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SCP-1040-RU Upgraded SVD | Safe class | weapon / probability scp

SCP-1040-RU “Upgraded SVD” Object Class: Safe Item #: SCP-1040-RU Object Class: Safe Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1040 is
to be stored in the arsenal of Sector ██, in a separate weapons cabinet. The cabinet must be guarded around the clock
by two armed security officers. Access to the facility is allowed only with
the written permission of Dr. Theomant and under constant supervision of at least one
employee of Level 4 clearance. SCP-1040 should be charged only with blank
cartridges, since firing it with live cartridges will damage the built-in nozzle. Description: SCP-1040 is a modified Dragunov
sniper rifle. Changes made to the original design are as
follows: The nozzle is made of glass, ceramics and
metal; its principle of operation is unknown, and extraction is impossible. The optical sight has been replaced with one
of unknown origin and model; all objects viewed through this sight are visible but coloured
in blue, except for those that have been “hit” by SCP-1040, which are visible in red. The normal factory mark has been replaced
by the writing “Made by the Lefty”. According to the instructions found, SCP-1040
“spoils” or “damages” anyone who is shot with a blank cartridge. After shooting with the use of the sight,
the user can observe a red spot moving at a great speed towards the target; after such
stain collides with a creature or object, its color in the sight changes to red. Without a sight, no visible effects are observed. Any living creature affected by SCP-1040 dies
within 24 hours, usually as a result of an accident, but sometimes, under certain circumstances,
from a heart attack or stroke. Any inanimate object, including the terrain,
surrounding the place of the spot’s collision with the subject will becomes “ill-fated”
for about 48 hours. In their proximity, unpleasant accidents occur
regularly, such as the fall of small objects etc. As time passes, the less severe the effect. Addendum 1: These are the instructions for
the object’s usage found during its recovery: Almost everyone knows someone that they want
to kill. You too? Well, why wouldn’t you? Uh… You do not want to go to jail… Well, what if everything happened as if by
itself? Charge this thing with a blank cartridge,
aim and pull the trigger and, well, all will happen by itself
With love, Lefty. Addendum 2: The object was seized from the
contract-killer [DATA EXPUNGED]. At first, he fell into the hands of law enforcement
agencies, but then he became interested in the Foundation’s employees. The object was confiscated, and a fire was
staged in the warehouse as a cover. Addendum 3: Excerpts from the experiments
with SCP-1040: … the subject was released in the center
of the city … died, fell into the sewers’ hatch …
… released in the city center … died when bricks fell over him …
… released in the city center … hit by a car …
… placed in a protected cell … died as a result of the collapse of the ceiling …
… placed in a protected cell … death from a stroke …
… taken out of the city … death from the bite of a poisonous snake …
… placed in the cold weapons deposit … [DATA EXPUNGED]
Comment: Someone will answer for this! – Dr. Theomant
… impact on the door’s threshold … a total of: 5 stumbled, 2 blows on the door jam, 1
crushed finger, 1 broken phone … … effects on the service pistol … 2 spontaneous
shots, 3 misfires … … impact on the vending machine … did
not issue the goods for … rubles, issued the wrong goods 3 times, worked 4 times without
returning change …

100 thoughts on “SCP-1040-RU Upgraded SVD | Safe class | weapon / probability scp

  1. If you are fluent in languages and wish to help with translations please visit the SCP international website and offer your help!

  2. the russian story of "Lefsha" or lefty, is about an insanely amazing blacksmith/mechanic who was able to horseshoe a flea

  3. This would be a realy cool mod for a game like fallout ( fuck you Bethesda's paid mods ) think about it u shoot an enemy and they die in a random manner like their heads exsploding a bramin dropping from the sky on his head radroach swarm that could be hilarious

  4. So if you were able to shoot it at ballistics gel would there be any physical mass of the projectile? And if not can it be reflective like light? And if so if you shot it at a mirror and have the "projectile" reflect to the gun itself would it negate its own effect, reverse the effect or nothing at all?

  5. Use this in a termination test on SCP-682, who knows maybe it'll work, although if from the environment and not from stroke/heart attack then the site may collapse in on itself and maybe a large area included, I guess do it at their own risk.

  6. I'm actually really surprised you don't have more subs you do great readings. Oh if you couldn't tell I love your channel 🙂

  7. me:fire's gun.
    someone dies
    police show up
    me:hello officers.
    officer:HE'S GOT A GUN!!!
    me:it has blanks i assure you.
    officer:oh ok.

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