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Search the Hidden ‘N’ Found in the The Lowdown Loading Screen Location -Fortnite Chapter 2 (Season1)

hey what’s going on guys my name is gattu
and welcome back to this new video in fortnite chapter 2 and today we got
ourselves a brand new challenge which is gonna say search hidden N found in the
lowdown loading screen so I’m gonna show you guys the location where you can go
ahead and collect the hidden N in fortnite so if you guys want to
collect this all you gotta do is complete all the weekly challenges for
this week and unlock this loading screen which is showing up right now once you
have unlocked this loading screen so in that loading screen you guys can
actually spot that N letter so right now we are going in this ego outpost
which will be located in front of Holly hedges see if you guys like these short
videos on fortnitechallenges just go ahead and drop a like and hit that
subscribe button and head on the notification bell because I’ll be
helping you guys every single week just like this one so as you guys can see
over here exactly on top of that thing there’s gonna be the letter N that you
guys can go ahead and collect so this is gonna be the mini map location where you
guys can find the letter N in fortnite so as you can see from the gameplay which is going
over here this is going to be the exact place where you can find the
letter and I’m making this video super early for everyone so if this
video helps you out please leave a like and if you would love to support me
further use code gattu in the fortnite item shop as that would be highly
appreciated if you need help with other fortnite challenges then quickly go ahead
and check out this video which is showing up and I’m gonna catch y’all in the next
video so till then good bye and have a great day ahead

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