wore a chain armour (something maratha soldiers never wore)& wore baganakh. They could carry only 1 sword and 1 bodyguard. In the tent when they met afzal khan called for an embrace and then in the embrace tried to stab Shivaji. This was the moment Shivaji was waiting for and put the bhagnakh to action. Shivaji had also instructed his army to set loose on the unexpecting Bijapur army. Bijapur army had a grand defeat while 3,000 bijapur soldiers died. This was to be first of many of Shivaji's victories. He was so unusually angry on Afsal khan that he cut his head to take it to his mother to show her that he has avenged his father and brother's death. All the captured Bijapur soldiers were allowed to go back safely.

  10. india was so advanced .. so WHY it is not dominating the world now?? You are inventing too many stories dude … daydreamer hahahaha

  11. Love your videos but you usually point out when you are doing tricks, like when clawmarks "come out of the other side" but go a different direction from the original marks. Not saying the weapon isn't effective, just wish you'd at least show more honesty. Makes me question the authenticity of the rest of your videos, which saddens me.

  12. In Mysore maharajas dussehra in previous years say100 years back the jattis or the pehelwans trained themselves in
    Vajramushti meaning diamond fist ka laga l meaning wrestling fisticuff boxing every bout would end inthe death of the loosing boxer reason they used to dip their fists in broken sharp glass prices misused in natural addi tives these razor sharp glass pieces in their fists during boxing would cause fatal injury to the losing boxer but later on abandoned as inhuman boxing this is historical truth of mysore dusshera of yore

  13. I got a doubt Praveen Mohan ..
    Actually solider and Kings participate in war with armour on chest and back but how they use to stab ???
    If armour made of different metal were this weapon can slips …
    Think about this Praveen Mohan

  14. PraveenMohan hi.. I really like all your videos and also this one. Your work, your thoughts are amazing. Your explanations in all videos are really mind blowing. I feel proud that you mentioned Shivaji maharaj here. But let me correct one thing that Afzal Khan was not a king, he was a general or "Senapati" of king Adil Shah dynasty of Bijapur. As so many viewers watch your videos thats why I corrected this small mistake. Thank you for all your efforts.

  15. People know more about European weapons in their history many less know about ancient Indian weapons good u r promoting keep it up keep promoting vedic science Parveen ok Parveen I want ask uuu that the manuscripts and texts you show with your antique lover friend what are those manuscripts and how old are they? Plzzz reply is any text about an ient science also plzzz tell plzzz Parveen plzzz reply.

    Edited- and yeah hail Shivaji.

  16. अब समझ आया कि नरसिंह अवतार का नाटक करने वाले पंडितो ने ऐसे ही उस हिरण्य कश्यप की हत्या की होगी

  17. Excellent work of research on the Bagh Nakh (called Puli Nakham in Tamil). And, yes, Shivaji used it effectively against Afzal Khan who laid seize on a fort built by Shivaji. This single weapon changed the history Maharashtra and of Bharat (India). Its timely use helped preserve a civilisation!

  18. Praveen Mohan I laud for all your efforts but am a little taken aback when you term the Indian sculpting efforts or all the unanswerable technology and science to aliens. Iam your great admirer but instead of giving credit to aliens for the unanswerable can we not try to answer the unanswerable according to the advanced technology and science of India.
    A thought Mr. Praveen Mohan

  19. I wonder, does this weapon give any inspiration to the “wolverine” guy in X-men ? I think a little creativity, sliding the fingers between the claws, does the trick.

  20. Amazing video. All indians who knows about Shivaji do know about this weapon as this weapon was used in important historical event as shown in video.

  21. As I understand it, the custom of the handshake developed in middle-age Celtic tribes specifically in order to test the hands and forearms to check for hidden weapons. It was common, for instance, among the Scots and Irish for warriors to keep a dirk or small dagger within a gauntlet or bracelet. As the handshake became common, the Scots moved their dirk to their calf.

  22. 6:20 I believe the handshake could not be the only reason the usage of the claws were discontinued, since people could still hide them on their left ✋ 🤔 Very interesting information nevertheless 👍

  23. "You can even see the tears marks coming out on the other side of the cardboard"… <shows vertical marks on the front, horizontal marks on the back>… Come on, Praveen. What are you doing?

  24. Weapons matter India was very weak since ancient times , only our Archers were world famous.
    Indians have been defeated since the time of Darius of Persia and Alexander ,only Indian victory was1971 war with Pak

  25. India must have some of the wickedest old weapons of any culture that I've seen. I can see why your friend collects them, they're as interesting as they are deadly.

  26. hello from France
    At the beginning c'était pour grimper sur les géants et ou sur les arbres ou sur des bêtes a la carapace très dure, après ça pu s’orienter sur des armes de défense.

  27. When you've been sliced open with something like this, multiple lacerations in a row,it's nearly impossible to sew that up. So you tend to bleed out, if catching a main vein.

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